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  1. According to Madonna encyclopedia this was the setlist: I Don't Search I Find - Video Montage Justify My Love Vogue Open Your Heart Hung Up Like a Prayer Bitch I'm Madonna Material Girl Celebration Holiday - Outro
  2. Someone knows the name of that fanmade remix for JML?? Also M posted it in a reel on Instagram
  3. The only one who has a problem with photoshop is Madonna, not him.
  4. Please don't compare the greatness of Madame X era with this.."thing"
  5. This is the end..I can feel it. "Bye Bye Bruce, it was nice"
  6. Is this the end??

    1. xrayeyes


      Been the end for a while...

    2. Angelo


      Madame X was a great era.

  7. Yeah...I miss so much her PERFECT voice during the blond ambition tour..#timeflies
  8. Ohmy god....you're right. I didn't sleep last night thinking about her lifestyle. #sosad cit.
  9. Guys please..the forum is closing. LEAK HER UNDERWEAR...C'MOOOOON

  10. Oh yeah...especially if they are sung by other people ❤️
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