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  1. The one with the wigs is of December 2016. Couldn‘t find any with the film canisters. https://www.instagram.com/p/BODnG9sBKso/?utm_medium=copy_link ps: see above
  2. i wouldn't care much for reissues of her past 4 releases. too recent and not career-defining enough. anything up to the confessions on a dance floor era - iconic, epic, checks all the boxes. bring it on.
  3. Too bad it didn’t work out. One of my all time favorite songs. Could have been great.
  4. Sorry to say but I’m not surprised about Give it 2 me. Other songs post Hard Candy do work well though.
  5. She is a sexual being. She oozed sexiness. It was always said that everyone and anyone reacted to her sexual aura even before she was famous. So it’s part of her, the artist, her art, the entire package. Allure, fascination and entertainment all can have sexual undertones; with Madonna, those were quite predominant. I see nothing wrong with it, it’s authentic, it’s who she is and has been. She has been about sexual liberation (too). So the argument “it’s only through sex that she became famous” is like criticizing someone for having a voice of a certain quality or being left-handed. Ridiculous.
  6. One of my all time favorites. Could‘ve even been longer. Dance to it, the long mmhs put you in a trance.
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