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Rebel Heart Track List

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We all know that Madonna intended to release Rebel Heart as a double-album but due to the leaks and whatnots, she had to release a porpourri of songs in one or two discs. You can tell she really worked in this album, and the idea of Rebel and Heart divided always intriged me.


So, without leaving aside any of the songs she chose for the final album, I have made up a tracklist that, in my opinion, would have been awesome for the Rebel + Heart concept.


Disc 1: REBEL


1. "Addicted"
2. "Living For Love"
3. "Illuminati"
4. "Hold Tight"
5. "Iconic"
6. "Unapologetic Bitch"
7. "Holy Water"
8. "Bitch I'm Madonna"
9. "Autotune Baby"
10. "Best Night"
11. "S.E.X."


Disc 2: HEART


12. "Joan of Arc" (Accoustic)
13. "HeartBreakCity"
14. "Ghosttown"
15. "Devil Pray"
16. "Body Shop"
17. "Inside Out"
18. "Veni Vidi Vici"
19. "Borrowed Time"
20. "Messiah"
21. "Wash All Over Me"
22. "Rebel Heart"




"Graffiti Heart" (at the end of the REBEL disc)

"Beautiful Scars" (at the end of the HEART disc)



What are your thoughts? Of course you've got better ideas about it. Share them with me!  :cute:

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I had the same thoughts. I've been tossing and turning, but the last few months the tracklist hasn't changed. REBEL01. Rebel Heart/Avicii Mix 02. Borrowed Time/Avicii Mix03. Devil Pray 04. Queen 05. Illuminate 06. Bitch I'm Madonna07. Iconic 08. Addicted 09. Best Night 10. Holy Water 11. Sex12. Veni Vidi Vici 13. Unapologetic Bitch HEART 01. Living For Love 02. Beautiful Scars 03. Inside Out04. Ghosttown 05. Graffiti Heart06. Hold Tight 07. Joan Of Arc 08. Heartbreakcity 09. Body Shop 10. Autotune Baby 11. Messiah 12. Heaven 13. Wash All Over Me

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I still wish Rebel Heart was a double LP tbh 😩 But thank god we still got as many tracks as we did!!Here's mine--Disc 1: REBEL1. Iconic2. Veni Vidi Vici3. Holy Water4. Devil Pray5. Best Night6. Unapologetic Bitch7. S.E.X.8. Body Shop9. Addicted10. Illuminati11. Bitch I'm Madonna12. Rebel Heart (Avicii Edit)Disc 2: HEART1. HeartBreakCity2. Inside Out3. Ghosttown4. Living For Love5. Hold Tight6. Beautiful Scars7. Joan of Arc8. Wash All Over Me9. Messiah10. Borrowed Time11. Graffiti Heart12. Rebel Heart (Acoustic)

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Interscope didnt like the idea of a double album and she let them decide. It wasn't cos of leaks. It was probably to keep her under contract for longer. Interscope fucking sucks.
I don't have a tracklisting for 2 sides (which would've probably been cool if done right) but I made my ideal era and it is as follows:
Rebel Heart - Album

Release date: November 2014

15 second album teasers released to Youtube and social media directed by some cool people. I'd love if she worked with Nick Knight and Inez & Vinoodh but Klein and Ã…kerlund are great too, or Mert & Marcus

ONE tracklist version, issued in beautiful red vinyl, digital, CD, digipack and maybe heart-shaped flashdrive. Special itunes edition would include a making of the album video and an interview. Only string cover would be used.

    [*]Rebel Heart (Avicii with middle 8) [*]Devil Pray (A more organic sounding version) [*]Ghosttown (album version) [*]Inside Out (album version is very overrated, the demo has some beautiful things, it just needs a softer sound) [*]Unapologetic Bitch (album version ft Rihanna) [*]Hold Tight (album version) [*]Bitch I’m Madonna (demo cos its more chill, with some elements from the finished version and diplo's final) [*]Iconic (album version) [*]Body Shop (album version) [*]HeartBreak City (album version) [*]Joan Of Arc (demo, the album version changes are tacky) [*]Living For Love (stripped down and more organic/joyful) [*]Messiah (orchestral version)


Rebel Heart - Lead Single

Release date: Late October 2014 - EMAs promo
b-side: Addicted
b-side: Beautiful Scars (the demo but improved)
b-side: Rebel Heart (acoustic)
Remixes by Avicii and others


Music Video directed by Steven Klein and Nick Knight - Joan Of Arc type of warrior theme and maybe including a bit from that song. Medieval fashion by Dolce & Gabbana - Alexander McQueen A/W13.
Bitch I’m Madonna ft Nicki Minaj - Single

Release date: February 2015 - TV promo + Brits performance
b-side: Autotune Baby
b-side: Iconic (Alternate Industrial Version)
Remixes by Diplo and others.


Music Video directed by Jonas Ã…kerlund - but honestly I just wish it was slighty more polished. Wheres the pool party, and also those cut aways to celebs couldve been better. 
Ghosttown - Single

Release date: March 2015 - iHeart Awards performance and Ellen promo
b-side: Wash All Over Me
b-side: Between The Bars
b-side: Ghosttown (Piano version)

Music Video directed by Jonas Ã…kerlund - but longer including bits from Heartbreak City in the storyline


Unapologetic Bitch ft Rihanna - Single

Release date: May 2015 - Billboard Music Awards performance
b-side: Best Night
b-side: Holy Water

Remixes by Diplo and others.


Music Video directed by Megaforce. Fashion like the stuff she wore at Coachella.
Iconic ft Mike Tyson and Chance The Rapper - Promo Single

Release date: at the end of the tour
b-side: Illuminati
b-side: Veni Vidi Vici
b-side: La Vie En Rose


Music Video directed by Steven Klein lifted from the tour, re-edited by Jonas Ã…kerlund.


Just imagine getting new songs every couple of months. I would buy the shit out of those digital EPs no matter how much they costed. I only got the Living For Love one and that was out of pity cos of the Brits incident. Those EPs were a joke. And um all the digital EPs would've had proper artwork lol, how hard is it, I mean really.

Secret Project EP (or called something else):


    [*]Revolution [*]Freedom [*]Borrowed Time [*]God Is Love [*]Graffiti Heart [*]Queen - maybe although this song leaves a bitter taste in my mouth



Rest of the songs needed to stay locked away in a vault. Not everything Madonna records is gold.

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I have always had my album sorted differently to seperate both sides. I don't think two CDs were necessary but the sequencing was messed up. Whoever was in charge of sequencing should be murdered:1. Iconic (Part 2)2. Illuminati3. Bitch, I'm Madonna4. Best Night5. S.E.X.6. Holy Water7. Inside Out (Demo Rev 4)8. Unapologetic Bitch9. Veni Vidi Vici10. Rebel Heart 11. Joan of Arc12. Body Shop13. Devil Pray14. Hold Tight15. Ghosttown16. Messiah (Orchestral)17. HeartBreakCity (New Vox)18. Living for Love (a little closer to Demo #3)19. Wash All Over MeGesendet von iP

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