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  1. trance2dance

    Illuminate crap.
  2. trance2dance

    Un-official remixes of "Medellín"
  3. trance2dance

    Interesting night for the fact Mariah Carey is being honored the ICON Award.
  4. trance2dance

    This was it? There better be more but... um, what's up with all the bumps/rough edges around her face?
  5. trance2dance

    Talking about sitting on #thrones, I rather sit on his throne...
  6. trance2dance

    I've been looking on Twitter, Madonna can't break the Bhive roof. Madonna has already fallen off the Top 20 in many regions since the debut of the song while Beyonce still remains the hot topic across the world. If Madonna had kept silent about the new album instead of dropping those annoying Instagram clues just about every day as to if we like playing the game CLUE or just not posting any photos of her in the studio at all. Silence, patience, and timing is everything It would have a different outcome but I think Madonna just can't leave well enough alone. As if she still wants the world she's still around and alive. Just an observation. In retrospect, Madonna releases the album trailer during Game of Thrones premiere day. Bad idea. Then Madonna announces a new single when Nortre Dame is on fire. That's her iceberg to the Titanic, which happened to be the exact date when Titanic sunk 107 years ago. Which was also a subject matter that became a hit soundtrack that kept her 7th album at bay from being No.1 by the way back in 1998. Then today, Madonna releases a single when Beyonce drops a surprise Netflix film along with w/new LIVE album. Seeing the pattern here? It seems as Madonna can never win, lol. The release date of June 24 for her new album seems foreboding too because's that's one day before (exactly) the 10th anniversary of Michael Jackson's death.
  7. trance2dance

    MTV will give Madonna 30 minutes April 24, details here:
  8. trance2dance

    My sentiments exactly but NOT giving up on her yet, waiting for the album. With that said, I've been a fan since 1982 when I thought she was black, lol, 1982's EVERYBODY. Her last great album remains "Confessions," and with every effort since that album. I've had hopes but they've all been hit and misses or a mix brew or just a hot mess altogether. I did say that if her new song doesn't snatch my hat on the dance floor, I'm so over this new era already in a joking way, and now I may have to eat my own words, lol. "Medellin" is a pretty song but very forgettable too and not a banger. The way Madonna says "Papi" is just cringing to me and it seems more like a Mulana song than Madonna's as if she's the featured artist. As usual with the past 11 years, I have to depend on her remixes of the song to enjoy it (if that happens) but I may get heat for this for what about I'm going to state but I'm calling it as I see it and it's my opinion. What I'm referring to is that when the promotion of Medellin was made public, the whole package just gave me Janet Jackson's "Made For Now" ft. Daddy Yankee vibes and after two listens of "Medellin." The timing is just to close for comfort and if the shoe was the other foot, people would say the same thing and this was pretty much my reaction:
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  10. trance2dance

    Well, there's always hope for the remixes, I hear more of Muluma then I do Madonna. <iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media"></iframe> Beats1 RAdio plays Beyounce after Madonna, the shade, LOL and what a joke of a tapped interview in clips.
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    Those who want to listen to Beats1 Radio, go to iTunes store or click here: (link: Its youtube channel link is right here: but it won't stream LIVE but will upload the interview. The tumblr link will just lead you to Apple Music:
  13. trance2dance

    It will be interesting but I doubt Madonna will beat much less top Beyoncé today. Open for discussion:
  14. trance2dance

    The promotion is back online, don't know if it will work in your part of the world: (link: