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  1. skyfitswim

    the moment nothing, but vogue and music always gets in my head
  2. i really like that remix even if so manny don't .
  3. missy elliot is fire too !
  4. i wonder if there will be more remixes with missy elliot and madonna on it
  5. i miss the yeah yeah yeah and levitating from the original and i don't like the male voice its too mutch the vocals are ok
  6. there a male also singing in it if i here the preview
  7. so i can't buy it or it does not count for the chart ?
  8. how is the music of the remix more dancy
  9. are they reconisible or are they classic madonna vocals ?
  10. will it be released on iTunes too?
  11. skyfitswim

    i always loved push
  12. skyfitswim

    i wish ray of light whas het latest current circumstance in life
  13. skyfitswim

    mmm the album missing classic madonna power songs i would pick ` i don't search i find god control crave come alive crazy
  14. skyfitswim

    i like a good kick ass club song for work out , to dance at home i don't need to go to a club to do that :-) but please with good lyrics !!! yes a ep would be nice