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  1. Great to hear. I was fully prepared for the forum to close. Thank you @Fighter But seriously, I'm sure so many of us would be willing to crowd-fund for this forum if there are ever financial troubles again. I love this place so much and this community
  2. Like a Prayer, Drowned World, Hung Up, and Living for Love for me.
  3. It really was. Immaculate Collection is her highest selling release to date one of the greatest "Greatest Hits" EVER. And she wasn't even 10 years into her career yet!
  4. This was the song that cemented Madonna's legacy, imo. This song was a global phenomenon
  5. I enjoyed alot of tracks from it. GGW, I'm Addicted, Gang Bang, Turn Up the Radio, Superstar, I'm a Sinner, Love Spent, Masterpiece, Falling Free, Beautiful Killer, I Fucked Up, B-Day Song, Best Friend. It's not "great", but it's a really fun, catchy album.
  6. MDNA isn't anywhere near as bad as some fans make it out to be. MX is her worst album.
  7. Hello! Some members moved to Drowned Madonna Forum! You may come there!

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