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  1. As a song, I'd vote for Medellin. After a month, I am still not bored of listening to it every day. I particularly love the dreamy and psychological lyrics ("Forgive myself for being me" etc.). But the video is too much: I love the cha cha lesson, but then the scene in bed, and the horses... it's just too much! The wedding scene should have more choreography, too. Crave: I love the "fado" original inspiration in the guitar intro, but the chorus is too long and too repetitive. I never find myself singing it. It's something that annoys me in Future, too, but here the rhythm saves it. But the Crave video is simple but new, the pidgeons theme is not a repetition of something we've seen already, and after someone interpreted as a memory of a love from the past (Basquiat) I find it even more intriguing.
  2. Enrico

    You can find some in the Crave featured thread, done by @Fighter From page 88: Almost impossible to follow...
  3. Enrico

    And then of course everything with Nicki & Donna:
  4. Careful cause someone may reply "I'm sorry I don't know what that song is" Not missing much!
  5. https://culturacolectiva.com/art/the-love-story-of-madonna-and-basquiat
  6. Enrico

    I love LITTLE STAR because it's very intimate, rearranged with a beautiful piano, and she really feels it.
  7. Enrico

    No! No request! This was for US dates. Once you have the mail and the code and find a seat, it's yours! You get it, choose a date, enter the code, ask for a seat, they offer you what is available, and it's done. As long as you pay of course! PS Vedo che sei italiano. Se vai ora, vedi tutte le date. Devi cliccare UNLOCK sul tipo di biglietto e indicare quanti ne vuoi (di base ne cerca 2) e inserire il codice alfanumerico che ti sarà arrivato sul cellulare. https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/madonna-madame-x-tour-london-26-01-2020/event/37005691A98D697B
  8. Enrico

    Yes! That's what I did, I think it will be the same. Of course, the more you lose time, the less tickets you find... You will also find on the right a way to choose your price range and section (for instance, 511£ and stalls); "Best available" is selected by default. At first I didn't notice that, so when I entered Wed 29/01 I was offered row S. I gave up and went to Tue 4/02 and found a seat on row D! Also, you can "search again" because the seats offered are not always the same... I decided to try midweek thinking I would be luckier. But then I found a great seat on row G on the aisle. I still think first central rows are only for VIP tickets. Medellin VIP was sold out two days ago on almost every date.
  9. Enrico

    You'll find a list of dates and you have to select one, entering your code. If you choose to see another date, you simply re-enter your code. You have to try single dates one by one, at least that was in the Icon presale.
  10. Enrico

    I did on Ebay. You can also try journals.fr - Remember to specify when ordering which cover you want, the site features the other one but they replied and they also have the Madonna one.
  11. Enrico

    In the Tetu interview she says "inspired by". I don't think it was ever planned though... For instance, Nakhane is nowhere to be found.
  12. Enrico

    SPOILER ALERT! MEDELLÍN - released DARK BALLET - Daft Punk meeting Bohemian Rhapsody, previously knows as Beautiful Game; another snippet with spoken vocals heard at Eurovision; French lyrics "Je n'ai pas peur de mourir pour ce que je crois" (Madame X becomes Joan of Arc) GOD CONTROL - jazzy piano-led track (?) also with a gospel choir FUTURE FT. QUAVO - released BATUKA (I suppose this is the track featuring the Batukadeiras Female Orchestra) KILLERS WHO ARE PARTYING - manifesto song (“I’ll be Israel if Israel is imprisoned, I’ll be Islam if Islam is attacked”), but inspired by morna; guitar sample captured by Madonna in Lisbon CRAVE FT. SWAE LEE - released CRAZY - typical "old school" Madonna sound COME ALIVE EXTREME OCCIDENT - 2 snippets heard in the album promo videos; morna influences FAZ GOSTOSO FT. ANITTA - sung in Portuguese, cover BITCH I’M LOCA I DON’T SEARCH I FIND - disco track LOOKING FOR MERCY I RISE - released FUNANA - with Dino D'Santiago; Cape Verde music BACK THAT UP - a reworked version of the RH demo? CIAO BELLA - featuring vocals by Kimi Djabate
  13. Enrico

    That info comes from Madonna Adria: Can someone do a recap of what we know so far for each song?
  14. Enrico

  15. She is answering questions before the premiere!