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  1. MTV Spain and UK promoting on Insta!!!.
  2. 13 HOURS BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  3. And from Maluma's Insta.
  4. This one from Maluma's stories.
  5. Frank

    'Medellín' (MV Teaser #6)

    Release on April 24, 2019
  6. MTV Spain is already promoting the show!!!!.
  7. Loving this tshirt by Huntees!!! 😂😂😂😍😍😍
  8. I think it'll be a kind of docu that'll see the light of day in full - maybe it's just a few minutes... - when the album is out.
  9. Frank

    'Medellín' (MV Teaser #5)

    Release on April 24, 2019
  10. As i said, the backcover of the booklet.
  11. I really hope someone can record the MTV full event on April 24 on HD and share it here in the forum. Not just a YouTubeRip, we need real full HD straight from TV 😂😂😂 maybe the great @smooth28laare u gonna do it, honey?! 😊😋😉
  12. Maybe in May or even June when we're really close to the album release. She'll be everywhere in May tho: BBMAs, GLAAD, ESC, the new songs... Maybe a new clip (the LA one)... Let's be patient 😊