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  1. I'm starting to think that she'll be releasing a reimagined song album
  2. Probably at mini EP with Reimagined hits just like Frozen, Material Girl and Hung Up.
  3. It's ether gonna a be a Reissue / 40th Anniversary version of her debut or another greatest hits. There might be an EP of some of her hits being Reimagined by other artists as well since she worked with Sickkick last year.
  4. I bet she will call it Finally Enough Love Tour or something related to the compilation albums. I'd would love to she perform some of her old hits on the compilation album (Keep It Together, Causing a Commotion, Impressive Instant, Hollywood etc), perform some songs that haven't been performed live on a tour (Nothing Really Matters, Bedtime Story, Physical Attraction, etc) or perform some songs from her debut album since it turns 40 years old this year
  5. What are the bets of her adding Candy Shop on the setlist
  6. here's the second one MADONNA - Finally Enough Love Tour 2.0 Set list ACT 1: INTRO (Video Montage - contains elements from multiple Madonna Songs such as "Holiday", "Into the Groove", "Music", "Living for Love", and "I Don't Search, I Find") 01. I Don't Search, I Find (Honey Dijon Remix) 02. Vogue 03. Express Yourself (Remix) 04. Open Your Heart (Remix) ACT 2: You Can Dance Medley Lucky Star (Intro) 05. Everybody (YCD Remix Edit) 06. Physical Attraction (YCD Remix Edit) 07. Into the Groove (YCD Remix Edit) (contains reprise of "Everybody") ACT 3: Justify My Erotic Love (Interlude) (contains elements of the Luxar Remix, Orbit Remix, and "Erotica") 08. Like a Virgin (Remix) 09. Deeper and Deeper (David’s Club Mix) 10. Crave (Tracy Young Dangerous Remix)(outro contains lines from "Fever") ACT 4: WAKE UP (Video Interlude) (contains elements from "Give It 2 Me", "4 Minutes", "God Control", "Don't Tell Me", and "I Rise") 11. Frozen 12. Ghosttown (Acoustic) 13. Nothing Fails (Acoustic) 14. Like a Prayer (Album Version; outro contains lines from "I Rise") ACT 5: Bitch, I’m Madonna (Video Interlude)(contains elements from "Candy Shop", "She's Not Me", & "I Don't Give A") 15. Material Girl (contains elements from "MATERIAL GWORRLLLLLLLL!") 16. Hung Up / Medellín [Mashup] (contains from elements from “Hung Up on Tokischa”) Music (DJ Intro) (contains elements from "Intro the Groove", "Everybody", "Jump", and "Vogue") 17. Music (Reworked; contains elements of "Nobody Knows Me" and "Bedtime Story") ENCORE: 18. Holiday (contains samples from "Get Together") 19. Celebration (Benny Banassi Remix) (contains elements of "Human Nature")
  7. I've made two, with another one on the way so here's the first of two set lists MADONNA - Finally Enough Love Tour 1.0 Set list: ACT 1: INTRO ( Video Montage - contains elements from multiple Madonna Songs such as "Holiday", "Into the Groove", "Music", "Living for Love", and "I Don't Search, I Find") 01. Vogue 02. I Don't Search, I Find (Honey Dijon Remix) 03. Express Yourself 04. Deeper and Deeper (David's Klub Mix) 05. Like a Virgin (Remix) (contains snippet from "Fever") 06. Crave (Tracy Young Dangerous Remix) (contains excerpts from "Justify My Love") ACT 2: DJ's Mix (Interlude) 07. Everybody (contains excerpt from "Hollywood" along with samples from "Music" and "Into the Groove") 08. Into the Groove (contain elements from the You Can Dance Remix Edit and "Causing a Commotion") 09. Music (Remix) (contains excerpts from "Express Yourself", "Everybody", "Jump" and "Into the Groove") ACT 3: Beautiful Stranger (Band Intro) 10. Open Your Heart (Latin Remix) 11. Medellín 12. Frozen (Remix) 13. Living for Love (Remix) ACT 4: Bitch, I'm Madonna (Video Interlude) 14. Girl Gone Wild / Give It 2 Me (Mashup) (contains elements from "4 Minutes") 15. Like a Prayer (contains excerpts from "Act of Contrition") 16. Hung Up (contains elements "4 Minutes and "Sorry") ENCORE: 17. Holiday (contain samples from "Get Together") 18. Celebration (Benny Banassi Remix) (contains elements of "Holiday" and "Get Together")
  8. MADONNA - A Night with Madonna: 40th Anniversary Web Concert My concept would be separated into 2 sections: Biography and Greatest Hits Set list: INTRO (contains lines from "Die Another Day") 01. Survival 02. Don't Tell Me 03. You Don't Own Me (Lesley Gore cover) 04. What It Feels Like for A Girl (Acoustic) INTERMISSION 05. Frozen 06. La Isla Bonita 07. Like a Prayer 08. Holiday (contains excerpts from "Celebration")
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