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  1. Including the pedestal. And she would be wheeled around 😂
  2. Does anyone know if there are differences between the three editions inside the magazine? Like if they use different images from the shoot and they’re highlighting different photos in full/double page? I need to order this online and I’m wondering if I should get all three or stick to one edition.
  3. The films will be used on tour as backdrops. And I expect several images in the tour book
  4. Lol many of the comments directed at him and his work were not criticism. They were truly nasty. Why would anyone log in here and deal with that nonsense from some bitter queens?
  5. I think a lot of the production sounds pretty current and it’s nothing that would have been done 25 years ago. And regardless, can we say something’s dated because it references a style that’s been out for 20-30 years? Personally I consider dated something that can’t transcend the time of its release (Turn Up The Radio cough) or that was released relatively close to a trend that passed
  6. But that’s the whole idea of the production. I hear more Michael Cretu than Moby. It’s inspired by 90s worlbeat/ambient but made contemporary. It’s not dated. It references a vintage sound. So in conclusion True Blue sound dated in 1986 because it referenced a 50s sound
  7. Is it confirmed she’s going on tour? Honestly I hope she doesn’t. Her recent live appearances were underwhelming and MXT and RHT were pretty lackluster to me. Also the combo of Jamie King and Kevin Atunes is terrible.
  8. Yes but as a compressed unmasteted mp3. I guess some of us that love that version would love to get a polished final version of it. But anyway, people are freaking out over nothing. I’m sure the main version will be the demo regardless of what clips she’s posting on instagram
  9. Frozen did very well and it was released long after it went viral. I think the point is not to jump on the bandwagon but to extend the trend and to officially introduce the songs to the people that haven’t heard it yet. If it went viral on social media there’s still a large audience for it that will stream it
  10. I don’t get the confusion. Madonna had a bunch of unplanned singles throughout her career based on public reaction. Back in the day it was radio play now it’s TikTok and other social media channels. Nothing changed, there’s nothing new about this.
  11. Unfortunately her management is influencing her to take part in scams like NFTs that just make her look bad instead of cool contemporary marketing. I know many people that collect these and I’ve been asked a lot how come there’s no Madonna ones
  12. Just watched this. Once again amazing work! I think it’s only a matter of time until you work directly for Madonnas team! If I’m gonna nit pick at it, I wasn’t a big fan of the narration. I think you should have done it yourself.
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