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  1. Ok..now someone can make a full mix versión using this audio, broadcast version and guitar/Drums v. 😎🤪
  2. oh no , the dream of seeing her with shakira kylie christina and more.. fades with time, I think she can do something big and professional with them, especially in the 2000s, but I think Madonna's ego didn't allow it. . I think matm was a fiasco, there is no essence of madonna there..just a nice melody ..it always seemed like a copy of janet/michael like the whole career of Miss. spears.. whatever🙊
  3. Yesss sometimes is My favorite album..and you people don't mess with tutr and i f*cked up 👹😭
  4. Everybody ,Over and over,angel, Express yourself,american life....
  5. I'm not a big fan of this era, I enjoyed it a lot when I was a teenager, but today it's very overrated..there are some versions of the album that I don't really like,(love new York "the rock versión is so much better..and let it Will.. the remix is perfect) and I love the songs that you guys don't like, so I don't know what to do , I would not want to be strategic for the first time.. 😈🤣
  6. Never..almost The worst ranking ever.. f*** to that four 0's in Nobody's perfect..is the Best song in that album 😭😭😭😭
  7. I don't like this ranking at all 😭 well ..anyway is not My favorite album ..now music..yes one of the Best!!! 🤟💪 Nobody's perfect is the number one,bye
  8. Wtffff one more chance 9?😑🥺🤬 Anyway my votes would have been like this: #1 - 10- You'll See/verás #2 - 9- You Must Love Me #3 - 9- I Want You #4 - 9 - Don't Cry for Me Argentina #5 - 1- Another Suitcase in Another Hall #6 - 1 - I'd Be Surprisingly Good for You #7 - 5 - Buenos Aires #8 - 8 - Lament #9 - 11 - One More Chance #10 - 1- Rainbow High #11 - 0- Waltz for Eva and Che #12 - 1 - A New Argentina #13 - 1 - Goodnight and Thank You
  9. I forgot to vote sorry 🥺 they weren't very good anyway lol
  10. Sorry.. her worst álbum ? But 'Your honesty' is perfect ??
  11. From the virgin tour to the re invention tour audios ,the folders  are Empty ,i need to keep that on My mega ???

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