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  1. Spend a day as her assistant!! The Medellin video or Crave video?
  2. BOTH!!! But, I guess it's just all me and a friend from 20-30 years ago and all the hundreds of dms we've deployed while others have done absolutely no such thing to cause or instigate any trouble all of this time!! Trying to end it is impossible. I don't know why I even try?
  3. Is this junior high or what? I don't see anyone attacking you and yet you are doing it to other people in these sly hidden ways. Please stop, ok?
  4. One of her most unforgettable shows ever! I loved every minute of it (especially the performance below). Whether the Rio show is an hour long or two hours long, it will be greatness.
  5. I agree! I love it to this day. I have a pipe dream of seeing her performing it in Rio.
  6. As some have mentioned, I’m wondering if this show will be completely different from the Celebration show? Something on the line of the Live 8 shows with only five or six songs? The only reason I’m wondering this is she might want to do something completely different from the Celebration tour (as the tour might be getting so tiring for her now). New costumes etc. Nothing would surprise me.
  7. Thanks for posting. My favorite cover is the "Ray Of Light" album!
  8. I love it! I can’t wait to see it in full and read everything!
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