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  1. louis.exe

    yeah I mean she was 38 when she had Lola and 41 when she had Rocco
  2. louis.exe

    love this performance it gives me Goosebumps every time I hear it and then I start to get really emotional I also love human nature from the drowned world tour the best performance of this song yeah her vocals aren't perfect
  3. louis.exe

    which is the best performance on tour
  4. which is the best live version she's done on tour
  5. louis.exe

    my favourite is confessions but I also love blond ambition(truly iconic) rebel heart(I love how she dances around and not giving a fuck)
  6. which is the best version she's done on tour
  7. louis.exe

    deeper and deeper & ray of light are my coming out anthems
  8. louis.exe

    mine would be this 01.Music 02.Get Together 03.Give It 2 Me/Girl Gone Wild 04.Living For Love 05.INTERLUDE:Die Another Day 06.4 Minuets 07.American Life/Hollywood 08.Ghosttown 09.Sorry 10.Jump 11.American Pie 12.INTERLUDE:What It Feels Like For A Girl 13.Nothing Fails 14.Don't Tell Me 15.Miles Away 16.Love Profusion 17.INTERLUDE:Hold Tight 18.Bitch I'm Madonna 19.Give Me All Your Luvin 20.Turn Up The Radio 21.Celebration 22.Hung Up
  9. louis.exe

  10. louis.exe

    I'm really looking forward to this album this song is a jam
  11. not gonna lie the short brown hair really suits her
  12. louis.exe

    promise to try?
  13. louis.exe

    personally I always thought she looked better as a brunette
  14. louis.exe

    Glad she's coming to London but I really can't afford it I'll just wait until people post videos from there phones on to YouTube
  15. louis.exe

    Hell yeah