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  1. thegoldencalf

    Also Lucky Star has a completely new edit instead of the 7” and I’m not sure but I feel like they used the 2001 remastered version for burning up.
  2. thegoldencalf

    I meant for all the videos from this list
  3. thegoldencalf

    Can you help with a comprehensive list of what’s been altered on celebration dvd?
  4. thegoldencalf

    Listen closely to the first verse in both versions.
  5. thegoldencalf

    I feel that after Like A Prayer things are not as confusing...
  6. thegoldencalf

    There’s a few versions that use the PCM track from the laserdisc where LAV and LAP are in their original versions and Express Yourself sounds dreadful.
  7. thegoldencalf

    Can you post photos to compare the quality of the 2 items?
  8. thegoldencalf

    That’s what I read. Also I feel like if actual studio versions existed out there we would have heard more about it or had some short clips at least
  9. thegoldencalf

    There is a cassette with an early draft of the set list. But it just contains the album versions and the remixes some of the songs were based on.
  10. thegoldencalf

    Oh. But this doesn’t mean the studio versions are STILL out there as actual audio files. They’re probably just in the background of the rehearsal footage
  11. thegoldencalf

    Where in the Vince Patterson documentary were the BA studio versions featured?
  12. thegoldencalf

    I totally agree about those regional edits. I never collect them on my computer haha
  13. thegoldencalf

    That’s more or less what I vaguely thought
  14. thegoldencalf

    MTV used it in promos and most of the B-Rolls that made it to TV have leaked or exist among fans
  15. I never really had a clear idea what this song is about and recently it came to me that it’s about coming out. What does everyone think?