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  1. Was this song written by an AI software program? Both this and Vulgar sound like they were written and produced by AI software.
  2. What is your favorite track from You Can Dance? Including all released dubs on cassette and cd. Not including an single edits.
  3. Madonna produced Hold Tight on her own. A very good song (rumored to be in the tour).
  4. Almost 20 years without infestations of feats/duets. SAD!
  5. Albums with no feats/duets: madonna like a virgin true blue you can dance immaculate collection ray of light music ghv2 american life confessions on a dance floor
  6. I prefer long pencils over stubby erasures.
  7. It’s all about marketing. Abel knows it and so does Madonna. Madonna will be the main co-producer (as it is her own solo album) along with Abel’s gang of writers and co-producers.
  8. My Madonna Luvn needs to edit the tour program photos and her official instagram! No more Gomes!
  9. Bang that ass to the beat! She needs to change the lyric to this during the concert.
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