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  1. It’s a Classic Rewind kind of summer....
  2. I Want You Celebrate or Graffti Heart?
  3. I swear! Madonna fans are the best investigators! This! This! This! It's time for the good times, to forget about the bad times, to come together and to celebrate love and forever.
  4. Angel Easy Ride or Love Profuson!
  5. Omg, she has made my night! Sssss... https://www.instagram.com/p/CQJ4lH1Cy2I/
  6. Bitch I’m Loca Ghosttown or Heartbreak City?
  7. Express Yourself Vogue to dance to and Music to dance to??
  8. Look of Love I’ll Remember or I Don’t Search I Find?
  9. Do you like the thought of Madonna doing a Vegas Show instead of touring?? If so, would it be successful? I think it would be hugely successful. It's something she's never done before. Plus, now that she's older and one of her homes is in L.A., I wonder if she's entertaining the thought? I would love it....especailly if a Greatest Hits is in the works?
  10. I love IDSIF. I always thought it was a great nod to the Erotica era.
  11. Thank you. Beautiful and one of my fave performances ever.
  12. It’s been one of her most odd eras ...with many ups and downs. MX hasn’t been my favorite album and yet, like with every era and album, there is always something to love and appreciate. The videos have been especially magnificent. As for the songs, I especially loved Medellin , IDSIF, and God Control. In the end, and years down the line, I think MX will be timeless for just how creative and different it was and how she tried to go a theatre route for the tour. She continues to have guts like no other whether she is successful or not. I love that.
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