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  1. Voguerista

    Wow. The sound is amazing!! Thanks!
  2. Voguerista

    I feel so bad for her and all the fans, but, it is best for her and her health to cancel. Her health is the most important above all else. If she doesn't tend to her knee and hips in a proper way, she won't be able to tour ever again. So please, Madonna....please do what the doctors say and then come back in full force when you can. We love you and we will understand.
  3. Voguerista

    And especially because Portugal was the root of the album. It would have been so cool. I just love it and the video.
  4. Voguerista

    Totally agree. I fault them, not Madonna. I don't understand them at all and where they are?
  5. Voguerista

    I follow a lot of dancers on social media. They all have that same mentality that the "show MUST go on" no matter what and even with injuries and broken or worn out feet, knees, etc. I don't know how they do it? Madonna is no different. She doesn't know when to stop. I think it kills her to think of disappointing fans. I think this is why she wrestles with calling off a show. Waiting til the last minute isn't something she's doing purposely imo. She truly wants to take that stage.
  6. Voguerista

    I enjoyed your review. Thanks for all the details. It's amazing how Madonna has powered through with so much pain. She's got to stop though or she's going to have permanent damage if she doesn't already.
  7. Voguerista

    Thank you so much! We needed this light. Thank you and I hope you make it on the DVD too.✨
  8. Voguerista

    I can't see her doing three shows back to back at all. Her schedule needs to be redone. And yeah, where's Guy and Live Nation? It's just sad. I feel so bad for her and all the fans.
  9. Ashley, please come back. Read through this thread when you can (link below). Fighter said he can restore your account if you email him:
  10. Voguerista

    I loved that between you too. Oh I wish he'd come back.
  11. Voguerista

    I think you nailed the real issue( and this is why I worry on her the most). On a show day, her mind and her heart tell her she's invisible and tough and she will get through it. Then on days like today, her body says to think again. I'm NOT doing it. I've had enough. It's not easy getting older. I can understand why she can't deal and why she's fighting it since she's always been a fighter and young at heart.
  12. Voguerista

    Haha I don't know. I hope she'll come back and tell us. Ashley, please come back!!
  13. Voguerista

    Yeah....he's been here for several months. I think he had about as many posts as I do. Really sweet. I hope he changes his mind and comes back as I know he really liked us too and this forum. ✨✨🙏
  14. Voguerista

    Hoping you and everyone with tickets can still go. Hang in there!
  15. Voguerista

    #PrayForMadonna 🙏🙏🙏