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  1. i think Natalia Dyer should play madonna , she look a bit like madonna in stranger things
  2. maybe there will be a extended remix
  3. can i still get the red vinyl version in europe ? i can't order it from wall marked
  4. something differen but does anyone know how much the lp for broken is worth ( how manny copies there where )? i finally orded the 6 lp box witch i propbley won't even open :-)
  5. i wonder what her real hair is like , you can't tell it anymore with thse hair extentions and wigs
  6. but that is not a new song that would be a remix of frozen , so i do hope its a new song , enough of that frozen remix that sounds the same but only with a diffrent rapper.
  7. i whas really dissepointed with th girlie show , her short haistyle , more naked and not sexy costumes,, the stupid clown , some versions where boring like a virgen , bad tracklist and not manny powerfull hits. She already had flops on her hands, the album, not really hitsongs bad talk of the album , sex book , body of evidence ...
  8. she does not says a new album and i hope its not for a new album with these people
  9. this madame x tour/area give me bad memory's because of her canceling.
  10. she had some style in these amazing photo shoot , im still in love with these natural pictures , its' a personal taste :-)
  11. personaly i never like it her showing her tits haha , i like the more evita , ray of light , confessions style madonna . nothing wrong with that .
  12. Not gonne say too mutch, because i know some don't like it because too negative bla bla bla and we have to like everything she does or go away. Can' we make a topic for this for those who like to express themself for not liking this event or performance ... ? some fans don't like everything and that does not mean that they are not madonna fans anymore.
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