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  1. I agree the promo wasn’t as good with interscope but I honestly have loved I think 95% or more of her videos as a whole.
  2. As long as there are dance songs unlimited and a few stunning ballads, I will be happy. I don’t care who she works with, but, what I’d give for Stewart Price to be involved this time.
  3. Thank you @Curtains! You outdid yourself and what a party! I loved all of you single covers too especially for “Stay”!! I just love these threads. Here’s to the next one!
  4. This album sent Madonna’s career into another realm of its own. I think it’s at this point people really started thinking of Madonna as a true artist and song writer. ...and furthermore that she was going to be around for a long time to come in a diverse and unafraid way.
  5. Expressionism is really hard to do. I’m not a fan of it but he did a really good job with it and has a talent with it especially being as young as he is. I think it’s cool too that Madonna’s love for art has planted a seed in him. It will be interesting to see what he paints in the future and if and how he grows with it.
  6. Lucky Star Live To Tell or Look of love?
  7. Thank you @xrayeyes! I love astrology....and heads up like this get me really excited. Bring on the super creativity!
  8. What Madonna CD have you been listening to the most this past month? This can include anything she's released or otherwise...and even if you've made your own CD of Madonna songs (or mixes etc). That would be the Madame X Tour CD for me still. I can't get enough!! It's truly brilliant. I never tire of Madonna's powerfilled and arty quirkiness.
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