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  1. Yes, I love it too, but edits are usually the abridged versions of the songs. The butchery of ‘Ray of Light’, missing sone nice parts of ‘Bedtime Story’, and the shortened intro of ‘Frozen’ are the first examples that come to my mind.
  2. Cut off the instrumental break after “Give me comfort in your arms” and added a sound effect there. Also shortened the intro a little bit.
  3. That being said, are we allowed to upload on Spotify our own versions of the songs that are not there? For example I made my own edit of ‘Nothing Really Matters’ for my own “GHV2”.
  4. Also, I think it was sped-up a little bit.
  5. Turuncan

    I have many of these, all up to “Like a Prayer” album. I don’t think they kept the tradition for the LAP album’s singles though, did they? After all, the CD format was already popular in 1989? I love the design of these singles. It is nice to have them on CD at least. Right, Janet? 🙄
  6. Turuncan

    Wow, looks great. The name of ‘Drowned World’ is wrongly divided though. 😋
  7. Turuncan

    Me with my baby man.
  8. Turuncan

    It’s amazing what a boy can do!
  9. Turuncan

    I’d say ‘Love Spent’ / ‘Hung Up’ or ‘I’m a Sinner’ / ‘Ray of Light’ as these “MDNA” tracks sample these hits.
  10. Turuncan

    1. Like a Prayer 2. Hung Up 3. Frozen 4. Live to Tell 5. Secret 6. Music 7. 4 Minutes 8. Living for Love 9. Erotica 10. Like a Virgin 11. Medellín 12. American Life 13. Everybody 14. Give Me All Your Luvin’
  11. Idolator ranked Madonna’s lead singles off each of her studio album from best to worst. https://www.idolator.com/7752032/madonna-14-lead-singles-ranked?view-all&ios=1 It is as follows: 1. Like a Prayer 2. Hung Up 3. Frozen 4. Live to Tell 5. Music 6. Secret 7. Erotica 8. Like a Virgin 9. 4 Minutes 10. Medellín 11. Living for Love 12. Everybody 13. American Life 14. Give Me All Your Luvin’ Do you agree with the list? For my own account, I would rank ‘4 Minutes’ and ‘Living for Love’ higher than ‘Erotica’ and ‘Like a Virgin’, and ‘Secret’ higher than ‘Music’. I agree with the rest.
  12. Turuncan

  13. As I always do, I will buy all the physical editions, and stream the album first. If I don’t like all of it, I will create my own version and put it in my phone, just like I did with “The Immaculate Collection”, “GHV2”, “Celebration”, and “Rebel Heart”. I really hope she will follow the footsteps of Kylie and Mariah, and release it on cassette as well!
  14. Turuncan

    1. B’day Song 2. Bitch I’m Madonna 3. Holy Water 4. Some Girls 5. Superstar 6. I Don’t Give a 7. Give Me All Your Luvin’ 8. I’m a Sinner 9. I’m Addicted 10. Cyberraga 11. Turn Up the Radio 12. Mother and Father 13. Dance 2night 14. Gang Bang 15. Shoo Bee Doo Honorable mentions: Don’t Stop Where Life Begins
  15. Turuncan

    Also singles she hasn’t performed regularly for a long time. ‘Angel’, ‘Gambler’, ‘Who’s That Girl?’, ‘Causing a Commotion’, ‘Cherish’, ‘Oh Father’, ‘Rain’, ‘You’ll See’, ‘Frozen’, ‘American Life’, ‘Sorry’...