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  1. Ring My Bell is available to stream? At least in my region, that is.
  2. https://www.qobuz.com/nz-en/album/luck-star-remixes-madonna/w62tvlhmloxec The title is Luck Star... Lord...
  3. Too bad they didn't reach for the Instrumental Edit too, otherwise I'm really happy with every morsel we get!
  4. It's audible? The Video Edit is the edit of the album version, while the Radio Remix is the remixed version, i.e. with new bits and production.
  5. WE WON. Rain (Radio Remix) - 4:36 Waiting (Remix) - 4:41 Rain (Radio Remix Edit) - 4:21 Up Down Suite - 12:16 Rain (Video Edit) - 4:34 Fever (Edit Two) - 4:28
  6. I was the one who posted the Serbian label thingy! Wonder how they're getting away with leaking this announcement so easily.
  7. Nothing new on Qobuz nor Apple Music, despite midnight in NZ. Oy vey.
  8. Think these are the same, luv. http://web-o-rama.net/madonnaremixology/rain.html http://stealmylyrics.com/madonnaremixology/ according to these sources. The Video/Album Edit is easiest to find on the "Rain EP" from Japan/Australia.
  9. Ah, funny how Madonna fans are quick to excise black people from her work... Let's cut out every second phrase from "Batuka" while we're at it.
  10. Not gonna get all preachy or anything, and everyone has the right to purchase and return as many copies of this picture disc as they want, but all that back and forth on trucks, planes, and the fact that the copy will get even more destroyed in the process... over a 1 millimeter rip or a slight crease is... mind-boggling to me. Of course we need to demand better standards of production on everything, but that's literally so minor.
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