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  1. I thought this was a nice story https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/article/2024/jun/14/experience-i-sang-at-madonnas-wedding
  2. Maybe he's happy that way. And this "totally unknown" is now known to Madonna....so i'd say he's been quite successful. Well done to him
  3. Madonna Enjoys Night Out with French Singer Eric Labat at Off-White Party
  4. Gargatua sounds like the best name for an album
  5. Weirdly i was just in the car and the original "Just the two of us" with Bill Withers was playing ...and i seemlessly began singing Human Nature over the tune. It absolutely fits
  6. And when you realise why she was kicking off about the air con ...knowing she couldn't get sick for this epic show...
  7. I need you to randomly insert this whenever you feel the need..no matter what the topic.
  8. Would love to have known what became of Sarah bless her lol
  9. in the UK we just unplug her still swinging in the air in her box....she soon learns lol. Someone give her a coat and lets get on with the show.
  10. See i immediately see Madonna totally in charge and the force behind him
  11. But your woo's could have been forever immortalized on a bootleg recording. I have so many favorites from different tours spanned across the decades.
  12. I still think one of the most underrated moments has to be the BBC boss in his car listening to her on radio live at Blond Ambition Wembley, having asked her to try to tone down the swearing from the previous night. The shear heart stopping panic and terror that must have followed and furious phone calls (obviously before mobile phones) must surely be movie worthy.
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