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  1. I think we might be thinking of different tapes? Like, I'm not saying it's from a cassette, but like most pre-digital stuff, it was done on actual magnetic tapes. That's why the phrase "master tape" is still in use. But yeah, wouldn't dwell on this longer, just waiting for a complete list of these. Thanks for your help, and to you as well @Aiwa08<3
  2. Oh, and they better not skip putting something out in August because of all the, erm, hard work they've put into this. "Rain", "Drowned World/Sky Fits Heaven" and "Causing a Commotion" seem like a breeze to compile. Don't care if I'm entitled or not, it's literally a label's job to raise Madonna's profile before the biopic, literally no more excuses.
  3. Yeah, after sitting on this a bit... not happy about most of this. The single mixes are either being kept for something else, or, judging by the care given to the rest of it, simply forgotten about or ignored. They were doing so well, what the fuck happened? Also, did we definitively find the sources of the bonus tracks? - I'll trust the member who thinks the "True Blue (Instrumental)" is tape-sourced, which would've been the preferred source. - "Open Your Heart (Dub)" is from the Yellow CD? Ugh. What about the rest?
  4. Yeah, but I kind of don't want to force anyone... If this thread is still unnoticable after a year, I guess it's better to let them do their thing.
  5. The Japanese EP version is right there! And so much better. I blame the Remixology thread for this 😄 I can guess the probable source of the True Blue instrumental - the vinyl rip from "Burning the Ground"
  6. Wait, so they used the Yellow CD version of Open Your Heart Extended? ... WHYYYYY
  7. I saw it on Qobuz! It's "True Blue" with an alternate cover!!! https://www.qobuz.com/nz-en/search?s=rdc&q=madonna&i=boutique https://www.qobuz.com/nz-en/album/true-blue-madonna/q469m9rszzwla
  8. 12 hours before we put our clown make-up again! @BILLSTERgurl you in danger
  9. I think we'll agree to disagree - I think it's exceptional for basically spending zero dollars on it. Which seems to be the same amount Madonna's label is spending. Not sure if the focus thing was just from the original? Compare to the label upload below, and you'll see what I mean.
  10. I'll just show this to everyone from this point on - here's what a fan did with a 20-year-old video from an SD source.
  11. At this point, it better be all five "True Blue" singles or a "TB XXXV" type of compilation.
  12. The release date was already confirmed as October 8. But yeah, I see absolutely no logic on "focusing" on the documentary for the next three months, there's barely anything to promote
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