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  1. Angelo

    in the show their voices are very clear in the video their voices were filtered and they used a lot of echos effect
  2. Angelo

    Batukadeiras Orchestra they also sing the same “song” in the intro of batuka videoclip
  3. Angelo

    so sweet
  4. another day
    another leak request
    people never happy -.- 

    1. wtg1987


      Exactly - instead of worrying about their health they feel the need to beg for M stuff - if all her archives leaked they still ask for more 🙄

  5. Angelo

    Madame X - A++++ Rebel Heart - B MDNA - Z
  6. Angelo

    Like a Prayer during the MDNA Tour was a very powerful moment..OMG everybody singing together the whole song even a little girl next to me...she was 10 <3
  7. Angelo

    I also love the reinvention she did for open Your heart
  8. Angelo

    I saw your setlist <3 like a prayer is amazing
  9. OMG I wish one day Illuminati backdrop will be released in full by Johan Soderberg :hearteyes:

    it's time

    1. RUADJAI


      I thought it did.... 🤔

    2. Angelo


      No only a snippet 😩

    3. Madonna_Alltheway
  10. Angelo

    thank u for the stupid idea <3
  11. Angelo

    it's just a fanmade idea XD nothing official
  12. Angelo

    I'm so in love with the MDNA Vers
  13. Angelo

    Mmm it’s not so dark
  14. Angelo

    thanks to recent comment section under M Eurovision performance my mind started to work (yes I'm so bored ) Sections: Nostradamus Religion is Collapsing Fighting for Freedom Hope Illuminati (contains elements of "secretprojectrevolution", “Girl Gone Wild”, “Erotica”, “Voices” & “4 Minutes”) Devil Pray Like a Prayer Dark Ballet Future (contains elements of "God Control") Messiah – Video Interlude Girl Gone Wild (contains elements of "Birjina Gaztetto Bat Zegoen", from the Offer Nissim Remix, “Material Girl” & “Give It 2 Me”) Live to Tell (contains elements of "Tears") Papa Don’t Preach Hung Up (contains elements of "Girl Gone Wild") Ghosttown Nobody Knows Me – Remix Interlude God Control American Life (contains elements from the Headcleanr Rock Mix) Express Yourself (contains elements of "Born This Way") Don’t Tell Me (contains elements of "We Can’t Stop") Imagine Get Stupid – Remix Interlude (contains elements of "Voices", “4 Minutes”, “Beat Goes On” & “Give It 2 Me”) 4 Minutes Open Your Heart Ray of Light Celebration (Benny Benassi Remix; contains elements of "Girl Gone Wild" & “Give It 2 Me”) I Rise