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  1. Madonna has roughly 90 singles, a lot of them double vinyl. I never came across a box set that huge. Could be done by album/era though
  2. That could never happen since she has so many. It would be just too big to be commercially viable. Also it would have to cost something like 1000 bucks
  3. We already have Celebration in full HD. What we really need is the fan version in widescreen HD
  4. Yeah on Spotify it’s a mess. Rebel Heart is up in 3 versions (short, deluxe and super deluxe!!!!) and somehow it also made its way under singles containing only the super deluxe extra tracks
  5. They should upload the original since the director already uploaded the directors cut on his Vimeo account
  6. Also on the First Album they have the extended remix of Borderline as the album version
  7. The edit is just a fade so they should skip that so they focus more streams on the album versions. It should be Extended Version and the B-Side Ain’t No Big Deal
  8. I’m hoping they’ll release the extended remix to go along with the video
  9. Lol why are you so hostile? Bad Friday? You're the one comparing vinyl to streaming. I never brought it up. Nor comparing them
  10. Speaking of I’ll Remember. A friend texted me the other day just to tell me that he saw the video for the first time and was blown away how beautiful she looked in it! As for GHV2. She was such a mean bitch during that period. She was terrible on the set of TNBT, she did American Pie and then hated on it, she was constantly trashing her old catalogue, burning bridges left and right… Guy Ritchie and the pregnancy hormones really did a number on her
  11. Yes plenty of people have record players and regularly buy vinyl. It’s a huge trend in the past couple years. And for streaming I was talking about the people on this forum, not the general public. The general public doesn’t frantically refresh Spotify every Friday to see if Madonna has new remixes there. None of these remixes have been released in 24/192 so no improvement there. How exactly was it done better by which artists?
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