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  1. Business woman through and through. Why pay someone else money when you can own it and sell it on for a profit?
  2. Yes i thought the Russians had hacked us
  3. From 7 mins 50 seconds .... the very top....celebrity of celebrities ...Go sit down Whoopi...
  4. I downloaded all those radio interviews recently and she mentions she learnt to play the piano early on and then later guitar and drums
  5. Sell out shows at Wembley and an added night.. even after the year of bad British press that again had said she's gone too far. "that was worth a year of being beaten up. I'll get beat up for another year for this. Its ok..i just need a vacation".
  6. I think for that you have to remember what was going on around that time. 1990 she was riding that wave and everyone with her...... 1993 she was fighting against the tide that was trying to wash her back out to sea and the majority of the press and public were against her.
  7. Something that's new and innovative .. A gritty cartoon series aka Who's That Girl / Kill Bill O-Ren ishii style would do me just fine.
  8. According to The Sun, Madonna has enlisted Katy Perry to feature on an upcoming album of re- mixes of her best-known tunes. And it will come ahead of the 40th anniversary of her debut single Everybody in October.
  9. How much are a full set of these worth ? (asking for a friend)
  10. Deep in the vaults of Madonnas home in the London dungeons where the 44 reels of BA and Truth or Dare footage are stored and the ponytail, like hannibal lecter vaults there are cages containing Maureen, Donna and Nikki, the Kalakan Trio and the Batuka women with their linen washing. Theres a spare cell for those Yodellers.
  11. I don't know if this fits but picture this...Hong Kong....1996....nathan Road night market..... I came across CD stall after CD stall, with bootlegs galore. I was so excited to see compilation after compilation of Madonna. The images of Madonna, some live images from various tours and some arty ones beautifully designed. I scooped up every one of those bad boys....and the next night i returned and bought more. My luggage full of these amazing items and couldn't wait to get back to London to play them. I now owned at least 25 of them. After a long flight home with my amazing finds on my mind, without even unpacking, i shoved the first one into my player, and the music played. I froze as some random female with a speech impediment and a Chinese accent blared out of my speakers. Put the next one in, and the next...the same female. I grabbed one of the cases and should have known....when i saw that "Like a Virgin" was mispelt with "Like a Wirgin". I have never got over this moment and was taught several lessons...
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