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  1. It was probably a dress rehearsal done for several reasons and also adjusted for filming. Also she didn’t need to sing live for the purpose of the movie.
  2. How did the OP come up with this list? Is there evidence that Madonna hated any of these releases? She mentioned several times that she hates Material Girl. Also it’s been reported that on the set of the video she called the song “cheesy”. She mentioned in a more recent interview she doesn’t like Cherish. At the time she was very reluctant to releasing Vogue as a single but she was forced to. I’m sure she changed her mind on that one pretty quick though. I think she was on board with all the ballads she released. She always seemed to be very attached to her ballads. For goo
  3. Too bad it’s all gone now 😢😢
  4. Hahaha what do you mean sadly? She totally brings on this backlash by posting garbage on her social media...
  5. Personally I don’t hate it and the video is incredible. I just think it’s not as good as the other songs on TIC. I love how the album is mixed and I wish it included new mixes of WTG and DYU. Also it’s a crime that they cut the bongos out of La Isla Bonita. And some songs could have run a bit longer...
  6. He’s been having financial problems for a long time. Probably during quarantine he’s having a hard time sustaining his sex work side gig
  7. I actually found great deals on there. Also they shipped fast and reasonably priced. Very pleased overall with that shop.1
  8. What is everyone’s problem with these grillz? I don’t mind them at all and she’s free to accessorize however she wants. Now let’s hope the butt implants are going away... that’s a real issue lol
  9. My ideal Immaculate surprise would be a streaming version and double vinyl with the Q Sound effect removed (like Borderline on Celebration) with all the tracks extended to full version and including the Shep Pettibone mix of Who’s That Girl.
  10. Why choose one? 😂 I saw this thing on YouTube where they were claiming that it’s very hard to find ammo because very large quantities sold this past year...
  11. Correct. Re-reading it I got what you meant to say. And to that point, I’m not sure what Kamala did that is questionable but Biden certainly doesn’t have a spotless track record. The difference is the he SEEMS to understand that and apologized for it and is trying to do better. We are not demonizing Trump for things he did 20 years ago but for what he’s doing today and has been doing unapologetically on daily basis for the past 4 years. I think we all forced ourselves to give him the benefit of a doubt when he won the election and he constantly disappointed
  12. The issue at hand is that this is far beyond politics. It’s about what we should all stand for as Madonna fans and as humans. I don’t believe for one second that all Trump voters are bad people. Absolutely not. I just think they allowed themselves to be misinformed and drawn into a horrible cult. Trump literally took advantage of their vulnerabilities for his personal gain.
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