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  1. The press are always calling out these "bitter feuds" - Elton - Boy George etc.. but she seems to keep a dignified silence..which i believe enrages them even more...so she really does handle herself perfectly well imo.
  2. The last one is Barbara who works in Dunkin' Donuts. She's a squirter...
  3. I was going to say this exact thing...the closest thing to a religious experience i have experienced.
  4. Blond Ambition Girlie Show Celebration Drowned World Re-Invention Confessions Madame X Sticky and Sweet MDNA Rebel Heart
  5. Belgian beer is the best...all part of the act however i imagine the contents of those bottles she drinks ..same as Madame X Tour is honey and lemon for her throat...i know her game
  6. Ahhh i never knew what they were talking about lol
  7. Ok i have never understood this. The adjustment ..of what? (sorry if I'm being dense)...
  8. Likewise ..i was there for the second night and of all the shows i have been to since BA ..this was thr best
  9. I was there tonight but thankfully avoided the set list so had no idea which songs were cut. Amazing incredible show..but it just cut off...My friends and i didn't care too much, however if i was her pilot flying her to New York and behind schedule and took the plane down 30 miles East - somewhere in The Atlantic , i'm sure she wouldn't mind
  10. Oh yes, i recon about 18:20 she'll roll in. It was 1 hour 17 mins lol
  11. She'll be about an hour in the current traffic from Marylebone
  12. She's on the way to the O2 in her car flanked by motorbikes https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/24403933/madonna-security-team-motorbikes-tour/#
  13. She's hired out O2 Arena in Manchester for 2 weeks
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