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  1. zander1cognito

    ok well,fan since 1986. rate : 2/10 wont be posting a review cause i know what to expect back here in responds ...first listening today.only liked god control and medellin.nothing else. if it wasn't M,i wont even be listening to it a second has never happened for me for a new weird feeling this after listening a new M album.i hate it, sorry. please dont explain to me why i should like it or that i'm a bad fan (i ve heard it all before) ,but i would like to have opinions of those who dont like it,that would be interesting for me, if they don't like it for the kind of same reasons than me for instance. is it possible in a madonna fan forum ? without being bullied please?
  2. zander1cognito

    hi, I m curious about what you say about autotune in bye bye baby cause all i hear is a "phone effect".can you be more specific, (like what part of it,which word) i cant hear it, and if you are right it would be interesting to listen to the track knowing that technique i wasn't awared at the time, but i can't notice it personaly (sorry for my poor english i am french)
  3. zander1cognito

    anybody knows anything about a demo called "wrong again" (only 1:38 long) ? spoken/very slowly sang,kind of same of mer girl ?