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Music Vs. American Life (The battle of Mirwais)

Music Vs. American Life  

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    • Music
    • American Life

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American Life with no doubt, it's in my Top3, love the acoustic songs with a little electronica.

American Life the video is a masterpiece, and I am so sorry they didn't promote properly Nothing fails, it was really the beginning of the end.

I am happy to see that M hasn't forgotten this album, when she decided to include Easy ride and Intervention (and Process) in TOAC.

Music has very good pieces but it's no Ray of light. And Runaway lover is one of my least favourite ever.

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Music. I can easily get through the album from beginning to end and with the bonus tracks.


American Life I struggle with the intro to I'm So Stupid alone.


The orbit tracks where a sour note for the album and myself or the longest time like - so easy to separate and say oh these the almost ROL throwaways and like a Beautiful Stranger retread. One day it all just blended together and one of her albums without a single filler, except in some cases with the baked goods.

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I went into this expecting everyone to be for Music, but was pleasantly surprised to see American Life in the lead. Honestly, I love both albums, but for different reasons. I think that Music is more commercially viable, it's a little bit more fun, with a few darker moments--I've always felt as though Impressive Instant was a darker, more mature take on Lucky Star in terms of theme and lyrics. American Life feels really honest to me, a little abrasive here and there, but mostly full of love songs, and I've always felt a real connection to a lot of the lyrics. 

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but in many ways they're pretty equal when you level it all out.  They're such different albums


I agree. However I feel like his production on Music was just composed of evolved versions of his previous stuff, that you can also find in his Production album. So I vote for American Life because it does sound fully developed and most of the tunes are more creative and crazy! The ballads in AL are one of her finest... No doubt Madonna played them again in Australia after SO LONG!

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"Music" has mediocre songs and plain lyrics, simply "I love Guy Ritchie" thing just the way "True Blue" was "I love Sean Pean" thing. But it has a great production, great melodies, great arrangements. It is also experimental in some ways with 'Paradise (Not for Me)' and 'Impressive Instant' as well as some touch of folk music. Besides, it includes one of the most successful singles of her career, this being the title track.


"American Life" has good songs and deeper, more personal/more trying-to-be-universal lyrics and although it is partly "I am infatuated with Guy" thing this time, the first half of the album makes it more worldly. However, its production is rehashed and on most songs it is bad. 'Mother and Father' is a disaster in every way, and 'Die Another Day' really has nothing to do with the album. Additionally, I would expect more universality and social criticism from an album called "American Life". This is achieved through the first three songs, but beginning from half-protest half-love song 'Love Profusion', the album turns into the diary of Madonna. Totally misleading, especially when the blood-splashed Che Guevara-like cover art and the original video for the title track are considered. Good idea, terrible management.


So, as much as I like "American Life" too, I do not think it is a good album. My vote goes to "Music".

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