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    Madonna, Music, Dance, Artists with passion and theatrical ability to take it to another level, Photography, the Forests, Camping, and Nature.

    I'm also interested in people and mankind. I believe we all need to be more loving, understanding, compassionate, forgiving, and kinder to one another.
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  1. Voguerista

    Omg thanks. Lovesss.
  2. Voguerista

    I would believe @stfan97(someone who has seen the show) anytime verses someone who hasn't. And I am very appreciative on his detailed and excellent review and thoughts on the show. Adding: I took you and scion off my ignored list to give you another chance. And now I'm putting you both back on it.
  3. Voguerista

    I love this. I want more. Courtesy of Madonna For Fans...
  4. Voguerista

    Madonna is excited to be in Chicago. Another fun clip from her today...
  5. Voguerista

    I love this post. Here we go.... Madonna Lucky Star Borderline Burning Up Holiday Physical Attraction Everybody Like A Virgin Material Girl Angel Over And Over Into The Groove Dress You Up Like A Prayer Like A Prayer Express Yourself Promise To Try Cherish Dear Jessie Oh Father Keep It Together Erotica Erotica Fever Bye Bye Baby Deeper And Deeper Bad Girl Waiting Why's It So Hard In This Life Bedtime Stories (my least favorite album as you can see!) Secret Human Nature Bedtime Story Ray Of Light Drowned World/Substitute For Love Swim Ray Of Light Nothing Really Matters Frozen The Power Of Good-Bye Music Music Amazing Nobody's Perfect Don't Tell Me What It Feels Like For A Girl Paradise (Not For Me) American Pie American Life American Life Hollywood I'm So Stupid Love Profusion Nobody Knows Me Nothing Fails Die Another Day Easy Ride Confessions On A Dance Floor Hung Up Get Together Sorry I Love New York Jump How High Isaac Push Hard Candy 4 Minutes Give It 2 Me Heartbeat Miles Away Beat Goes On Dance 2Night Devil Wouldn't Recognize You MDNA Girl Gone Wild Gang Bang Give Me All Your Luvin' I Don't Give A Love Spent Masterpiece Falling Free Beautiful Killer Rebel Heart Living For Love Devil Pray Ghosttown Hold Tight Joan Of Arc Messiah Rebel Heart Beautiful Scars Addicted Graffiti Heart Madame X Medellín God Control Batuka Crazy (Tracy Young Dangerous Remix - I love this mix/version so much better than the album version) Bitch I’m Loca I Don’t Search I Find I Rise
  6. Voguerista

  7. Voguerista

  8. Voguerista

    Wow stunning! The first time I saw the Chicago sky line, it made me think of a city of castles. Beautiful! And you can even see the moon in your photo! Have the best time. Keep us posted.
  9. Voguerista

    It doesn't matter. Some people here might not of have seen it yet. 😘🌄✨
  10. Voguerista

    Nevertheless still so awesome!!
  11. Voguerista

    Just stunning! Thank you! Happy birthday Lola!!'
  12. Voguerista

    I hadn't thought of it before but, it's kind of true. The first part of the album is a whirlwind of movement, darkness, theatricalness, and emotion. Very cinematic too. Then it's like everything is switched up to a more relaxing and almost cozy vibe with Crave, Crazy, and Come Alive.
  13. Voguerista

    Both are seriously soooo good!!
  14. Voguerista

    Looks like she's ready to go to Chitown!