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  1. Even though I don’t care about small edits like that I don’t get it. The songs were edited in a certain way on the album and then on the actual tour. Why are those edits not good enough for the film? It’s not a 7” collection
  2. what I don’t get about this is why didn’t she make a new video for it conveying a similar message, but catered for this tour. That speech was done to address specific controversies surrounding that tour. Even though I get how it’s also describing this one (as well as all her post BA tours) the only controversy surrounding it was her coming on stage extremely late 😂
  3. I think she made a dumb play on words between Funana and Funeral. Like a lot of her songs (Fever, Did You Do It etc) it probably started out as a joke that formed into a finished song. But it all went terribly wrong
  4. I’d rather get a MX remix album with a few extra songs, ciao Bella and back that up mixed closer to the original demo. Funana needs to be buried (pun intended). It’s just another opportunity for people to make fun of her and not take the project seriously
  5. Wow! It’s horrible what they did to those Milton Greene photos of Marilyn. Some of them have been run through AI colorization software. Digital technology can greatly improve old photography but it’s a very delicate balance before ruining the original intent of the images. Disgusting. This reminds me a lot of what happened to the last 4K transfer of 2001 Space Odyssey. They went too far with the HDR and color enhancement and it ruined the original atmosphere of the cinematography.
  6. LFL just fell flat. I loved that song and was sure it’s gonna be big but I guess people just didn’t care about it. She should have led with BIM for chart success. And even though Ghosttown seems to be a fan favorite I never liked that song and the vocals and production did not sound great at all. Interscope did an amazing job with her tour but they basically ruined her recording career. In 2015 the resurgence of physical media was just taking off again after 10 years of decline and they didn’t really pick up on it until MX. And they didn’t really do much on digital. Around the same time they almost buried Gaga’s career too. And the fact that Madonna had to pay out of pocket for music videos and they were pretty lackluster didn’t help either. Medellin was just as much of a flop as LFL but got much better exposure because the video got a reaction from people
  7. It’s inserted between God Control and Dark Ballet. I asked him about it somewhere else and he said it’s nicely integrated and works well
  8. Haha next time you’re in New York we should have a MX listening party.
  9. I did not say it’s hate. I was just pointing out to you that there’s a difference between stating opinions and facts. Next time you feel the urge to be unnecessarily nasty towards me I suggest you check yourself. This is not Twitter.
  10. Of course you can. I wasn’t commenting on that. But you stated it as a FACT not an opinion. I was just pointing out that it’s your personal preference while others wouldn’t have liked that and prefer the performance she did.
  11. We are all grateful for that input on something you have no knowledge of or anyone asked about lol Even better, you should bring it up to Madonna the next time she discusses her love life with you or the public in general.
  12. Yeah I didn’t like the fake Portuguese aesthetic that much. I’m glad this new design is more contemporary
  13. It didn’t. That’s just your opinion not a fact. Plenty of people don’t like her banging on that god damn guitar.
  14. Can’t wait to see it. It’s gonna be such a long day that Friday, waiting for the evening to sit down with my favorite snacks and watch it lol
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