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  1. i don't care if she is naked , i find her hotter with the ray of light album shoot
  2. if its a killer song yes , but i doudt she will have one again
  3. Whas mirwais invonved in this album ?
  4. yeah lourdes looks just like her father or grandmother , but not like little madonna
  5. i'm not gonne buy that stupid x perfume ! i hate the eye pad thing and everything around it .
  6. i don't understand the big deal fuss about beyonce , she had not even has hit singels like madonna i don't like black iS the king title ,
  7. i can't remember i whas so young when i saw madonna on tv it whas like bang hit to her. i think it whas around like a virgen i can only remember my sister buy the first album when true blue came out and she had the like a virgen on tape . she whas verry young too my first real singel for me whas la isla bonita at a music shop on a marketing my mother buy it for me and you can dance lp ( but i wanted who's that girl ). who's that girl whas my second vinyl single and i wanted to see the movie but we did have a video :-)
  8. thank you i missed it , i only seen today blues on instagram
  9. What is the suprise kylie had today?
  10. i really like Melanie c , sound like a really good album music and with great lyrics. i do wish it whas they used more sounds layers in the songs , sounds a bit empty bland with moments northen star is a exsplotion with sounds , that is blow you away i always compare it with madonna ray of light in sort of way i wish there whas a deluxe on iTunes
  11. god im glad if the eye path is gone i don't like madame X name and look
  12. i don't like kiss me once, its one of my least favorite album with body langue and kylie X im sure there will be songs everyone like , at least i hope :-) i really like melanie c new songs
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