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Found 3 results

  1. Turuncan

    I am asking for your opinions about the most haunting Madonna songs both melody- and lyricswise. Those happen to be mysterious and aggrieved songs at the same time. If you have any more suggestions, we can also add these. I'll go for 'Paradise (Not for Me)'. But I also love 'Messiah'.
  2. Hello my fellow M fans! I need help from you. I work as an English teacher at a private institute and for today's listening class, I am planning to show my students 'Dancers' Confessions/Live to Tell' performance from the Confessions Tour. I will ask them to write what the confessions are, and what the overall message of the performance is. However, I am having difficulties in understanding the confession of the third dancer. So, as far as I understand, he was asked to avenge a hood member who was killed, but he refused to do that? Am I right? "Now you have to realize not only do I have a family But now I have a whole hood and that's power But I ain't no primy ass nigga I was never out to kill anybody Specially when I made that decision of gang bang, I just wanted to fit in But one day I was forced to do something That made me open my eyes and realize that this ain't no game One of the homies got popped And I was the first one doing my first drop by It was kinda fucked up the way they tried to set me up Me and my bro, we was headed back to the A block Then some homies rolled up and they asked us to go somewhere We pulled up to the corner Then he pressed the chunky ass gun in my lap He said you know what to do really, it's time to get poppy for the hood That was not to kill anybody" What exactly is "drop by" here? Having the first hood meeting or something? I am really confused. And any other suggestions for me to ask my students? Thanks in advance.
  3. Enrico

    Actually I'd like to propose a NEW GAME... Remember "Which Madonna song am i thinking of"? I give one WORD contained in the lyrics and you have to guess the song. Not in the title, of course... For instance, if I say "lock" it's Open your heart. But also Into the groove.. I could start with LEGS