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  1. NowRadiate

    This song contains one of her best vocal performances. Pure voice acting. Love it.
  2. NowRadiate

    Stumbled upon these interviews... missed them the first time they came up. They remind me of what this woman is actually made of.
  3. I will never forgive him for the mess that Tenet is. Lol
  4. takara commercial
  5. NowRadiate

    We should do a poll. I‘m curious to see which songs are mentioned most often.
  6. NowRadiate

    1. HeartBreakCity 2. Gang Bang 3. Isaac 4. Nobody Knows Me 5. Impressive Instant 6. Love Tried to Welcome Me 7. Why‘s it so Hard 8. Promise to Try 9. The Look of Love 10. Physical Attraction
  7. NowRadiate

    Revenge You Must Love Me or Don‘t Cry For Me Argentina
  8. NowRadiate

    Miles Away Beautiful Stranger or Amazing
  9. NowRadiate

    This, from my perspective. I would go for an official Instagram page and a private one that we fans wouldn’t see.
  10. NowRadiate

    I thought it couldn’t get worse than Hard Candy. Then MDNA happened. Then I thought it couldn’t get worse than MDNA, and Madame X happened. I was not crazy about Rebel Heart either. Each album has one or two songs that I like. But most of it was „meh“ to me. I skip most songs on Madame X, I only listen to maybe 3.
  11. NowRadiate

    Cosmic systems intertwine Astral bodies drip like wine All of nature ebbs and flows Comets shoot across the sky Can't explain the reasons why This is how creation goes
  12. NowRadiate

    Josh Stewart maybe?
  13. NowRadiate

    Pierre Niney could play Tony Ward, if he puts on some more muscle.