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  1. If you hear properly, the piano volume is low maybe she’s playing along the backing track like her mom
  2. pissed or not, she's really beautiful in this tour. She should use the same make-up for everyday life
  3. Omg i love the hung up video…so funny in the end 😂
  4. Oh please, twitter source?? 😂 cancelling 5 sold out dates would be so crazy and stupid, especially that she will going to perform her last show in front of million people. The last show is going to have, probably, same setlist maybe with one more song, same stage and same lights and costumes. There’s no time to rehearse for something new
  5. I can understand about too many YCD tracks (PA and WTP), but me against the music c’mon guys it’s also her single release
  6. Oh yeah..I can see tears coming out from your as…eyes 🥲
  7. maybe she is tired or she was upset for something
  8. Lahorde on instagram posted rehearsals of TBW
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