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  1. TrueMDMA

    I know it’s generally not allowed in London theatres, but for theatre shows and musicals. There are several photos and videos online showing people standing and using their phones at the Palladium during a concert. I think both will be allowed, but we’ll see! Personally I can’t see myself sitting throughout the whole gig
  2. TrueMDMA

    Where did they state this?
  3. Audience at the Alexandra, GN show was recorded as usual at the Television Centre. It’s two separate things...
  4. The Graham Norton Show was recorded as usual and it will be on TV tomorrow evening. After the show both Madonna and Graham moved to the Alexandra Palace for the night with the fans (for which unfortunately I didn’t get tickets 😔) She was splendid on the GNS, hope they don’t cut too much for the TV!
  5. Television Centre White City Finished recording 40 minutes ago, she was AMAZING. So funny and beautiful, looked happy and relaxed. Loved her
  6. I’ll be at the recording of GNS, on my way there soon, can’t wait Still hoping someone has a couple of spare tickets to give me for the Audience with Madonna so I can follow her around London lol
  7. Fab! Mine arriving tomorrow but I’ll be able to pick it up from work only on Tuesday 😩
  8. Can someone post some nice photo of the rainbow vinyl please?
  9. I love Batuka, even more in HQ 🥰
  10. OMG in high quality is 100 times better IDSIF and GC
  11. How can you get FLAC? Can you buy them on iTunes?
  12. I can’t find it on Apple Music
  13. Love Back Up To The Beat Like Funana Not sure about Ciao Bella but I don’t mind it, I think it will grow Great bonus tracks!