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  1. I am a gay man and have absolutely no shame. Get TF over yourself. He’s not a symbol of the gay community 😂 the only reason he came out was because of the arrest. Sorry nothing to admire about the man.
  2. Really…the guy arrested for soliciting sex in a public washroom 😂😂😂
  3. Love this song! Far better than anything she’s put out after Confessions on a dance floor
  4. Madonnalicious was great! Madonna ashram I think I was on but holy hell Madonnanation is one toxic cesspool of whackjobs
  5. Don’t like any performance with the guitar except Paradise and Rebel Heart. Vocals are always bad
  6. She looks beautiful In it but either than that 😳
  7. She had a small muscular butt. Then she got giant implants
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