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  1. That quote seems to be the journalists interpretation of the press release. And regardless rarities doesn’t mean unreleased material. We could easily consider the Erotica picture disc a mythical rarity. In any way, they were correct. That RSD everybody release did send fans here into foaming-at-the-mouth hysteria to the point where the thread had to be locked 😂
  2. Unreleased material is not the main focus of this campaign. It’s about reissuing existing material. Sure, some unreleased stuff will pop up here and there but it won’t be the as much as some of you expect. I hope I’m wrong but I doubt it. Nothing in the press releases suggests it
  3. Yes I love digital releases and I want them all released. But I am also a record collector and I am allowed to appreciate two different mediums. My point was that this is a thread about the PICTURE DISC. There’s another one specifically for digital releases and one for the reissues campaign. So why not complain there?
  4. Well at the end of the day wether you like it or not she achieved a lot with this “cheap” side project since we’re having such intense debates about it. The Frozen video was just standard and we all complimented the way she looked and moved on pretty quick.
  5. This has fake written all over it. I doubt Madonna or Warner even know the term “rain tapes”. That’s a compilation made on a cassette not the way those demos are stored in the archives
  6. Oh that. Honestly I haven’t seen that fraction of a second until now and I’ve watched the video a few times. I’m not sure what it is but there’s nothing to snort on that table lol
  7. I’ve seen this video a few times and haven’t seen the drug use. Where is that exactly?
  8. Some of us are excited by it. Why does the constant whining have to seep into every single thread on here? If you guys don’t like it why do you come in a thread dedicated to this?
  9. But this is not trap or raggaeton at all… And none of those genres are passe. And I meant different for her.
  10. Many people in this thread do. They want their older divas to just serve old school camp like Kylie and Cher (which I love both). But god forbid a 64 year old woman act younger than they do and even worse, tap into something different than old school gay culture.
  11. I’d love to know specifically what makes this “trash” compared to other things she did that were praised by her fan base. I mean, let’s get serious. The original Hung Up song is not some deep pop opera. This remix has an amazing beat and they did a great job mashing it up with Tokischa’s song. And the video has a very strong production value, in terms of visuals and editing. And personally I love the theme because I’m familiar with the subculture it’s tapping into and it’s great in that sense. And yes that young culture is hyper sexual and that’s how they party. At the end of the day this is not about sex like Justify My Love, it’s about a Harlem party in 2022. Tongue kissing and dry humping are pretty common and no reason for clutching pearls. Nobody who is under 30 and is emerged in New York nightlife scene will see this as overly sexual in any way. As for the drug use, people here act like she’s glamorizing a crack den. They’re literally just smoking pot which is a legal and common activity in New York and most of America. It’s like saying she’s promoting alcohol abuse because she pops open a champagne bottle in the Music video
  12. This is a great video. Beautiful cinematography and editing. Also it’s a great homage to the Spanish Harlem subculture. Well done!
  13. I disagree. There’s plenty of YouTube reaction videos on her latest stuff where she’s being praised, she got a lot of positive press and reactions to her Pride appearances. And all my straight friends that were dismissing her for the most of the 2010s love the frozen mixes and stuff
  14. I don’t think it’s a comparison of the products themselves but he does have a pretty valid point in making it. The arguments are the same. Unfortunately this time it’s coming from her loyal fan base. I think the general public is much kinder to her these days and they embrace her antics more than her fans
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