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  1. I don’t think she hates it. She gave it its own release and it was remastered brilliantly for that super club vinyl. This is the only reason she left it off in my opinion to allow for the horrible Britney Spears song to be on it instead to capitalize on Britney fans.
  2. Is Madonna also rehearsing or is she just going to come on the stage more spontaneously this time?
  3. My favorite of those interludes is Hollywood. I love her interludes. In fact, I thought Illuminati was the best part of the entire Rebel Heart Tour. Thanks for the list! You are forgetting the Beast Within 2 times. Girlie Show and Reinvention (both full song interludes/intro)
  4. Aldo you are misdoing a few songs like Love don’t live here anymore. Also, who’s that girl was only a sit down song with a few bars at only a few shows at rebel Heart and was never officially on the set list.
  5. Thanks! Can you make a list that includes the interludes too?
  6. I would chose: 1. Erotica 2. Secret Garden / Fever (double A-side) 3. Deeper and Deeper 4. Why’s it so Hard
  7. I swear this poll is the most fun idea we’ve had in years. I love all the waiting/anticipating and Blue Jean has the total Madonna tour vibe releasing results and official video days late ⏰ like a Madonna concert.
  8. Hopefully this thing is canceled for a few years and they find, younger fresher talent.
  9. I’m looking forward to this new album as well. It does sound like a complete hodgepodge of writers and producers though.
  10. It’s just awful. I think she needs to hire a real director and editor next time. Not the gardner or audience cell phone and YouTube clips.
  11. Someone that goes to the rooftop a lot and is the most popular and fun person on it.
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