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  1. Well Madonna pissed people off left and right for the past 40 years so they’re gonna be more critical. Also in many instances she doesn’t come across as genuine anymore and she seems very attention seeking while not delivering as much as she did in the past. And least but not last she’s very reluctant to pleasing her fan base and very eager to please her shitty manager which annoys most of her existing fans. Strong minded women that put themselves out there as much as she does always get more scrutiny. It’s just a fact. But some of us still love her haha
  2. Oh damn. Then why didn’t they release everything at the same time? From the information you provided and the minimal promotion these profits seem marginal at best
  3. I hear a huge difference between the Spotify tracks and the HD lossless digital ones. But I’m not sure how much of that is the quality or the mastering.
  4. So by August 19th it should gather a decent number of streams that will add up to the physical sales of both versions
  5. But what I wanna know is if this one and the 50 track version will chart as one release or separately
  6. Will this short version and the 50 tracks version chart separately? Also when do the physical sales start counting? The day they become available or when the digital album is released?
  7. I don use iTunes because it’s lossy. To stream lossless files I use PLEX. It’s kind of annoying especially for music but I figured out a good system for it
  8. I think a bit of both haha. I save HD sources but for me they don’t sound radically better than normal lossless CD quality. Lossy though loses some audible detail depending on how compressed it is. In this case I checked because to my ears it sounded inferior to the other tracks on the album. And it turned out it was. And another issue with lossy masters is that on streaming these get compressed again so they sound even worse
  9. Well that was my point. Playing an album from start to finish, no skipping. Unless I’m at the gym or on the go I hate streaming. It’s lossy and my speakers don’t like the streaming mastering. Sounds messy
  10. Lol it’s funny how she’s obviously really proud of her impersonation but she doesn’t look, sound or have any of Madonnas mannerisms
  11. Exactly. It’s rare when I stream a whole album. That’s what vinyl is for lol. For the most part it’s individual tracks that come up in playlists
  12. So then we can just expect them to release the leaked mp3s on the expanded editions? 😂
  13. Personally I don’t care for it. I prefer the frozen remixes but it’s more appropriate for her than those and something the majority of her target audience can get behind
  14. Yes I agree it was meant as such but I don’t think it’s succeeded in that aspect. And this is not even her fault in any way. She put on a good show and a strong release. But her management is just awful and working against her at this point. Starting with the botched release of this compilation, guiding her on the NFT path that just turns off her audience and makes her look ridiculous, not doing much cross promotion between this club appearance and the album… I’m hoping this is a test run for a more relevant promotional event at the end of the summer
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