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  1. Definitely ... The moment where everyone standing in my row taking each others hands holding them in the air and i didn't want that moment to end.
  2. The lenticular case was stunning (was that what it was called?) i still have that somewhere along with my Singapore versions with the interview
  3. Pointless cheap ugly things that i would never buy.....i want these too haha
  4. When you're trying to work out whose legs are whose haha
  5. I agree however must be slightly frustrating if you wrote the song and for the artist to get global credit for adding a sneeze between your words
  6. Love love loved "I'm not Scared" ... Brilliant song and i never knew PSB wrote that one....seems obvious now! i also loved "In denial" from the Kylie concert
  7. Some of my favourite parts of the show were the projections which came out to the walls and ceiling of the theatre. I felt like i was part of the show.
  8. As soon as i got home, i lay flat out on the carpet, lights were off and headphones were on. I listened to the entire album in a dream like state. Skin i remember absolutely loving at that time.
  9. Yes for a long time me too...but even then she was maybe trying to mix it up a bit
  10. Yes and in Lucky Star i love the slight change to the beat that she comes in on.
  11. "IT'S THE HUMIDITY !!" Monica Geller
  12. Yes please ignore ...i thought my phone had a virus for a second. Loving the new forum
  13. "It's a Sin" is having a revival right now due to the amazing drama on British tv and i realise how brave Pet Shop Boys were with their lyrics for that period of time. "Domino Dancing" to me was one of the sexiest videos of the 80's.
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