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  1. La Isla Bonita GS Girl Gone Wild or I’m a Sinner?
  2. GGW, Gang Bang, I’m Addicted, Turn Up The Radio, I’m A Sinner, Love Spent, Masterpiece, and the ultimate Beautiful Killer!
  3. Awesome! It’s a journey(as all of her albums are)! But it’s special. I love it!
  4. Oh please oh please to Nothing Really Matters and another Geisha Madonna!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏
  5. Rain video! It’s breathtaking! Beautiful Killer on tour or Masterpiece on tour?
  6. Lucky Star Virgin tour Power of Goodbye or Swim performed on Madonna’s new tour?
  7. Girlie Show Down Under Ray of Light or 4 Minutes?
  8. Oh I love them both but I’ll go with Celebration! Oh Father or Rain?
  9. Cherish Music Inferno or Erotica You Thrill Me?
  10. I love when David’s excitement gets the best of him towards the end of the video and he screams “We live!!!!!!!!!!!!” That moment says it ALL!!!
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