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  1. Voguerista

    This Use To Be Ny Playground You’ll See or Secret?
  2. Voguerista

    I don’t understand it either. Madonna should be up there with MJ and Prince. 😒
  3. Voguerista

    I agree!
  4. Voguerista

    Love back at ya and Thank you so much!!!
  5. Voguerista

    Described so well. It makes me think of taking a big electric trip to the city and country.
  6. Voguerista

    One of my favorites. I never tire of it....especially Music and Don’t Tell Me!
  7. Voguerista

    Music ...all afternoon while catching up.
  8. Voguerista

    Beautiful Stranger by a hair. Graffiti Heart or Faz Gostoso?
  9. You describe her so well. She’s vulnerable, yet confident. Loving, but guarded. Serious and yet, not afraid to always take time to laugh and even make fun of herself. “Fascinating”, indeed.
  10. Voguerista

    I’d love it if they did a song together.....and please, a video too!
  11. Voguerista

    Get Together Music or Die Another Day?
  12. Voguerista

  13. Voguerista

    Live To Tell Imagine or Hey You?