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  1. https://recordstoreday.nl/releases/rsd-2021/#perpage=36&page=1&year=0
  2. Glad I'm not the only one that's noticed the left eye. Honestly, it's been like that for almost a decade now, but I wouldn't call it bad plastic surgery. Somehow there's this story in my mind about her being hurt while touring in 2009. Not sure how true that is, since I can't find pictures from 2010 that confirm it. Maybe it was MDNA tour rehearsals? Here's a picture from the 2012 Grammy's, you can notice the same issue. http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/entertainment/images/attachement/jpg/site1/20120116/00221917e9c4107e1c6417.jpg I think she looks great in the photos, but that video is
  3. In 25 minutes we should know if something is gonna pop up surprisingly... I promise I won't do an April Fools with you guys!
  4. So, this week we're empty handed too? Oh well, maybe it will average out to one per month... Also, can we create a singular topic for these re-releases? Preferably rename this one?
  5. Nothing came up today in New Zealand... Guess we'll be taking a break this week. Although a reminder that "Like a Prayer" popped up literally two days before release date, so I'll never exclude the element of surprise with these. Just chanting for a "Ray of Light"/"Express Yourself" scalping in May, everything else can take its time.
  6. Erm, excuse you?! It's amazing. That other set of lyrics under the verses? Girl, the feels. The middle-8 is also a serve. "Rejection is the greatest aphrodisiac..." Speaking of serves, imagine if they unearthed "I Want You" in October and released it as an EP with those promo remixes. Damn, I think I'd cry. The single that never was...
  7. The apostrophe was a big hint there, it means 2022. Please understand what's actually written before attempting, and failing, to be witty.
  8. You just know anyone bitching about ""SJW"" is an uneducated douchebag...
  9. By my count, there's been 64 Madonna singles pre-"Hung Up". Removing those that were released already, 53 left. Minus "Fever/Bad Girl" and "Love Don't Live Here Anymore", that's 50. 29 of those are "Like a Prayer" onwards. Realistically, "Another Suitcase In Another Hall" won't get anything released, or "You Must Love Me" for that matter. "Oh Father" as well, unless they pack it with live B-sides. "Dear Jessie" and "One More Chance" would be no-shows too, considering the only released mix for those was the single version/fade. Maybe as cute B-sides or something. So that's 24 that are a
  10. I still hope they'll do it weekly, with minor exceptions :( There's still so many to go before October '22, which HAS to be the biopic release date. It would be a massive fail to miss such an important anniversary.
  11. Oh, you're right, I forgot they uploaded the HD video of "NRM" recently...
  12. I just saw "I'll Remember" was released in March too... such an underrated track! Hoping it will surprisingly pop-up as the next EP next week. "American Pie" was a March baby too. Since both "Bedtime Story" and "Frozen" were late compared to their original release dates, maybe we'll get these in April.
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