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Songs that you think that could be avoided forever on her next gigs / tours

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So here we go, without news or confirmed projects, time to make our lists! 

I will be ok if she removes the next songs on her tours from now:

La Isla Bonita (tbh, all the abum can have a long rest)

Like a Prayer (same as before,, and it's difficult to reinvent it as a concept because it's always linked to a religious section)

Human Nature

Vogue (It doesn't disturb me when it comes though)

Burning Up


All the 80's albums are over-performed!


Your choices? 



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"La Isla", "Prayer" and "Vogue" could be avoided at this point, though? I don't think so... 

"Human Nature" and "Burning Up", I love them both to death but they need to rest, especially "HN".

I just would love her to dig deeper on the deep cuts or underperformed songs. "Nothing Really Matters", "Erotica", "Bad Girl", "Bedtime Story"... they were all great gifts on the last tour.

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I don't think she could completely ignore those huge staple hits, but the positive is she has so many that she can easily switch them out like she's been doing on previous tours.  I'm thinking Vogue and LAP are probably going to be two songs that she can hardly avoid when we're looking ahead. 

Personally, I don't have a preference in songs NOT to perform, but it would probably be easier to pick songs i wish she would do live.  For instance, I would love to hear her perform songs like Causing A Commotion, Rescue Me and songs from Bedtime Stories and/or ROL that she hasn't performed.  I would love to hear her perform Swim.

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Yeah, maybe The Rolling Stones should stop performing "Sympathy for the Devil", U2 should quit singing "Sunday Bloody Sunday", Britney Spears shouldn't be allowed to sing "Baby One More Time" anymore, Cher has done "Believe" too many times, Taylor Swift can't do "Shake it off", Bruce Springsteen "Born in the USA", Kylie "Can't Get You out of my Head" and Beyoncé "Crazy in Love".

And Madonna should only do songs that the general public doesn't care about because that's why they spend so much money on concert tickets.


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Like A Prayer and Vogue are not only among her biggest, but in my opinion some of her all time best songs, so I’m fine w/them being around.

Would be fine w/her giving Human Nature, Burning Up, La Isla and/or Holiday a break though. Or at least alternating them w/similar less-performed hits (i.e. Secret, Physical Attraction, Who’s That Girl, Lucky Star).

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29 minutes ago, Dj Garrido said:

Avoid in the next tour: Justify my Love, Erotica, La isla bonita, Vogue, Like a Prayer, Ray of Light, Human Nature  

Avoid forever: Burning up, Everybody, Bitch I´m Madonna, Living for Love, Papa don´t preach, Die another day, Mother and father, Candy Shop 

Amiga, fica malzão te defender assim...

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Justify My Love was great as an interlude for MDNA but was beyond awful mashed up with SEX for rebel heart and was beyond boring on celebration. Girlie Show was amazing because it wasnt performed so literally. Hope she dumps JML unless she really reinvents it and if she's gonna lipsync PLEASE RECORD NEW VOCALS! 


I really don't mind Vogue being a setlist staple since she's always reinvented so well...

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Any Rebel Heart single :lol:

Some here say that people are going after her hits. That's true, I agree. But Madonna is a great star and her name is enough to attract people. Drowned World Tour setlist consisted mostly of material from Ray of Light and Music and it was a successful tour. To me a perfect tour setlist is a balanced combination of her old hits and underperformed songs / new material.

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Vogue and LAP and Frozen need a rest while Like A Virgin is very underperformed. I can see those two coming back as acoustics/sing along moments so they are less theatrical.

Human Nature ran its course too.

La Isla should come back in full and the bridge. Material Girl is a great crowd pleaser. Secret, You wil see and take a bown are underperformed too.

Music needs to come back strongly. The last good music performance was Sticky and Sweet.


More Confessions : Get Together, Sorry

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I will never understand her obsession with "Human Nature", "La isla bonita" and "Burning Up". At least her fixation with "Candy now" seems to be over now.

Well, she should make "Express yourself" and "Human nature" disappear for a decade. She always sings them because absolutely no regrets, she has broken so many barriers and all that but she no longer surprises anyboy every time she puts them in the setlist of a tour/charity concert/speech against the government. "Vogue" and "Like a prayer" are widely seen too but I think she will never be able to escape them.

Ah! And, "Bitch, I'm Madonna" was never a hit, girl, you and us know it. Please don't let it ever come back again.

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She might not can avoid LAP or Vogue but surely something like how Vogue was inserted briefly into Holy Water on Rebel Heart would be cool. Lessens the presence but keeps it on the set list. 

Here are my top ones I wouldn’t care if they took a break the next tour:

La Isla Bonita, Burning Up, Human Nature

Everything else has mostly been rotating in and out every other tour or once a decade. I figure we are due to the following:

Express Yourself, Papa Don’t Preach, Deeper and Deeper

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