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  2. Can-We-Get-Together

    you can't, I've tried all day! :(
  3. Mjviolet89

    Can’t wait got w feeling this is going to my favorite yet off the album from the clips we’ve heard
  4. Tomasz Dąbrowski

    Guys i need help. How do I add my card on What do I have to do :(
  5. Mjviolet89

    I can’t wait I check my email every 2 hours
  6. Dito

    Dear Jessie I'm Going Bananas The Funny Song Over and Over
  7. Bat-Fan

    Was there a rumor Dark Ballet is a single with a video?
  8. Today
  9. wonderland

    Crave for London 5th
  10. adamsapple

    criticism on her Eurovision performance was inevitable even before the like a prayer vocals rather her not even mention it she does not need to justify it
  11. vesalii

    I know right?. There's lots of good questions to ask: the inspiration behind the album covers, next single details, criticism on her Eurovision performance, etc etc etc.
  12. Sultrysully

    WTF? Who in the hell writes a misogynistic comment on a Madonna fan blog site. You should apologize to all women and those that love and cherish them. Absolutely inappropriate. You should be flushed.
  13. apj

    Hope this helps: CARRE OR 386.50 € (gold) - most of Orchestre, first few rows of Mezzanine CAT1 221.50 € (pink) - rear and sides of Orchestre, behind Carre Or rows of Mezzanine, all of Balcon Bas, first few rows of Balcon Haut CAT2 139.00 € (green) - behind Cat1 rows of Balcon Haut CAT3 84.00 € (yellow) - behind Cat2 rows of Balcon Haut (unassigned seats not shown on map) The various other colours shown amongst those different categories are for VIP packages and Platinum tickets.
  14. deathproof

    Well she said on insta this was from a workshop. Most likely for the upcoming tour.
  15. nitramaj

    Wondering the same thing! Been checking my email non stop waiting for a confirmation!
  16. notbizzre

    I got the email! Yeayyy!!!
  17. into the erotico

    thank you so much! I am dying for such info!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. into the erotico

    sometimes, when i look at all those pictures i really can not comprehend how she managed to have such a long career and powerfull presence without loosing her
  19. adamsapple

    They asked her first
  20. milotjuh

    I also find the seating map quite confusing, and don't really understand what price corresponds to what section.. kinda crappy we're gonna have to figure that out on the fly tomorrow morning
  21. G House

    I got the email :D The thing is... I'm looking at the theatre configuration but I don't get it. It says that "golden" as well as cat 1 and 2 are numbered, but then cat 3 isn't (it doesn't say if it is standing or not though) and it doesn't appear on the seating map so... I don't get it :S
  22. milotjuh

    Also got lucky, a friend of mine also has a code, so probably will also have an extra one tomorrow. Good luck everyone! see you in parisss
  23. NickiFinn

    the intervierw was going so well and she sounds like a damn stan until she goes i wanna talk about motherhood...................... god women are so annoying sometimes
  24. Hi, I bought a 'Crave' package for Paris 19th, who else?
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