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  1. Angelo

    Still brilliant except for Bitch I’m Loca
  2. Angelo

    Man people are laughing to you and they are the same that want another “sho bee do” 😂😂. I’m with you...Madame X is one of her best since confessions. Is part of the holy Bible: true blue/like a prayer/erotica/ray of light/American life/COADF/Madame X
  3. also I don't know if we should consider levitating one of "her videos".. she's not even in there, like "Sing" w Annie Lennox
  4. Angelo

  5. Angelo

    I'm not ageist.. we are all different. If you see her performance nowdays, after dancing she is out of breath. we are all not the same. that's all - we all age differently
  6. Angelo

    Complex dance routine?? She’s 62
  7. Angelo

  8. Angelo

    OMG guys all of this useless drama..calm down for lord's sake
  9. more remixes = more possibilities on chart Madame X is a great and solid album
  10. Guys you just forget ONE thing that Kevin (or ric’key??) said recently... MADONNA HERSELF WANTS THE TRACKS AS THE ALBUM VERSIONS. She’s tired reinventing them
  11. Angelo

    she just used the studio version for a testing trailer
  12. except the eyes that are extremely beautiful..but jesus luz is a doll with a beard. so lifeless
  13. Very bad bad bad BAD remake...