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  1. Haha I know! Just this summer several people here were requesting exactly this
  2. I find it disappointing that she chose to work with HD for this. And also why Mike Dean? He’s an R&B producer. Stuart Price would have been a way better choice
  3. Well if you keep it sealed it doesn’t really matter if the disc is blue or not haha. The UK and French versions have stickers saying it’s blue. And yes the sound is much better than the original EU pressing. But not as good as the promo double vinyl
  4. Ugh just what we need! More compression and brickwalling
  5. That would be the most awful thing she’s ever done musically
  6. He also did a great job transforming Holy Water and Sex. I’m here for this collaboration. But only if it’s a weird concept album with long songs interludes and stuff. If it’s gonna be a very commercial trap project with a bunch of collaborations no!
  7. Where exactly are they so easy to find? The unmixed versions are only available on promo vinyl and have never leaked in digital quality….
  8. Of course, it’s a given that it’s your opinion. But what I said is that it’s a matter of preference, which is different. Since you worded it like the inclusion of Vogue on IB is an objective mistake or some kind of error that should be corrected
  9. That’s your personal preference. I think it was a great closer and they integrated it perfectly
  10. From the original press release: ”The deal encompasses her ENTIRE Sire/Maverick/Warner catalog” And below: ”the new pact includes 17 studio albums plus singles, SOUNDTRACK RECORDINGS, live albums, and compilations.” To me this sounds like it encompasses I’m Breathless as well
  11. It’s not. It was recorded way after LAP was completed and with a different intention than the songs on the album. There are similarities to the mixes but not to anything on the actual album. Also the lyrical content is totally out of sync with the rest of the songs. Like A Prayer is a concept album dealing with specific themes and closes full circle with Act Of Contrition. There’s no room for anything else on it. Also there’s a conceptual intent of Vogue as a closer for I’m breathless that was brilliantly done. By transitioning with Following part II from the period sound to contemporary. While keeping the theme of the album through the lyrics.
  12. I don’t know if Vogue fits in with the rest of this album. I feel like it’s the perfect closer to I’m Breathless
  13. Her best album from the 80s by far. Every song is amazing and had single potential. And the closing with Act Of Contrition is brilliant. If I had one complaint is that Stephen Bray did a pretty bad job as a producer on Express Yourself and KIT. Luckily they were both saved by Shep eventually.
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