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Found 5 results

  1. I used Second Life to create the video, leave your opinion!! :D
  2. I know that there's Ghosttown "single" Thread But We needs Ghosttown official Music video's own post. We just can't digging "Uhhhh which page in that official vevo video? page32? page38? page25? page26?" every time. Do Not Delete this Thread too Please. Seriously. And some Behind Scene
  3. Ok, I just found out this at The Queen of Pop's Twitter. I heard that there will be Jay Z streaming site in 12 hours something and People keep saying that bunch of artists did change their profile picture to blue color. I didn't interested at all but then I saw Queen of pop's this tweet. So Queen of Pop Madonna also join with Jay Z? Anyone could explain what this is exactly about? you guys thought?
  4. Shinhan Bank which in South Korea Release Madonna's Rebel Heart check card. That's right It's not fan made. It's official rare release item from South Korea's Bank. only 3,000 copies.
  5. I love her sense of humor!! And of course there's some people which don't understand humor, And try to fix humor. :clap: For who don't understand humor. Describe yourself in Three words --------> I am a Rebel. Yeah.. that's right "I am a Rebel" is not a Three words. Why? Because questioner demand to answer "Three" words But that person is a "Rebel". So that person refuse to answer Three words!! That's the point! So that's the reason why answer is Four words! And that's the reason why Madonna is laughing "Ha Ha Ha" and love it