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  1. Turuncan

    It is definitely the production. The first released songs really excited me, ‘I Rise’ and ‘Crave’ in particular. The melodies were there, the lyrics were on point, the attitude and themes were right, but the production just sounded half-baked and over-Autotuned, so I hoped the rest of the album would be an improvement and she had saved the best for later. It was the complete opposite. This is the exhibition of how an album that would have been amazing could be butchered by horrible production.
  2. Turuncan

    Because it is a horrible album.
  3. Turuncan

    1. Madame X 2. MDNA 3. American Life The rest goes between terrific and uneven.
  4. Turuncan

    Some über popular songs sound boring after a certain time. For my own account, I don’t remember playing ‘Music’ itself for centuries except listening to it on its parent album, or the compilations I made, and I have never been a big fan of ‘Vogue’, ‘Erotica’, or ‘Like a Virgin’. I usually don’t like what most people like, and prefer many album tracks to singles. So what you said is completely understandable. For BIM, gurrl. 😂 It truly belongs to “MDNA”.
  5. Turuncan

    We have so much alike music taste-wise!
  6. Turuncan

    My real name is quite short, so it would be unfair to do it only. 😀 Take a Bow Unapologetic Bitch Ray of Light Up Down Suite Nothing Fails Candy Shop American Life Nothing Really Matters Real name: Candy Perfume Girl Angel Nobody’s Perfect
  7. Turuncan

    Hahah not exactly though. I didn’t like it sonically. But message-wise, yes.
  8. Turuncan

    The album is a huge disappointment for me. The sound is horrible, the auto-tuned-to-death vocals are one big turn-off, and nothing original in the lyrics as well. I hope my ideas change in time, but I don’t think I will want to hear it again. Sad.
  9. Turuncan

    Word by word. Thanks!
  10. Yes, I love it too, but edits are usually the abridged versions of the songs. The butchery of ‘Ray of Light’, missing sone nice parts of ‘Bedtime Story’, and the shortened intro of ‘Frozen’ are the first examples that come to my mind.
  11. Cut off the instrumental break after “Give me comfort in your arms” and added a sound effect there. Also shortened the intro a little bit.
  12. That being said, are we allowed to upload on Spotify our own versions of the songs that are not there? For example I made my own edit of ‘Nothing Really Matters’ for my own “GHV2”.
  13. Also, I think it was sped-up a little bit.
  14. Turuncan

    I have many of these, all up to “Like a Prayer” album. I don’t think they kept the tradition for the LAP album’s singles though, did they? After all, the CD format was already popular in 1989? I love the design of these singles. It is nice to have them on CD at least. Right, Janet? 🙄
  15. Turuncan

    Wow, looks great. The name of ‘Drowned World’ is wrongly divided though. 😋