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  1. Thats manipulated tho. They were actually listening to a dragrace performance
  2. Hmmmmmmm.... I think if it was the first single the video would have had to be better. I like the ROL video but it's a bit basic for a lead single IMHO. Also, I think we're all very familiar with the song now, but I remember when ROL came out, it was very strange and I didn't know quite what to think of it. I knew it was the most upbeat on the album so I should bop to it, but it wasn't an instant "Fuck yeah" from me. Frozen on the other hand stopped me dead in my tracks when I saw the video and heard the music. I was transfixed, mesmerized...
  3. Fighter created a list of words that aren't productive to be auto silenced. We recently asked Jackie to remove cunt because it is used as a term of endearment.
  4. FYI The word "loser" is an automatic hide for the system which is why your first comment didn't work either.
  5. You don't need to leave the forum. This is a "I'm going Bananas" thread. It can't be that serious.
  6. Going off my bad memory, they were like 10x16
  7. No. You should use DM. No one here is following your "dramas" other than you have many of them. So no one knows what you are talking about. Edit: Sorry, I hadn't had my morning coffee yet. 💋
  8. I'm compiling links for all the amazing shares we've had recently to tidy up the main page.
  9. Yeah I think all the ones mentioned are valid. Express Yourself, unless she wants to give us the Immaculate version. Like a Prayer, Vogue, La Isla, Human Nature, Burning Up... I'll add Celebration, Frozen, Music, Sounds like we need a new album... CHOP CHOP!
  10. I think the examples are the reason why she will not use a song title. She doesn't want to be like everyone else and I think she views her career as something different than those people. I feel like we will have a new song to go along with the Title of the film.
  11. she looks so beautiful in that lil clip
  12. https://x.com/chartdatata/status/1800264339896836243?s=61&t=IR6_6r2DFC5c5MIukmDSDw
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