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  1. Voguerista

    She's not happy which is understandable. 😓Though I love all the shots outside her home. Spring has sprung... 🦋
  2. I forgot how fun this performance was of "Beautiful Stranger". The "Beautiful Stranger" moves and grooves are so cute and sexy. I especially loved how she worked the POLE and like NO OTHER!! I'd love to see this song performed again someday.
  3. Voguerista

    Then how are you or non trump supporters any better????
  4. Voguerista

    It breaks my heart she's getting hate from some trump supporters. I know a lot of trump people where I live who would never do something like that. Then again, before trump, there were a lot of people who hated on her and it didn't matter what their political beliefs were? My two uncles(when they were alive) were democrat and they'd didn't like her and would believe the worst on her in a heartbeat.
  5. Voguerista

    Sick and just sad for how far people will go with their dislike of someone.
  6. American Life and American Pie: Which song and video is your favorite? And to make things more complicated.... remember "American Life" has two videos. I love both in the song category, but, "American Life" is my favorite from the two. For best videos from the two, I'd choose American Life's second video over American Pie's!! But, if we were comparing American Life's 1st video with American Pie's video, I'd choose "American Pie" as my favorite. (omg, I was getting confused writing that )
  7. Voguerista

    The Fado section of the Madame X Tour
  8. Voguerista

  9. Voguerista

    Drag Race Sneak Peek: Which Queen Doesn't Have a Prayer of Winning the Madonna Musical Challenge? With Aiden Zhane out of the game, her feud with Brita has been squashed (for now), but there’s still plenty of drama in the RuPaul’s Drag Race workroom this Friday (VH1, 8/7c). As revealed in the preview clip above, the queens still have a few “unresolved issues” from last week’s Untucked, particularly Heidi N. Closet and Widow Von’Du feeling like some of the queens went too far with their unsolicited, hurtful critiques. “You’re going to have to call me the umpire, because I’m about to call these bitches out,” Heidi tells the cameras. Gigi Goode apologizes, insisting she would never imply that Heidi is ugly. Other queens like Jackie Cox and Sherry Pie follow suit, but not everyone is interested to hear what they have to say. After saying that she hopes they fall down during the next dance challenge, Widow tells the queens, “I hope someone tears you down just as much as you tore us down.” Needless to say, the energy in the workroom is tense when the queens come back together for this week’s challenge, Madonna: The Unauthorized Rusical. And that tension only escalates when the queens start casting roles, especially when Brita’s limited vocal range leads to her stealing Gigi’s No. 1 pick. At least Jan seems to have the right attitude going into this challenge. She isn’t thrilled to be portraying “early” Madonna, nor does she want to have to be the first queen on the stage, but she accepts it and moves on with a hearty, “Yeah, I’ll sing my t–ts off!”
  10. Voguerista

    It's going to be interesting to see how they get us back to work. Will they open things slowly or all at once?? Trump preparing to unveil second coronavirus task force, officials say President Trump is preparing to announce as soon as this week a second, smaller coronavirus task force aimed specifically at combating the economic ramifications of the virus and focused on reopening the nation’s economy, according to four people familiar with the plans. The task force will be made up of a mix of private-sector and top administration officials, including chief of staff Mark Meadows — whose first official day on the job was last week — Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and national economic adviser Larry Kudlow, a senior administration official said. Meadows is likely to lead the task force, though no official decision has been made, two senior administration officials said. Subscribe to the Post Most newsletter: Today’s most popular stories on The Washington Post Kevin Hassett, Trump’s former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, may also join the group, another official said. Those people spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. The economic task force — which will be separate from the main coronavirus task force, despite having some overlapping members — will focus on how to reopen the country, as well as what businesses need to rebound amid catastrophic conditions. The goal is to get as much of the country as possible open by April 30, the current deadline Trump set for stringent social distancing measures. The economic task force will not meet every day, like the large one, and is expected to have a more informal feel, with many of the meetings held over the phone and as in-person briefings with the president.
  11. Voguerista

    Just awful!!! I'm so glad he's not at Fox anymore.
  12. Voguerista

    Let's hope this isn't going to happen today making things even worse.... https://www.foxnews.com/us/severe-weather-threat-nyc-coronavirus-tents-northeast-texas-thunderstorm Tens of millions of Americans are under the threat for severe weather on Thursday, as a storm system may bring the risk of gusty winds to the epicenter of the nation's coronavirus outbreak where the medical response has included tents. The National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center said that "damaging wind gusts" may happen around midday Thursday in the Washington D.C. and New York City metro areas, while another batch of severe weather may target parts of Texas, impacting some 70 million people. "As we get on into later on this afternoon I'm concerned about the Northeast and the Mid Atlantic where we can see or feel wind gusts in excess of 40 to 50 miles per hour," Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean said on "Fox & Friends."
  13. Voguerista

    My all time fave fave!! Just magnificent!
  14. Voguerista