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  1. Can I say you’re handsome?? 😇
  2. People still don’t understand the true meaning behind the released Dark Ballet video...they only want M footage.


    1. Clark_Kent


      Definitely. It's a piece of art that trascends her. 

    2. stefo


      Yep, the released version is much much better, even if the part where she alternates speaking with Blanco as he's starting to burn from the Director's Cut was very effective imo and is a pity it has been discarted.

  3. and people say Bitch I'm Madonna is bad....please that song is GOLD compared to Don't Stop
  4. Yes to “Don’t Stop” but no to “Your Honesty”.... OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK
  5. I think she's tired having crazy fans writing comments like that....poor girl
  6. Don’t worry. Most of my partners were straight 😂
  7. where did you buy it?? on her official store??
  8. @FighterI can't see what's new on the mobile version of the website

    1. Fighter


      Sorry! happens all the time

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