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  1. What a fun surprise. Just gorgeous!!!
  2. Wouldn’t this be the same as a chat? But now we have to pay?
  3. Girl Gone Wild Turn Up The Radio or Love Profusion?
  4. Each Time You Break My Heart Power of Goodbye or I'll Remember?
  5. Not sure how this will work, but, I don't think I'd pay to zoom with Madonna or anyone. Now buying a new album or tickets to a new concert is a different story. Zooming With the Stars: Startup Bright Launches Ticketed Live-Video Events With Celebs and Creators How much would you pay to have an intimate video-conferencing session with Madonna, Amy Schumer, Laura Dern, Jennifer Lopez or Judd Apatow? Bright, a startup founded by investor and music manager Guy Oseary (whose clients include Madonna and U2) and former YouTube exec Michael Powers, is going to test the market for live,
  6. Awwww thank you. Yes, we must never give up hope and stay positive. Thank you. Means a lot!
  7. If and when any of you have questions and need advice on heart stent recovery and/or getting control of diabetes in 2021, shoot me a dm and let me know. We’ve learned a lot.
  8. The Beast Within Intro. Good one! Look of Love or Oh Father?
  9. Photos of Madonna and family at David’s soccer match: https://www.instagram.com/p/COgT7DsHJqL/
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