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  1. neko011

    On May 25 Medellin will be ranked #16 on Billboard Dance Club Chart. Please, release more official remixes!!
  2. neko011

    Medellin on Charts just before BMA Latin Digital Song Sales #1 Latin Pop Digital Song Sales #1 Latin Rhythm Digital Song Sales #1 Hot Latin Songs #18 Pop Digital Song Sales #25 Dance Club Songs #55 Canadian Digital Song Sales #37 Mexico Pop Espanol Airplay #31 Greece Digital Song Sales #10 Sweden Digital Song Sales #8 Finland Digital Song sales #5 Italy Digital Song Sales #3 Portugal Digital Song Sales #4 source: Billboard ([0]=ts_chart_artistname%3AMadonna&f[1]=ss_chart_search_title%3A*Medellin*&f[2]=itm_field_chart_id%3A-&f[3]=ss_bb_type%3Achart_item&type=1&artist=Madonna&title=Medellin)
  3. neko011

    On Shazam Italy Top 100 Medellin is at #7
  4. neko011

    @@blondebombshell thank you blondebombshell! i know it also, but does anybody know is there a software that can record live stream?
  5. neko011

    Does anybody know how to save a video from twitter live stream? Please, I need your help
  6. neko011

    @@groovyguy Thank you, groovyguy! @@Bel Thank you, Bel!
  7. neko011

    @@stefo thank you, stefo!
  8. no TAKE A BOW!!!??????????!!! But she put Don't tell me???????????????????????????????
  9. got my copy! STUNNING!!! worth every penny
  10. neko011

    thank you, George. Vechnaya pamyat
  11. neko011

    thank you, groovyguy!
  12. ...i can not find it on soundcloud also... please PM
  13. thank you, valonqar! magnificant artworks!