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  1. He took All the money and cancelled his Instagram page 😂
  2. Angelo

    someone can post please a download link ???
  3. I think that except For her fans (Not all of them) one will Be interested in This film 🤔
  4. Angelo

  5. Rebirth or reincarnation also the next outfit resemble the butterfly
  6. .................................................................
  7. He doesn’t like different opinions 😂
  8. 😂😂😂😂😂 I think a person can say if a song is good or not. I don’t get what’s your point 😂
  9. +1000000 they really want stuff like this remix. There’s no life on this remix black Madonna really disappointed me this time.
  10. Madame X is pure Gold one of her best albums. this remix is, in one word= HORRIBLE DON’T COMPARE THIS NIGHTMARE WITH CONFESSIONS 😂
  11. Angelo

    This is so sad from both of them
  12. Who cares I hope at least, it will be a good song/remix
  13. I'm excited for Black Madonna and Missy E...not so much for Dua Lipa