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  2. Immaculate Collection most definitely is top tier for the time it was released, but if you're looking for a compilation that pretty much includes all her biggest hits, CELEBRATION is the album to go with. It just misses a few key hits, but those aren't really known to the general public as most of the ones that were included. Also, I feel FEL is a great companion piece to Celebration. In fact, it very much can act like a Greatest Hits set of her dance hits! For me You can Dance is more of a remix dance compilation than a Greatest Hits. The Holiday Collection was just an extended EP so I don't really consider that a GH's. Then there is Something To Remember which is much like what FEL is but for her ballads. A wonderful collection of her Ballads up to that point in time. At the end of the day, if I was going to recommend any compilation that includes most of her hits, I would suggest CELEBRATION. But if they are looking for specifics such as just ballads, Something To Remember would be great. If they are looking for just the dance hits, FEL would be great. And of course, Immaculate Collection is essential for the 80's.
  3. My personal favorite is Something to remember but The Immaculate Collection IS the best and definitive greatest hits ever.
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  5. with the release of the 4 LP of Celebration .... i'm curious if this is the best she could offer...
  6. I think we have to take into account the fact that Madonna had just done the VMA’s rolling around the floor with her arse out and so was seen as being a trashy tart by both industry and the public. So it’s not hard to grasp why they didn’t think she was suitable for a charity song about saving starving children in Africa. She wouldn’t have fit the image of the song. And yes they invited Prince, but there was a real double standard then as we know. I also believe Madonna would not have done it without a solo. Her ego was too big by then to just stand in the back with random Jackson family members. Ideally Madonna and Cyndi would have shared the moment as two “sisters” united, that would have been quite iconic in retrospect. But no one then could have known. The song is lame anyway as was the whole celebrity “charity single” trend.
  7. @Ayhamposted a link the instagram with the original photo. It's from this session of the 2010 Interview Magazine set
  8. Totally agree! It has that carefree vibe True Blue, Into The Groove, Holiday, and Where's The Party all had. Certainly, I am not comparing Don't Stop to them, but it had that fun care free vibe that you just wanted to dance to and had a catchy lyric to sing to.
  9. Does anyone know how to stop youtube videos from playig automatically when I visit a thread? This never used to happen to me, and now it does.
  10. It's a carefree cute bop, by 1994 she'd had countless of those previously, most of them as singles. It was quite simple and lacked something, yeah, but it was classic Madonna and of course US radios started to play it on their own (and then she serviced them "Human Nature" xd). It would have made a safe but great cute Summer 1995 single with a good video.
  11. well if its an ai edit, someone should share the original/unedited version to compare
  12. Looks fake as f**k. Maybe the colors or treatment.
  13. So it's actually a real image of her, but been photoshopped and colorized. Interesting!
  14. Yes regarding WIFLFAG, it isn't even a song I'd think would be sought out much since it's been added to streaming. People don't remember it, other than the fans. I don't think it's necessarily doing "poorly" either. It's just not a song I'd expect to be streaming big numbers compared to many of her other huge songs.
  15. I agree! Cyndi Lauper wasn't even really interested in doing the song and while they invited her, she only showed up the last minute! Lionel has explained this several times and I have to believe there was no intent to snub her. The fact is; she was just blowing up as they were assembling who was going to contribute on this track. And I agree, at the end of the day her "exclusion" only was for the best. She ended up knocking the very song off the #1 spot and like you pointed out have done a lot for Africa over the years. I'm sure if the song was happening a year later, she'd probably be part of it!
  16. That's a way to put it, but did it even have a chance in the first place? Like I said, it wasn't even available on streaming before 2021, plus it was a weird single release anyway: the remix was used for the video (banned anyway in many places and released on DVD) but it didn't even touch radio, where the original album version was promoted (shortened for radio), and also later on "GHV2". Of course general public and casual fans don't remember the remix, the video wasn't even played that much back then and then it was completely forgotten by her since 2001 until it reached streaming in 2021 and then the "Finally Enough Love" compilation in 2022. And despite all this, it's one of the only 14 remixes out of the 50 included on "Finally Enough Love" to be above 1M streams on Spotify. The 12'' remix on the digital single is also above 1M. The video is still higher than "Erotica", "Hollywood", "Bad Girl", "Human Nature" and many others of hers on YouTube. Her YouTube numbers in general, apart from "La Isla", "Hung Up" and a few more obvious hits, are not that great to begin with.
  17. Like a Virgin Tour Time Stood Still or I'll Remember?
  18. She changed her outfits in Europe too. The Vogue corset and Bitch I’m Madonna outfit.
  19. Is that supposed to be her neck under her chin? AI is just awful.
  20. Sorry The Madame X Tour or Like A Virgin Tour?
  21. Originally was posted long time ago on this page 👀 I remember coz I saved it back then. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_nP6Vihfkc/?igsh=ZTN2MzVycmU1eDR4
  22. She’s embracing the character though and says “absolutely no regrets.”
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