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  1. Looking for maturity anyway..a HUGE meltdown is coming 😂😂😂
  2. there's a concept demo Vogue/physical attraction. After vogue there are few seconds of PA
  3. but not main verse....so feat. quavo is pointless u.u I love future, but why him??? seriously M?? He even basically called her "old" during in an onterview before their performance at the eurovision "I didn't know her..my mom used to listen to her a lot when I was a kid"
  4. feat. Quavo???? THERE'S NO QUAVO IN THE TOUR VERSION THANKS TO GOD.....yes I hate him <3
  5. https://www.setlist.fm/stats/average-setlist/madonna-bd6bdbe.html?tour=63d6b603
  6. Why keep deleting my comments?? Don't you like them?? 😂

  7. Hair too long. In the picture after the hospital thing she has short hair and no ass at all
  8. no because she's not dead...let's discuss this thread in 50 years
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