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  1. Something To Remember Open Your Heart or Who’s That Girl?
  2. Live to Tell Swim or Dark Ballet?
  3. Thank you. Breathtaking 💝💕💃
  4. I love your excitement and energy. You are getting me excited again on the dvd when I was beginning to think we’d never see it. Let no one and nothing put your fire out.
  5. I loved Madame X Radio too. It was one of the best gems to come from this era(or maybe any of her eras). It felt like Christmas every time she talked and reflected on each song. I was so mesmerized and it reminded me of how I become a fan and all the special moments and times along the way. 🙏✨💃
  6. Beautiful. Loves. Bring it Madonna!
  7. Cool. Thanks. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.
  8. How High Cherish or Nothing Really Matters?
  9. Time Stood Still Graffiti Heart or How High?
  10. I Rise Look Of Love or Live To Tell?
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