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  1. Semtex1

    Yes I,d rather give that room to 20 homeless rough sleepers.....see how the hotel management like that one. ( Or just advertise a free party on social media )
  2. Semtex1

    What hotel is it ? Someone here going to the early shows may want to stay there?
  3. Semtex1

    Can you sell the hotel room booking on eBay? You may get enough to get another booking
  4. Semtex1

    It just proves to me that she knows exactly what she,s doing and that she's ahead of the game..taking chances and completely new direction...written off once again by many. Love it!
  5. Semtex1

    The Wembley Blonde Ambition show was my favourite, after Radio One broadcast her live and stupidly requesting that she tone down her language for them. The boss of the station was in his car and stunned at her rant and record breaking f word monologue and could do nothing about it.
  6. Semtex1

    I imagine some of them can't wait to get back to their washing lines lol
  7. Semtex1

    I,m sure I remember reading at the time that Take a Bow was about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. I couldn't have just made that up. Anyone confirm ?
  8. Semtex1

    Come Alive for me...I can imagine a quirky cartoon Beatles style kind of video... It's got the unique dreamy feel of Dear Jessie going on...and the words are perfection...."mouth closed, I don't want your opinion - who you talkin' to".
  9. Semtex1

    She'd keep you waiting for a couple of hours before answering... because she can
  10. Semtex1

    Fuckery....a word so underused.
  11. Semtex1

    Love this.hahaaa...and I remember someone on here talking about the MDNA brown circle as apposed to the gold
  12. Semtex1

    Didn't she say at one of the shows recorded and shared on here that the money is going to help children in Malawi ? I know I didn't just make that up
  13. Semtex1

    I really wouldn't be worrying about her twins. They probably have better education than most of us ever had and they have tutors. If she didn't take them on tour people would be criticizing her for abandoning them. Plus it's none of our business
  14. Semtex1

    I like optimistic better haha
  15. Semtex1

    Omg well I did look and it certainly wasn't that pic I saw. I,m very happy then