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  1. Incredibly dated but who cares it just brings 12 years old me back to getting the cd single from the Icon Catalogue for Christmas. I listened to that to death.
  2. I’m sure the next time I go to my favourite record store in Toronto in 6 months all the copies will still be there, along with all the other Record Store Day releases they still have
  3. I love how Julie Brown still loves Madonna today and talks her up on her Sirius show.
  4. 😂 oh hunty I know. I moved out to Mississauga. Guelph is just like a whole different galaxy 😂
  5. I saw Sticky & Sweet in an arena (Toronto) and a stadium (Detroit). And I much preferred in an arena. I was pretty close to the stage in both shows but in a Stadium it still feels like you’re far away even if you’re close. I see no point in going to a stadium show if I’m not going to be next to the stage tbh. I’m an arena no matter where you sit it still feels close-ish. Saw Britney’s Black Onyx tour from the nose bleeds and it wasn’t bad at all.
  6. The record store I go to in Toronto for RSD have all the copies of RSD releases, except the ones I bought, still in stock. I’m the only one who goes in for Madonna 😂
  7. Those aren’t needles. Women use those for apply serums to the face and also for the hair serums. They can also be used to get exact dosage for liquid medication
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