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10 minutes ago, TonyMontana said:

Unseen photoshoot pic or montage ?? I believe this is a montage but not sure :


It's real!!!!

Cover design: Anthony Coombs

Cover image: © Andrew Caulfield / AUGUST / www.augustimage.com — 1984 "Borderline" video "Gloss" session — UNSEEN UNTIL THIS MOMENT

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I know i will be crucified for doubting it but i'm not convinced the pic is genuine. I don't know, when you zoom some parts looks sharper and some other parts looks blurry (in the hair, the earring etc...). The back of the hair looks also doctored. I also can't link that shot the gloss magazine one, the lenght of the hair, the clothes etc... and that ribbon she has in her hair, looks like a satin ribbon for a present, she never wore these kind of ribbons in her hair at that time. Also the ratio /proportions of her eye compared to nose and the size of her chin... Call me crazy but i have doubts about that pic... it's like the shot has been totally built with various parts of different Madonna pics from that era (exept the ribbon and the body/clothes wich probably doesn't belong to any Madonna pictures).

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1 hour ago, into the erotico said:

The polaroid pictures are from the book Basquiat: King Pleasure. It was released earlier this year coinciding with the exhibition in NYC. I posted photos I took from the book earlier this year. Basquiat's sisters shared their memories of Madonna. The caption in the book only says Madonna, ca. 1982. I'm guessing these polaroids were in Basquiat's possession. Maybe he took them and maybe she is holding her contract, I don't know. I didn't see credits for these photos in the book.




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