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  1. skyfitswim

    i will try to resist the other available songs they will release before the album is out anyone else trying to do that?
  2. skyfitswim

    will they charge you straight away from your order from when you confirmed it or do they do it when its released
  3. skyfitswim

    is the rainbow only on bull moose usa or will it be also available more world wide ? i see fnac france do they ship outside france ?
  4. skyfitswim

    i don't wanne hear all 6 tracks before the album is out :-) bring the remixes first maybe a second one singel before the album
  5. skyfitswim

    i never listen to the radio , i hate they decide what to play or not if you diving your car put it loud and people will hear it
  6. skyfitswim

    do they play i in portugal , and spanich country's ?
  7. skyfitswim

    i cancel my order with amazon , i buy it from is 59 euro for the box set
  8. skyfitswim

    i wish they sing the song full in english , on another forum they gave a link what they sing
  9. skyfitswim

    i bought medellin , so if i pray it it will count the times i played it ?
  10. skyfitswim

    is the box 18 tracks or 15 tracks , amazon germany sais 15 tracks it confusing
  11. skyfitswim

    i look at my order and now the box set has only 15 tracks 1 cd has 12 tras and the other one 3 tracks so no 18 tracks its from amazon germany
  12. skyfitswim

    teh casette tape is already in the box set or is there a difference when you buy the casset alone?
  13. skyfitswim

    where is the rainbow vinyl ?
  14. skyfitswim

    is there a white lp version?
  15. skyfitswim

    im curious about the music video , people will be more disappointed if you don't like this there is a second song with maluma and even with anitta ....