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  1. Justify My Love! Frozen or You’ll See or Joan of Arc?
  2. Crazy For You Everybody or Humane Nature?
  3. I love New York unmixed Imagine or Don’t Cry For Me Argentina?
  4. Humane Nature DWT Don’t Tell Me or Ghosttown?
  5. Don’t Stop Time Stood Still or American Pie?
  6. Lo Que Siente La Mujer Dont Tell Me or Nobody Knows Me?
  7. Hmmmm. Cosmic Climb because that’s what Madonna can do easily in more ways than one Swim or Love Spent?
  8. Girl Gone Wild Celebration or La Isla Bonita!
  9. Sidewalk Talk Rain or I’ll Remember!
  10. Nothing Fails Joan of Arc or God Control?
  11. Couldn’t agree more! I can’t get enough! Just wicked beautiful!
  12. So tough. Today I’ll pick Everybody. Mmmm mmm! Beautiful Stranger or God Control?
  13. Celebration MDNA or Nothing Really Matters?
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