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  1. Like a Prayer, Drowned World, Hung Up, and Living for Love for me.
  2. I certainly prefer the permanent sites, but I understand why people use the temporary sites. File hosting is costly, and so many sites like Google and others that don't expire only allow 10-15 GB per user unless you have a hosting plan. I myself have alot of personal files backed up on my Google drive so I don't use that here. Also, I've had trouble finding people willing to reupload something that has been deleted and they clearly have it. I don't want to sound entitled, but the great thing about this forum is we all get something out of it, it's not exclusive or members only. I try to give anytime I can here because others have given so much to us all — I feel like it's an unwritten rule that we should each try to contribute and give back, even if that means just re uploading something that was quickly deleted. People sharing and going out of their way to rip their own personal collections is what makes this place so great. And let me just say lastly that this place has made me so giddy and happy, and I'm so thankful to everyone here who shares with us as well as the moderators and admins who keep this place afloat
  3. It really was. Immaculate Collection is her highest selling release to date one of the greatest "Greatest Hits" EVER. And she wasn't even 10 years into her career yet!
  4. This was the song that cemented Madonna's legacy, imo. This song was a global phenomenon
  5. I enjoyed alot of tracks from it. GGW, I'm Addicted, Gang Bang, Turn Up the Radio, Superstar, I'm a Sinner, Love Spent, Masterpiece, Falling Free, Beautiful Killer, I Fucked Up, B-Day Song, Best Friend. It's not "great", but it's a really fun, catchy album.
  6. MDNA isn't anywhere near as bad as some fans make it out to be. MX is her worst album.
  7. Hello! Some members moved to Drowned Madonna Forum! You may come there!

  8. Us young gays and old gays need to talk about the Legendary Miss Barbra Streisand for a moment. Babs is 76 years old ... and sounds absolutely incredible on this album, doesn't sound like her voice has aged past 50 or 60. She sings better than a lot of the 20+ year old singers today. Don't Lie to Me is an absolute BOP. This has to be some of her best original material in many years. Barbra has been slaying the vocal game since first performing for the public in 1961 and later on Broadway in 1962 and her first album in 1963. Barbra is an OG - before Madonna, there was Cher and Barbra. She's an absolute trailblazer for female entertainers. With so many legends gone, I feel we don't appreciate the ones still with us enough. Barbra deserves more credit among the younger crowds. Barbra absolutely SNAPPED with this album. Incredible vocalist, incredible woman... I cannot say enough great things about this woman. Even if Barbra is not your cup of tea, please do check this album out just to hear this 76 year old legend out-sing every female entertainer in the game today.
  9. This! I'm sure the album will be good, I just wished it were original material, something different.
  10. Kylie never fails to put out great pop music. And to the naysayers who say she doesn't have a good voice, just listen to the Abbey Road Sessions. Kylie has the kind of voice Madonna and Britney have, instantly recognizable and perfectly set to pop music. My first recommendations would be Aphrodite (her best in my opinion) and X (another huge fan favorite among Kylie fans.) Fever is also a good highlight. Her early music is good and I like it, but definitely dated and not her best.
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