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Singapore - February 28th


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That is a different scenario!For Singapore she had to sign the contract in order to get the permit to perform there. Since she signed it she has to abide the contract terms!Why do pple make Madonna the villain here when it's the Singapore government??? :confused:

Well said. We know it takes a lot for her to change her art and she wouldn't do it unless it was essential. If it meant not performing at all in Singapore and her fans from there not being able to see her because she refused to remove a song or two, well she'd disappoint many people all over 2 or 3 songs. So what if she removes a few songs? The fans there would probably rather she turned up at all instead of refusing to play there.
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Ooooh! The crowd went icy cold for that Adam and Eve thing.....

She realised I think and stopped herself


I'd say you could really feel in this segment how frustrated she was about that country! bitchy as hell almost not funny anymore!


But its too bad that her fans get to hear this only and not the people supposed to! Feeling very sad for the Singapore Rebels :-( 

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