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  1. neko011

    Another new peak for Medellin - No. 2 on Billboard Dance Club Songs.
  2. neko011

    somebody already have made a single cover!
  3. neko011

    Maluma included Medellin in setlist of his new tour!! I just saw it... There is recording from Lima.
  4. neko011

    New peak position for Medellin - No. #4 on Billboard Dance Club Songs. Hope new remixes help the song to reach #1!
  5. neko011

    On May 25 Medellin will be ranked #16 on Billboard Dance Club Chart. Please, release more official remixes!!
  6. neko011

    Medellin on Charts just before BMA Latin Digital Song Sales #1 Latin Pop Digital Song Sales #1 Latin Rhythm Digital Song Sales #1 Hot Latin Songs #18 Pop Digital Song Sales #25 Dance Club Songs #55 Canadian Digital Song Sales #37 Mexico Pop Espanol Airplay #31 Greece Digital Song Sales #10 Sweden Digital Song Sales #8 Finland Digital Song sales #5 Italy Digital Song Sales #3 Portugal Digital Song Sales #4 source: Billboard ([0]=ts_chart_artistname%3AMadonna&f[1]=ss_chart_search_title%3A*Medellin*&f[2]=itm_field_chart_id%3A-&f[3]=ss_bb_type%3Achart_item&type=1&artist=Madonna&title=Medellin)
  7. neko011

    On Shazam Italy Top 100 Medellin is at #7
  8. neko011

    @@blondebombshell thank you blondebombshell! i know it also, but does anybody know is there a software that can record live stream?
  9. neko011

    Does anybody know how to save a video from twitter live stream? Please, I need your help
  10. neko011

    @@groovyguy Thank you, groovyguy! @@Bel Thank you, Bel!
  11. neko011

    @@stefo thank you, stefo!
  12. no TAKE A BOW!!!??????????!!! But she put Don't tell me???????????????????????????????
  13. got my copy! STUNNING!!! worth every penny
  14. neko011

    thank you, groovyguy!
  15. ...i can not find it on soundcloud also... please PM