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  1. Has anyone managed to get an August Image account? I wonder if that gets you a higher resolution preview of those pics....would kill for them!
  2. This topic is very interesting. This is a link to what I believe is one of the best written articles about Madonna from recent years: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/djlouiexiv/madonna-madame-x-pop-music-age-women I personally agree completely, with the author of this article. While we cannot predict Madonna (that has always been her connotation), what I would like to see is a new album where Madonna finally speaks about her and her life again. In the last 15 years there is no trace whatsoever of what's going on with her (and I mean with her SOUL), in her songs: she talks a lot about what she thinks but she never says what she feels and what kind of mark life has left on her soul. I mean, being Madonna there is a lot to tell: the bitter divorce, the relationship with her kids and her family, being the most successful and most criticised woman in the entertainment history, if she still thinks about her mother or speaks to her father, her brothers and sisters...her life and feelings, what she has learned and what she has become. Although I have a suspicion that she is not doing it because lately she might be deeply unhappy (don't ask me why, it's just a feeling I have, as a fan since 1984, while looking and listening to her, recently) and the result would be a very dark album - and probably she does not wanna go there. ...while a dark album would make my day, because I believe she gives her best when exploring dark territories. Oh, and of course I would love to see everything socio-political disappear completely and forever from her work. That is something that, in my opinion, is ruining her.
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