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  1. Well, under the new Warner contract, new editions for her albums are going to be released (at least the PR said so). Maybe she's re-recording unreleased stuff or just checking the quality of it for possible releases...
  2. OMG, the whole Times Square projecting her music videos, how incredible it was! And also her images on the silver astronaut... I'm speechless
  3. It's open to interpretation for now. But I really hope that this means deluxe versions with B-sides and outtakes (even if they have already leaked before, let them be officially released!) and not only with a few remixes that we all have already listened to.
  4. "For the first time, Madonna will personally curate expansive deluxe editions for many of her landmark albums" It's written expansive, but I read expensive. I'm probably right
  5. She skipped Rio (as well as Brazil as a whole) during RHT and MXT, so she must be missing our country so badly that she doesn't even care about the current pandemic situation here Jokes aside, maybe it will be just a Rio- or Brazil-themed party...
  6. My favourite song! My favourite video! Now in HD! Hail Holy Queen!
  7. Like a Virgin: I'm here. And I came to shake this mothafucka world. Like a Prayer: You already know I'm a bold woman. But bold women have their own struggles too. Ray of Light: have you ever heard how good I am at reinventing myself?
  8. Like a Prayer: no one tells me what to believe in. Vogue: no one tells me that LGBT culture should stay in the shadows. Erotica: no one tells me how to f***.
  9. Perhaps not using an original song/album/tour title, but a variation of it or even a song verse, such as Absolutely No Regrets Ray Of Life American Whore Living For...
  10. I had forgotten just how incredible this video was
  11. I didn't like the original song, but I'm loving the remix. "You want me, I want you, baby My sugar DADDY, I'm levitating"
  12. It was all over London tube during the release week.
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