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  1. well..sometimes i feel that madonna was a bit hypocritical and contradictory with her words and deeds.. this was one of those times.. and "think there’s a better way to present her ideas rather than ripping up an image"..ok Madonna didn't tear up the pope's picture on television, but she also "offended" a lot of people with things that means for those.. so🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Everybody is the Best ..i enjoy that version more than the original...
  3. I need someone to make my dream come true My dream is : Shakira feat. Madonna . Maybe eyes like yours /ojos así 🥺❣️
  4. Please i need this exactly audio from the girlie show Sidneyhttps://youtu.be/J8ucTMn2Bv8 (is not the dvd or hbo version) the links from the folder are not working anymore help me!


  5. Bad girl in hd .. a dream ..the best video !! I just need that song in the next tour
  6. Ok..now someone can make a full mix versión using this audio, broadcast version and guitar/Drums v. 😎🤪
  7. oh no , the dream of seeing her with shakira kylie christina and more.. fades with time, I think she can do something big and professional with them, especially in the 2000s, but I think Madonna's ego didn't allow it. . I think matm was a fiasco, there is no essence of madonna there..just a nice melody ..it always seemed like a copy of janet/michael like the whole career of Miss. spears.. whatever🙊
  8. Yesss sometimes is My favorite album..and you people don't mess with tutr and i f*cked up 👹😭
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