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  1. MDNA. Most of the songs sounds so dated (ex: I'm Addicted, Gang Bang, etc.)
  2. Have anybody noticed that she used elements from the Club 69 Radio Mix in the beginning and towards the end of the song?
  3. I wonder if we'll get to hear Oh Father, Sorry, and Hold Tight in the future
  4. Interesting. I'm not surprised that Candy Shop was rehearsed haha. Also the fact that Sorry and Oh Father were supposed to be on the setlist makes sense, but I'm wondering where they would be placed on the setlist.
  5. well that doesn't make any sense. It's supposed to be chronological order. why are we starting with the future? also Celebration / Give It 2 Me (Again)? I'm sorry, but do you see her doing that again? Knowing Madonna, she'll never make Human Nature an interlude of any kind unfortunately. Love the addition of Rebel Heart. Add Express Yourself above Crazy for You or Add Human Nature there with elements of Express Yourself and its perfect.
  6. same here I'm glad that we finally got to se NRM, Bad Girl and Bedtime Story got a tour debut
  7. I'm surprised that there wasn't any Hard Candy representation on the setlist. Candy Shop or Give It 2 Me could've been mashed-up with some songs but I don't know which ones. EDIT: I read through and heard that Frozen was Replaced by Rain and Oh Father, Sorry and Hold Tight were cut which is interesting to me and Back That Up, Candy Shop and 4 Minutes.
  8. Oh wow I didn't know that. Well It was a sacrifice to be made and Im glad that Rain got to be performed once again after 30 years
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