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  1. Yet here you are, acting all coy while using this board as a device to gaslight people with a libelous suggestion to placate your own ego. Moderators, please delete this topic. J
  2. Yawn.....the rancorous posts I read on this board. Like, seriously, why the fxck are you here. She's not everything that's wrong with your life. J
  3. Oh this forum.... I have been into Madonna since 1983 and you know, not for nothing, what's really ugly is all of the sh!t talk about how she looks now compared to whenever. With all of the pictures we take of ourselves, can anyone honestly say that they look the same as they did x years ago? Christ, even my face changes from one day to the next, such is life! I can't with the people quick to jump on the complain train about how she looks. Here's to the good hearts who look beyond all that. As for the rest, if you have a problem with us being happy for the joy she brings and the joy we have in our own lives, fxck that and whatever clique you claim. J
  4. Catchy title, song title, era title, this title , that title.... Just call it..... MADONNA
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