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  1. It's not a sample, and she said the right thing re: the commercial. Next. Imagine trying to teach an Asian girl she shouldn't feel offended that Asian women are presented as submissive manicurists for the billionth time, and I ever read she should be grateful they're even on screen... fucking morons. Not to mention her album being one of the best pop records of the year! Madonna fans acting like it's still 2012 and we need feuds. Save that for the days of PerezHilton.com
  2. Why was the "Everybody" thread locked? 

    1. theglamorous


      Someone broke the third rule of "Everybody"

      Third rule of Everybody: if someone yells “stop!”, goes limp, or taps out, the fight is over.

    2. Neon Fever Dream

      Neon Fever Dream

      I'd rather ask why is it still featured? 

  3. https://www.discogs.com/release/13452245-Madonna-マドンナ-True-Blue-Super-Club-Mix-スーパークラブミックス Both tracks were released here...
  4. Jesus CHRIST, why is the UK version so expensive? It's 25 USD (US) vs 35 USD (AU) vs 40 USD (GB). What the fuck...
  5. Even including a random print with each copy would've been a total steal. Collectors would buy a dozen copies to trade etc. When does she hire me as a sales manager?
  6. Maybe records are meant to be played and people should enjoy an inherently faulty product the way they want? Some people actually buy the records to use and destroy if they so want, they don't treat is as stock to be resold later. This type of snobbery is not a good look.
  7. There's barely anything to leak, really, with 35/50 tracks already available on streaming, and most of the unavailable ones to be found in the Remixology thread. Doubt anyone would bother ripping and sharing what's pretty much out there. It also looks pretty bad, but I'll be happy to have it!
  8. It must be a mockup, I can't believe six vinyl can fit in there!
  9. Can you, for the sake of the little dignity you have left, please give it a fucking rest? You were in the wrong, take the L and shut up.
  10. I feel like they just made a mistake? Obviously, your faux-civil post did far more damage than their little quote. Imagine saying, unironically, "I complimented you out of pity"? You're not a victim, you're freaking nasty and insulting. Even worse, you're basic. A walking humorless parody of a stan that only bitches about the good old days, to the misery of everyone who has to experience it. Give it a rest, or better yet, go sob about Madonna's old face or something.
  11. You do realize that the chart has been suspended since 2020? It may even stay so for good. You're trying to rationalize a simple dislike for this compilation, maybe accept that it's not for you. Many fans, myself included, are very happy about most aspects of it. The only thing I strongly dislike is the artwork, really. Also, this made me chuckle. Makes her sound like a mass murderer.
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