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  1. NowRadiate

    I was referring to the course of discussion. We ended up discussing whether M should go back to Guy or not. Thanksliking. When is Thanksgetting btw, at Christmas? 🤪
  2. NowRadiate

    Wow. Who knew. Thank you
  3. NowRadiate

    Hmm. This is all news to me. Never heard this before. Especially not that she officially got back in a relationship with these guys, I was not talking about flings. Eventually, we cannot really „know“. But if you are right, I stand corrected. None of this tells me she resumed love relationships though. But I digress. Back on topic: Grills suck. Going back to Guy sounds bad to me. Done. Happy Thanksgiving
  4. NowRadiate

    With whom?
  5. NowRadiate

    Did she ever reunite with someone, for a relationship? That’s what I meant. No, she didn’t. No on-off-on-off story known of.
  6. NowRadiate

    No, it’s not pure whimsical emotion building my opinion. On the contrary, it’s what I read in people by looking at them, looking and listening closely to what they reveal about themselves in interviews and in their art. Of course, it’s not a written fact, it’s the pieces of the puzzle being put together. And not on my own. Not all press is tabloid, or even if at that, not all tabloids are always wrong, you know. All taken with a grain of salt, of course. Anyway, M doesn’t look back when it comes to lovers, thank God. Good for her.
  7. NowRadiate

    Perhaps it was just about the looks and style at that time. Not to be taken literally I guess. TonyMontana knows better though.
  8. NowRadiate

    Just watch his interviews and movies. He likes to label anything weird or uncomfortable as “gay”. He likes to ridicule it. There have been so many interviews with him, and the vast majority reports how important it is to him to appear “non-gay” that it may almost seem he is a closeted one. You are painting it as if everyone has only read the Daily Mail and Christopher Ciccone’s book. As if there was no other source, when in fact, there are far many more sources reporting the same thing. Far too many to list up here. You can google it. As for the marriage - things have been pretty evident (the gold-digger move in the divorce, the cheating with her personal trainer, his reaction to the adoption of David, his non-presence after the horse accident, the driving-out of gay influences on Madonna, the siding action with Rocco instead of mediating). Just re-watch IGTTYAS. It gives a few hints of what he is really like.
  9. Madame X Hard Candy MDNA (and Rebel Heart)
  10. Simple answer. No. Not overrated. (Do we have to mention Kylie in all threads now?)
  11. NowRadiate

    Ok... so you’re saying you know he has worked as an escort?
  12. NowRadiate

  13. NowRadiate

    Mumsy stuff? Kylie has been showing her butt off. My mom wouldn’t dare. Lol I liked COAD a lot, been a fan since 1984/85. the only thing that I thought sounded like Kylie was “How High” (never liked it). I like some of Kylie’s work though.
  14. NowRadiate

    Style-wise he might have had a good influence but who knows, maybe it was just coincidence, the fact that she was living in the UK and exposed to other influences than in the US. No need to jump at each other’s throats, it‘s only opinions. In my opinion, he is a prick deluxe. The fact alone that there was no pre-nup is something that M could be blamed for... but he’s left a wide impression of being a greedy chauvinist and homophobe. Unlike Carlos Leon, for example. Guy Ritchie damaged M financially and personally, which is reflecting in her art since then. Not the main reason but highly likely one of the reasons. Some of his movies are entertaining though.
  15. NowRadiate

    Sex work? That’s a joke, right? Whatever it is/was, I feel sorry for him. He is just as iconic to me as Debi Mazar. An interview: “Tony Ward: [...] Then there was all the stylists, the gay contingency, ‘Oh we know you!’ It was after Hustler White – you’re a hustler, you did porno and prostitution! I was like, ‘No I didn’t.’ They were like, ‘Yes you did!’ Rick Castro: They considered Hustler White a porno. Tony Ward: Yeah, this showed me the truth didn’t matter... they want their fantasy. ‘You’re not anything like you said you were?’ ‘Well I didn’t tell you what your fantasy was of me... you got what you wanted.’ “