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  1. That makes no sense. They were and still are able to reissue all the material without her consent. Only they can’t make any changes. And standard reissues/repressings are still released.
  2. I do agree with that that it’s not gonna happen. But I was discussing a hypothetical that was presented
  3. You’re wrong. The last two would sell the most because the post 2000 singles didn’t get 7”. And the last 7” that had a picture sleeve was secret
  4. I assume there will be a VIP tour book that will be mailed instead of given at the venue
  5. Are you sure? Can you paste the paragraph because I can’t find any mention of it in the VF story
  6. Absolutely impressive! I wish all your designs were used for the reissues campaign
  7. Claiming the “You can fu*k with me” part was never heard before, when we’ve all heard it for over 30 years in the Orbit Remix. The claim that all vocals on tour are live with backing singers. In the recordings we can clearly hear the live/playback/live+backing variations. And there’s no backing singers lol
  8. Hm I disagree. There’s some interesting info but most of it seems like non answers to me. Also some inaccuracies.
  9. No. There’s no official confirmation. Especially since there’s gonna be one for sure. I’m pretty sure it’s delayed because a lot of last minute changes to the dates and setlist
  10. Personal feelings about her aside, she was successful because she was fresh and worked hard and offered a unique point of view that was embraced by young people. Also there was a resurgence of the music video and streaming started to be relevant. And Madonna wasn’t competitive in either of those areas. But at the end of the day, Madonna was the winner because of her very high grossing tours at the time.
  11. What are you talking about? 2012-2016 were not good years for Gaga. She flopped commercially just as bad as Madonna.
  12. I’m not sure if you were around for that era but there was no gold in terms of chart success. Whatever she would have released there was no appetite for anything coming from her and it was an instant flop. I think we should be really grateful we got so many amazing remixes and the era wasn’t completely scrapped after Hollywood.
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