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Found 2 results

  1. Boring Intro Index Note: Please, do not ask for links or where you can find this kind of stuff publicly. You have at your disposal a private messaging system here in Madonna Infinity, so as Google and many other searching engines to use for that matter. And above all, be respectful with each other. This is a place meant to build, not to destroy. Thank you! Changelog 2017 2017/04/05 - Added: 1 new demo leaked for Erotica: Love Hurts - Added: 1 new demo leaked for Rebel Heart: La Isla Bonita - Diplo Dub Remix [Thanks, DazedMadonna] - Coming: Quality upgrades, rehearsals & studio demos for every tour and some fixes here and there Changelog 2016 Changelog 2015
  2. I don't know if it's been done before but I wanted to make a topic about the versions of music videos that are officialy available. I have a question about Live to tell, how many version exist and what are the differences ? Fel free to complete... The Immaculate collection LaserDisc and VHS Lucky Star => short version with 7'' Edit audio. Express Yourself => ? The Immaculate collection DVD Lucky Star => Long version Like A Virgin => Lion's tongue version (but audio is a mix between Qsound and album version. It's supposed to be album version only) Material Girl => audio is a mix between Qsound and album version. It's supposed to be album version only Like A Prayer => audio is a mix between 7'' and album version. It's supposed to be album version only Express Yourself => censored version The Video Collection 93 : 99 Nothing much to say Celebration DVD Lucky Star => short version with new audio editLike A Virgin => lion's tongue version with album versio audioMaterial Girl => album version audioLive To Tell => Gun scene ???? (I have never seen the other version)Papa Don't Preach => audio with bad edit points toward the end Like A Prayer => Album audio versionExpress Yourself => unsencored video with audio remix Justify My Love => censored videoErotica => censored video Music => Full version