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  1. Wanting solo versions is just racism. I said what I said! The tour version of "Future" is great, but you can still hear Quavo in it, I guess it's not "pure" enough for y'all.
  2. You should honestly be banned for this. No one's opinion is THIS important, and you could've just edited a single post.
  3. I'm holding my head in the same manner after listening to the whole thing. Other than the organic feel of the fado section, only "Future" is a genuine surprise in the end.
  4. HQ Apple Music Artwork http://is5.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Music115/v4/fb/74/3d/fb743dcb-f3ae-9cc5-4e99-1a7d168fab77/source/100000x100000-999.jpg I'd say it's definitely more like her latest live albums. Nowhere near Confessions. In fact, I'm almost 90% sure Medellin is misplaced by accident, since the "Welcome to My Fado Club" / "Extreme Occident" transition is also beyond terrible, and she's literally announcing "Medellin" in "Welcome to My Fado Club"! This transition also includes some iPhone-quality audio. "Breathwork" is this weird interlude, which is actually "Rescue Me". I guess not even Warner being involved again could salvage this.
  5. Okay, track 8 to track 9 is a mess, continuous or not. And the speech that is clearly spliced from three different audio sources, if not two or three different dates. I know it's nitpicky, but fuck it, gotta say it like it is.
  6. Listening through the browser, I'm not sure you can even do that type of setup there? It's not my main Spotify account, I only use it for these types of "early previews". Other than that, my first impression is... These are all just album versions, only worse? I also hate the cover, much prefer this one that Madonna herself shared.
  7. I think it's a Spotify thing, thankfully, it's probably going to be okay once we have the files.
  8. Not sure, haven't seen the film yet, but the transitions between tracks are awful so far. Maybe it's the fact that it's not playing them continuously, but it's so abrupt.
  9. I'm listening as we speak, did you set your country to New Zealand as well? Did you try Madonna's artist page?
  10. Gotta be honest, that type of thing feels so sad to me. Were they seriously unable to find individuals that were enthusiastic enough that they had to dig out recordings from 10 years ago :( No wonder the editing took a billion days.
  11. Yet another week without a release... Kind of sad at this point. The re-releases better be stellar!
  12. Controversially, I would like her to stop releasing increasingly irrelevant live albums. Maybe one every three tours? The live video stream is perfectly fine and rippable anyway. The vocals aren't good anymore unless fixed within the inch of her life, the new versions are mostly boring and/or album mixes, there's rarely anything exceptional about those live albums...
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