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    That echo is also on IC. But at 0:28/0:29 there is a "drum drop" on celebration that is not on IC. On IC all drum beats ar the same up to when the vocals begins, but on Celebration there is difference at 0:28/0.29. So something is going on! Edit: It's the same sound you can hear on the extended dance mix at 0:24 and 0:38! But it's not there either on IC or Madonna/The first album and it's in wrong place on the extended mix! So this must be an alternate version.
  2. GamePat

    I have already done rain extended radio mix and fever edit one. I combined the instrumental versions with filtered acapella taken from a remastered erotica album that I've done. Here you can download it:!D5lHyQ6b!-Ea5-IABmj6wRdQ2t7d-Kqz6OZ8DJJN308XaK7n8BHA