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  1. thegoldencalf

    Oh. Well you can’t recreate the Dub. Also it’s hard to tell if the SoundCloud clips are authentic. If it ever leaks it will be easy to determine if it’s a real cd or not.
  2. thegoldencalf

    Recreated from what? also the Manny Lehman remix is 100% official
  3. thegoldencalf

    Guys it’s really simple. The Dub Version never leaked in digital. If the official dub is in real digital quality it means the files are real...
  4. thegoldencalf

    Yeah that’s the one
  5. thegoldencalf

    Yes I read. But also in my opinion if that was the case those same standard would apply to her regular releases as well. As far as I know, the box set you mentioned was a project managed and spearheaded by Carersse Henry and Madonna didn’t care much for it.
  6. thegoldencalf

    That’s so not true. most of her releases were done in a pretty basic way. It’s clear that she’s not the type of artist who cares about these luxurious box sets.
  7. thegoldencalf

    If we all stream these a lot and make it a success maybe it will encourage them to upload more
  8. thegoldencalf

    Dean Kensler, the editor who made the remix video, told me...
  9. thegoldencalf

    Yeah it’s in the alternate remix video that was posted on YouTube a few years ago
  10. thegoldencalf

    If you have a good photo of the real cover I might be able to re-create the CD for you.
  11. thegoldencalf

    Yes. After the success of Secret Dan asked for a higher fee and they didn’t want to pay so they had Rockamerica do the remix for BS. Madonna was very unhappy with the results and also rejected the version with the dark lipstick b-roll.
  12. thegoldencalf

    Amazing! What are the exact differences from the original?
  13. thegoldencalf

    I have renters insurance which here is pretty easy to get and I included an estimated value of my Madonna collection in it as well
  14. thegoldencalf

    Lucky Star did get released as the 3rd single in U.K. as “full length version” and “edit” and got the gorgeous sunglasses cover in color. But it flopped while Holiday was getting a lot of traction. I still haven’t managed to get my hands on the 7” which is extremely rare and expensive. The flop of LS is the reason why Holiday never got a video. They were afraid to invest more money before they had proof her music will sell. After she promoted the song on every relevant TV show and the album was a hit they quickly shot back to back videos for Borderline and Lucky Star.
  15. thegoldencalf

    Yeah. It’s the thin cover specific to U.K. releases