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  1. Just came across this....i'd never seen it
  2. Who said this? Was it a quote heard and written down by someone else? (That / that's & contractual / contractually)
  3. Well funny you say this....and i ignored the recent absurdity surrounding the title of Queen of Pop...but culturally, unlike most others, she is referenced in movies everywhere, and has been so since the 80's. whether its a quick snipe in a comedic moment in an 80's movie to Bridget Jones singalong, to Tarantino during the explanation of Like A virgin. Her name mentioned and pops up when you're least expecting it to. Now that my friends is a true legend....and one that no person alive can compare.
  4. And that's how you get rid of fine lines or your entire head if you're not careful.
  5. I read this and Winger sounds utterly miserable.
  6. So this is random. I have to create a training video for work. It will be animated with voiceovers. Anyone in that world out there ?
  7. My friend provided the dj a playlist at her wedding and we included the Sticky & Sweet version of La Isla Bonita....at first it was a little confusing for people but it did go down a storm and everyone was up dancing. Its so uplifting
  8. I know the words were not written by her but i always thought Ray of Light was quite sad...looking back, life going quickly and how someone else will be there through the endless years.
  9. I stood at the London show for so long before it began... and looking up i could see the disco ball suspended way above but no way to get to it unless you climbed out on the metal poles which were the length of that runway stage and unless you're a scaffolder, gymnast or protester you're not gonna be doing that ! And i can't imagine Madonna sitting in the ball for 6 hours before the show even starts haha
  10. So for a long time i believed she was actually up in the air inside that ball
  11. So i've learnt something today. After the Batman esq tribute at the end of Papa Don't Preach in BAT, i never knew about the homage back to Madonna's Like a Virgin in the Poison Ivy theme.
  12. My favourite thing about Madonna is that she is unique in never sucking up to the gay community to get them onside...like all the rest of them. She is just as likely to tell gay fans to go fuck themselves as she is with straight ones.
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