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  1. MADONNA - A Night with Madonna: 40th Anniversary Web Concert My concept would be separated into 2 sections: Biography and Greatest Hits Set list: INTRO (contains lines from "Die Another Day") 01. Survival 02. Don't Tell Me 03. You Don't Own Me (Lesley Gore cover) 04. What It Feels Like for A Girl (Acoustic) INTERMISSION 05. Frozen 06. La Isla Bonita 07. Like a Prayer 08. Holiday (contains excerpts from "Celebration")
  2. she was a beautiful soul, legend, and a LGBTQ+ Icon that change and influence modern pop culture. Rest In Peace, SOPHIE.
  3. tbh I really don't see Ray of Light having interludes...imo
  4. Not much... I can't say what I saw but I heard from other fans that it was mostly things from Born This Way era to A Star Is Born era. I also heard that during the ARTPOP era, her former manager, Troy Carter, had a forced her to do more than that was done.
  5. Gaga is already suing them and I'm sure Madonna is surely gonna sue them as well after the 2015 leaks.
  6. if Erotica had Interlude Interlude - Introduction to Erotica 01. Erotica 02. Fever 03. Bye Bye Baby Interlude - Deeper and Deeper MV & Spoken word: about expressing your sexuality 04. Deeper and Deeper 05. Where Life Begins Interlude - Spoken Word: 06. Bad Girl 07. Waiting 08. Thief of Hearts 09. Words Interlude - Rain MV 10. Rain Interlude - Spoken Word: about why people of the same sex can't love each other and they should. 11. Why's It So Hard - The Girlie Show Version Outro Interlude - would be her talking about AIDS and her friends that were affected by it. 12. In This Life Interlude - Band Interlude 13. Secret Garden
  7. if American Life had an Interlude: 01. American Life 02. Hollywood 03. I'm So Stupid 04. Love Profusion 05. Nobody knows Me 06. Interlude - (something about how fame affects her family / normal life. all would be spoken word with a guitar instrumental) 07. Nothing Fails 08. Intervention 09. X-Static Process 10. Mother and Father 11. Die Another Day 12. Easy Ride
  8. Hello again, I'm still working on my DWT remake of Music and I noticed something while listening to the Monitor 4 audio. I heard another sample alongside "Trans-Europe Express" by Kraftwerk during the beginning part of the song. it sounded like "Station to Station" by David Bowie, but I'm not to sure about it. Could someone confirm it? it would be very helpful for others who are going to make Music DWT Remakes in the future and for the fanbase. thank you
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