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  1. Because MX era was boring AF. And promo was tragic and sometimes embarrassing to watch
  2. Always amusing when ugly people feel the need to state that they don’t find her beautiful
  3. I really don't care for it either and can't wait until it's done and over with so she can concentrate on something else. hopefully something good this time.
  4. I think it was Spotlight which I had never heard on radio before but usually it’s ALWAYS La Isla Bonita
  5. There’s so many nasty members on Nation. It’s very toxic, so much better here
  6. Looks like a housewife took off on a safari in the middle of making dinner on New Year's Eve in Miami
  7. Only so we can move on to the next era. Talk about beating a dead horse 🐴
  8. Yup Kim K's ass looks horrendous. When she wears Jeans it looks like she has shelves at her waist. I haven't seen Nicki is years but I remember her ass was too big for her small body. And M's ass looks awful.
  9. It looked like a lame snoozefest anyhow
  10. I'm not American and have never heard of her. Beautiful dress, definitely the second best dressed after Iman
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