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  1. Generic idea. I like Dua, I love Madonna. But I don’t see how this could lead to anything exciting.
  2. NowRadiate

    One of my all time favorite Madonna songs. Energizing.
  3. NowRadiate

    Acoustic music. No obvious electronica for a change. Oldschool, solid, dramatic and pure songwriting. No smoke and mirrors. Wood. Warmth. Oh, and please no more Trap. Everyone is on it some way or another. What a bore.
  4. NowRadiate

    One of the low ranking tours. Like Sticky and Sweet. Just my personal opinion. Still in Paris. What a long night
  5. NowRadiate

    I'm hoping she feels healthy enough to perform...cancellations are always a pain...
  6. NowRadiate

    I Rise. No competition.
  7. NowRadiate

    Ray of Light Confessions on a Dancefloor Like a Prayer True Blue Madonna Bedtime Stories Music Like a Virgin Erotica Rebel Heart Madame X American Life MDNA Hard Candy
  8. NowRadiate

    Not directly after. But maybe after year or two, after a movie.
  9. NowRadiate

    A clear YES at this point.
  10. NowRadiate

    Feb 22 Paris, I‘m coming
  11. NowRadiate

    Where can I watch the entire Graham Norton show?
  12. NowRadiate

    I don’t like the vocal effect on Medellín. (Well, the entire song is not my favorite thing.) But I really like what they did on the other tracks. It doesn’t sound like typical Madonna, more like a re-invention. It will play with people‘s perception. Some non-fans who might be judgemental about her from the getgo might now end up liking the song thinking it‘s Rihanna, or rather someone else than Madonna. They might not immediately recognize her and admit there‘s something they like about our 60 year-old legend.
  13. NowRadiate

    I Rise is a deeper song than Medellín. I like I Rise. (And can’t stand Medellín)