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  1. UnapologeticBear

    Ok. So NOT ONE televised commercial on NBC is announcing Madonna. If this is supposed to be so major, why is that not being advertised .... at all.
  2. UnapologeticBear

    Count me in
  3. UnapologeticBear

    From MadonnaOnline, translated from Portuguese:: MadonnaOnline knew that finally the works of creation of the new album are completed. Living back to London a few months ago due to her professional commitments, (she has only gone to Lisbon for a few days), Madonna reunited her closest friends for an exclusive audition of the new work. The general comment is that the album is unlike anything we have heard of it, in a fusion of pop with African and Portuguese songs, references that Madonna has had for a few years and, mainly, having spent much of 2017 and 2018 in Portugal. With musical direction of Mirwais, there are several participations, like Dino D'Santiago, Nakhane, João Ventura, Vânia Duarte, Batucadeiras and as already boasted, Brazilian Anitta. Their track, FAZ GOSTOSO, is a funky pop produced by Mirwais (who also produced the funkeadas Music and Die Another Day) but it's not the big surprise of the album. (we did not hear the track and we can not tell if the funkeado is more for the American funky / groove or more for the Brazilian style). The most surprising track for most is that Madonna sings in Portuguese, BATUKA, and is said to be spectacular! The album's production also has Starrah and Matt Billboard. Spending the holiday season, work is now on the visual design of the album. A new artistic team was hired for art direction. There is still no information on the photographer who will do the cover (whether it be a little friend, such as Klein or Mert & Marcus, or someone new) or confirmation of the album name (she has been using Magic hashtag for months when referring to new songs ). After, it will be the turn of the first single to be defined, as well as the direction of the clip. Madonna still insists on having a release date for the album and does not surprise him on digital platforms (helloooo). The launch will be in the first half of 2019. She will continue in London for at least the spring to reconcile the work of strategy and promotion that includes those dozens of interviews. The only scheduled social engagement is his annual Oscar party on February 24 in Los Angeles. Another important information we had access to: the new tour is also being discussed at the same time, but we do not have any further details. But remember our eternal tip, right? Go and collect your money ... To remind you, weeks ago Madonna announced without wanting to name the tracks of the new album. Are they: ● Killers ● Extreme “Occident”(?) ● Dark Ballett ● I don’t Search, I Find ● God Control ● Batuka ● Funaná ● Medellin ● Future ● I Live ● Crazy ● Faz Gostoso ● Loca ● Back That Up ● Come Alive I have no idea How they got the info or pics, but sounds interesting to say the least
  4. UnapologeticBear

    Hmmm. Home photo on Instagram. Michigan? To get out the vote ?
  5. UnapologeticBear

    Personally hoping it's Raleigh, since I live here. It's hillary's last campaign stop before Election Day. And the timing is perfect for Madonna... midnight -2am
  6. UnapologeticBear

    Please? PLEASE!!!! your show is over say goodbye. saaaaayyyyy gooooddddbyyyyyeeeeeeeee. BITCH
  7. UnapologeticBear

    and now - back to the show... that is amazing, btw <3 <3 <3
  8. UnapologeticBear

    im not mad... just done with his negativity and bullshit. this is a fanzine... and he needs the boot. Im just FEDUP I'm all about love and all, but he is not having a bit of it. sorry... not sorry.
  9. UnapologeticBear

    its a mega hits smorgasbord!
  10. UnapologeticBear

    F U C K Y O U ! M O T H E R F U C K E R! # B Y E F E L E C I A # G E T T H E F U C K O U T T A M Y M A D O N N A L O V E G R O U P
  11. UnapologeticBear

    so Tony has the capes covered .....
  12. UnapologeticBear

    wait...i thought Ghosttown was in?
  13. UnapologeticBear

    If anyone needs tickets for DC- I have a friend with a family emergency that is selling his section 108 tickets for 200.00 each. great seats- right by the heart... PM me for details
  14. UnapologeticBear

    if anyone needs seats for DC.. I have a friend selling his for 200.00 in section 108. unexpected family emergency. pm me for details
  15. UnapologeticBear

    no pit... but check ICON. they are giving away front row seats if you still have your lifetime Legacy Membership.... mine got f*cked... and no LN service would help... :