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  1. Or maybe he deflated it with his D
  2. Also it seems that her ass disappeared 🤔
  3. "I hate Madame X"...OH look..another thread about the album :heart: family guy peter GIF

  4. how to kill a great song.......
  5. @RUADJAI @Andymad @Frank @deathproof when I look at your pictures
  6. If I remember correctly, same thing happened with rebel heart tour, first streaming service (and everyone started to freaking out) then a physical release and she took more than one year (from the tour ending) to release it. Technically, for Madame X Tour we should not count 2020..everyone stopped working for a lot of months thanks to COVID
  7. 3 is a magic number :rainbow:

    1. Love Is The Groove

      Love Is The Groove

      1,2,3 not only you and me got 180 degrees and I'm caught in between countin'.

  8. Y no encontré ojos así
    Como los que tienes tú :heart:

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