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  1. skyfitswim

    i would like the flag :-)
  2. skyfitswim

    there are not standing place maybe the high balcony ?
  3. skyfitswim

    i have row 9 seat 35
  4. skyfitswim

    i got a confirmed mail but it does not say where my seat are
  5. skyfitswim

    witch category is best ?
  6. skyfitswim

    i don't understand the tickets places
  7. skyfitswim

    i received a code too but everything is closed to order tickets
  8. skyfitswim

    are the 385 euro pieces the best places ? im not going to paris for bad seats , still ned to pay for train , hotel ....
  9. skyfitswim

    will ther ene more concert for paris , i completely did it wrong
  10. skyfitswim

    grrr nothing for paris for the moment i hope more dates will be for paris
  11. skyfitswim

    amazon chart me for the rainbow vinyl , now i got the clean and rainbow vinyl version , the box set and the special edition cd ( fnac 2 bonus tracks ) i will buy the standerd cd when it off price or in the usa when in there in july since i don't play cd's
  12. skyfitswim

    i really hope on some new video's maybe a documentary about the new album ( i can't believe it just for a teaser for the new album) she danced with the batuka ladies ... the video with the draw queen , batuka on the beach ... in 4 weeks will know i guess
  13. skyfitswim

    i think this week will be about crave video release , the other 2 weeks i don't know . but i really hope some more remixes come on the way . why is i rise with the box also separate maybe a remix version ?
  14. i can't wait for her new album and what is coming next for next weeks !