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  1. This is my personal prediction: 1. A theatrically released MOVIE (like Truth or Dare or IGTTYAS) directed by Jonas Akerlund. Footage from a few shows and maybe 35mm in Mexico City. If you want a 35mm movie like Truth or Dare you need to wait a long time for this to go to post-production, find distribution, hit film festival circuits etc. 2. GLOBO live broadcast from Brazil directed by the Brazilian concert director that works with Globo (with supervision from Jonas Akerlund because Madonna is a control freak) This will be made immediately available online to stream on Globo. If you want the full show you have this right away. 3. After the theatrically released MOVIE, it will be available on streaming. The MOVIE. At least a couple years from now.
  2. I think he liked her though. And still probably does.
  3. I think Madonna and Trump had a bit of affair together.
  4. I really loved it. It’s so artful and beautiful. One of her best songs.
  5. Did Courtney try to get her attention or something and she ignored her?
  6. I need Spotlight live if not in Brazil at least in a near future tour.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C53v1v0uLnQ/?igsh=MWc4ZTZqdmliZXpoeg== i love these hand moves!!!! but why is her old boyfriend back with her?
  8. Yes, but he’s supervising the filming. The director is a concert film director from Brazil that is contracted by Globo 🎈
  9. #soon Editing will finish around 2028 and streaming negotiations will finish around 2046.
  10. That’s why I posted the link to the Maverick party pics. The people in the background are much more interesting than Courtney Love.
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