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  1. Angelo

  2. Angelo

    I’m so sorry for her ❤️
  3. Angelo

    I love it
  4. we don't know how much he wrote and how much madonna wrote on this song anyway it's mirwais fault..he asked to Casey to do some corrections and he did
  5. Angelo

    I like the second setlist
  6. Angelo

    No the mdna tour dvd vocals are rough
  7. Angelo

    It’s not so short without M talks and jokes the show is nearly 2h long
  8. Angelo

    c'mon sodade is just 4 minutes long I edited the audio for the 5.11 show...and from 2h30 it ended up to be 1:56h long...SHE REALLY TALKS TOO MUCH
  9. Angelo

    NO SODADE NOOOOOOOOOOOOO hope it will return into the setlist. M NEEDS TO TALK LESS <3
  10. “By the way, I'm loving the long-date fans comments implying that their opinion is more important than any other person because they follow her since the last ice Age 🤣🤣🤣.”

    from Facebook ❤️

    1. bronsuxx


      Sis went there :laughing:

  11. Angelo

    È una stronzata che il biglietto non lo puoi dare a qualcun altro su Ticketmaster sicuro ci deve essere qualcosa sennò in alternativa chiedi il rimborso
  12. Angelo

    Part3?? Where are part 1&2??
  13. Angelo

    Ma vuoi rivenderlo sul sito?? Perché forse sarei interessato e se ho capito bene sei di Napoli
  14. Angelo

    Yes but...which one he did a lot of music 😂