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  1. As I wrote a bajillion times, all of the You Can Dance stuff only takes up two discs. Two megamixes (sides A+B), single edits, Dubs, Unmixed Remixes. Doesn't have to be more complicated than that...
  2. Don't know, can't you figure it out from you magic charts?
  3. Oh, the things I'd do if I were a moderator here...
  4. Hun, thanks for notifying me, cause it's about to get BLOODY. Just kidding, I'm too depleted after two years of arguing with antivaxxers and bigots, this seems too minor to really be bothered by. It's just ignorance saying all PSB songs sound the same - a malicious straight local dude would say the same about Madonna. PSB revisionism always stinks of homophobia too. Just from the top of my head, "Being boring" is very different to "West End girls", which is very different to "Domino dancing", which is very different to "Monkey business", which is very different to "Go West", which is very different to "I get along", "Minimal", "Vocal" and so on. And these are just the singles. Unless all songs are the same when they share a vocalist, which is just sad. Makes me sad that some people will never experience the joy of their vast catalogue. Imagine dying without hearing "Miracles"? Miserable life... On top of that, writing 99.9% of their music and lyrics and actually consistently interacting with the fans and giving us what we want. Fan books, Christmas cards, reissues, side projects, signed items? I don't know a better band to stan, honestly.
  5. As I said already, it's beyond Any chance of sharing the remastered single covers? You did it amazingly, especially compared to her team, who managed to even mess up the font for "Frozen" :/
  6. I honestly don't want to be surprised, we've got bills to pay, damn it! This will probably cost a lot, so at least prep us a bit Mommy. I'm not gonna Klarna this shit, you know.
  7. Oh, Who's That Girl will surely be reissued. They've constantly bundled it up with the first three albums these past couple of years. It's been always reissued in batch with them, there's a high resolution version of it as well... The only thing we got for "You Can Dance" was the red vinyl for RSD, and that's a much more interesting era from a standpoint of a Madonna fan, IMHO, a lot more obscure/promo/vinyl-only stuff everyone would want their hands on. The press release also gave off the impression that everything will most definitely be reissued, the only flexible thing at this point are probably the tracklists and formats. There's probably stuff already being manufactured at a record plant somewhere, to be ready for next year.
  8. I enjoy the version with Sickick vocals a bit more, since it's more of a "Part 2" kind of thing. The production is still pretty amateur, but the new lyrics and vocals at least show a decent amount of skill.
  9. The full version isn't out in New Zealand, and it's Sunday there already...
  10. The sales are probably abysmal. If they had genuine profit off of it, they would still be on, clearly.
  11. The artwork is also a genuinely well done scan. http://is5.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Music116/v4/da/69/f8/da69f8d9-1a71-96b0-d669-f3e9651c0c6a/source/100000x100000-999.jpg
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