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  1. It was not from the original album sessions, but recorded for the movie, having nothing to do with the “American Life” album. So, it can be considered as a bonus track even though it was not labelled so.
  2. The difference is, ‘Die Another Day’ was featured on the soundtrack album of the same name, hence rendering its inclusion on “American Life” album a bonus track. The movie “At Close Range”, on the other hand, did not have a soundtrack album as far as I am concerned, making ‘Live to Tell’ actually a single off “True Blue”, which happens to be used in a movie. So while I agree on many points with you about ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ being a better representative of the “True Blue” era, it is actually ‘Live to Tell’ that was the first single.
  3. It is definitely the production. The first released songs really excited me, ‘I Rise’ and ‘Crave’ in particular. The melodies were there, the lyrics were on point, the attitude and themes were right, but the production just sounded half-baked and over-Autotuned, so I hoped the rest of the album would be an improvement and she had saved the best for later. It was the complete opposite. This is the exhibition of how an album that would have been amazing could be butchered by horrible production.
  4. 1. Madame X 2. MDNA 3. American Life The rest goes between terrific and uneven.
  5. Some über popular songs sound boring after a certain time. For my own account, I don’t remember playing ‘Music’ itself for centuries except listening to it on its parent album, or the compilations I made, and I have never been a big fan of ‘Vogue’, ‘Erotica’, or ‘Like a Virgin’. I usually don’t like what most people like, and prefer many album tracks to singles. So what you said is completely understandable. For BIM, gurrl. 😂 It truly belongs to “MDNA”.
  6. My real name is quite short, so it would be unfair to do it only. 😀 Take a Bow Unapologetic Bitch Ray of Light Up Down Suite Nothing Fails Candy Shop American Life Nothing Really Matters Real name: Candy Perfume Girl Angel Nobody’s Perfect
  7. Hahah not exactly though. I didn’t like it sonically. But message-wise, yes.
  8. The album is a huge disappointment for me. The sound is horrible, the auto-tuned-to-death vocals are one big turn-off, and nothing original in the lyrics as well. I hope my ideas change in time, but I don’t think I will want to hear it again. Sad.
  9. Exactly. And “All for You” in ivory or white.
  10. Fantastic news! “janet.”, “The Velvet Rope”, and “All for You” are being reissued on vinyl! Amazon already started pre-orders. Amazing!
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