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  1. Screen with excepts from Each entrance of the shows

    Part 1:


    Dress You Up (1st verse and 1st chorus) (Entrance like The Virgin Tour)
    Hollywood (Thin White Duck Mix with 1st verse and 1st chorus from the album version)
    Buenos Aires

    Lucky Star (Not a $hitty remix)


    Don't Tell Me

    Papa Don't Preach (Full Version)


    Rescue Me video interlude (in Black and White, dressed as Dita of the Erotica Video) (Album version)

    Part 2:


    Justify My Love / Medellin Mash Up (Hard Rock version: Medellin for Verse and JML as Chorus)

    Gambler or Love Profusion (Rock mix)

    Causing A Commotion (Not a $hitty remix)

    Open Your Heart (The 4th Annual St. Tropez Gala Version)


    Take A Bow New Video Interlude

    Part 3:

    You'll See or One More Chance


    Ray Of Light (Slow piano version)

    Borderline (Jimmy Fallon version)

    Rain or The Power Of Goodbye


    Into The Groove/Skin Video Interlude (maybe a techno version)

    Part 4:

    Nothing Really Matters

    Impressive Instant/Burning Up Mash up (Like the Sitcky & Sweet)

    Get Together (Danny Howells & Dick Trevor KinkyFunk Mix)

    Keep It Together (Not a $hitty remix)

    Encore: Video from every endings of the previous shows as an introduction:

    Deeper And Deeper/ Celbration Mash up

  2. The more I think about it, The more I'm sure it's Prince who wrote the song.


    If you look at the structure, almost all Leonard songs are the same but not LAP. And he played guitars both at the begining and at the end (for the single). Plus Act Of Contriction produced (create by him).


    What do you think about it?

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