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  1. yes unfortunately. In the near future I want to recreate the missing parts...it will be a nightmare
  2. yeah @Kosmmik did really a good job
  3. Am I the only one who finds this photoshoot (or whatever) a little bit disturbing??? What is the meaning behind?? Recreating Monroe last moments?? 🤔
  4. OMG Guys 😂😂😂😂. Ignorance is NOT bliss Anyway...for me it's a porn movie 😇
  5. OMG...call the priest, she needs an exorcism
  6. I didn't see Crave (and I want also Sodade)
  7. It's because I'm not her fan and I'm not interested in her or what she does with her body, it's her life. A thing that a lot of people forget everytime.
  8. Strange I've never seen such overreacting reactions over Cher extreme plastic surgery or on her outfits. And she's older than M.
  9. Material Girl is still active
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