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  1. Lol yes. The times are asking for them. It’s the only way for her to solidify her presence on streaming and social media. And wether we like them or not, the numbers don’t lie. They really work for her
  2. This was the first Madonna website I used to frequent. My friends and I listened to the Frozen leak on it
  3. By far Like A Prayer is the most brutally honest and closest to her true self at the time. I think Ray Of Light and American Life are on a second tier of honesty because the messages are filtered and deformed through the eyes of a persona she created
  4. I don’t know what’s more annoying at this point. Not getting the album reissues or the constant complaining from fans. If people are frustrated they should complain to Rhino instead of here. Maybe that will offer some actual answers.
  5. The HD transfers from streaming look great. This is not some visual masterpiece and a standard transfer is more than adequate.
  6. When I read the title I thought it’s the tour and I almost passed out lol
  7. There’s definitely a strategy. The fact that it’s not announced publicly it doesn’t mean there isn’t one.
  8. The woman is 65. She has a big family and a 25yo gorgeous lover(s). She’s done way more than most artists consistently for years and now it’s time to reap the benefits and enjoy her life. Honestly I’m surprised we’re getting all the remixes and stuff and that she’s willing to do this huge demanding tour at this point in her life. She’s still out there and still creating. We should be grateful she didn’t retire altogether
  9. I don’t think being glamorous and being beautiful necessarily go hand in hand. Gloria Swanson was very glamorous in Sunset Boulevard but there was also a sense of decay and odd appearance. And I’m sure that movie served as inspiration since many of her more cinematic videos are based on classic movies to a certain extent.
  10. I don’t think the point was to look stunning. It was more about creating a certain aesthetic and also be a bit messy
  11. The market changed a lot since then though. Artists now feel a real pressure to make these editions as expanded as possible. but as you said, who knows with her? She’s been known to be stubborn and ignore market trends
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