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  1. nitramaj

    I voted Killers, but we’ll have to do this poll again in a few weeks.
  2. nitramaj

    Been behind on my updates! Work’s been crazy! Listened to Like A Virgin on June 2. The album that made her a superstar. I find it to be less edgy and more mainstream-sounding than the debut. To my ear, it also sounds more dated than the debut. But the material is strong (in my opinion, there’s not a filler song in the bunch), the vocals are still fierce (apart from the awful vocal mixing on Angel), the melodies are catchy, and it’s brimming with Madonna personality. My fave track is Pretender.
  3. nitramaj

    A little behind on my replies! Listened to the first album all day yesterday. Still so good. Her vocals are fierce and determined and most of the beats still sound fresh (I Know It is really the only track that sounds outright dated, IMO). My favorite track is Think of Me.
  4. Madame X is Madonna’s 14th album, and it’ll be released on June 14th. Let’s all listen to M’s first 13 albums each day in June, up to the MX release. For example, listen to the first album today, June 1. On June 3rd, listen to the third album, True Blue. On June 8th, listen to the eighth album, Music. Report back here on what your thoughts are after listening to each album!
  5. nitramaj

    Received my Vegas confirmation too! Yay! Thursday November 7th. We’re booked in section 403, but since it’s a smaller venue, shouldn’t be too bad!
  6. nitramaj

    Wondering the same thing! Been checking my email non stop waiting for a confirmation!
  7. nitramaj

    Medellín rhymes with spring, so the hook is right there. ??‍♂️
  8. nitramaj

    Deeper and Deeper. Good lyrics, amazing production, awesome vocals.
  9. nitramaj

    My personal favorite is Secret. Love the lyrics and the guitar. But I voted for Human Nature, but I think in the grand scheme of pop music, it’s the better song.
  10. nitramaj

    Hi! I’m Josh. From Durango, Colorado. Been into Madonna since 1989. Also into Kylie, Robyn, and my country divas Crystal Gayle, Loretta Lynn, Kellie Pickler. See y’all around!