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  1. I like this and doesn't veer too much off from the original. A little folk-ie and would have fitted in with S&S la Isla Bonita
  2. It was on "Regis and Kelly" talk show 11/11/2003
  3. In closing, Madonna added, “I’m just grateful that I had the chance to inspire the writer to write the screenplay that is sure to make you and Roger and Larry 3 very happy fellas in Hollywood.” It’s signed, “Love & kisses, Dita.” When contacted about the letter on Friday, Roth said, “I assumed the whole thing was a hoax, so I didn’t pay much attention. Madonna made herself unavailable for this movie, and that’s her business. “I’ve never met the woman, so I don’t really know what she’s talking about if this (the letter) is real — maybe someone told her something. She had the role
  4. Madonna, the 1994 film she ‘dropped’, and the story behind it 1st June 2021 | by Simon Brew The screenplay to the film Angie was written with Madonna in mind – but she’d leave the project, and two different versions of what happened emerged. Throughout the 1990s, Madonna dabbled with some pretty successful movie projects. She kicked the decade off in 1990 with Dick Tracy and in 1991 with the controversial documentary Truth Or Dare: In Bed With Madonna (the title you saw the film under was dependent on where you lived), the latter a press sensation of a film that won her a few ne
  5. At Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square they have all the old sing-a-long movies, swear-a-thon marathons etc. You can request what they show.....This is a genious idea !!!
  6. This is so true...i've said his name so many times after "i'm waiting"
  7. I remember the thunder and lightening effects lighting up the entire crowd and arena during the Frozen / japanese segment.
  8. I said it before and i'll say it again...this was the tour i was least excited about seeing but affected me the most personally ...and i've It seen em all since Blond Ambition. It wasn't a concert, it was a performance like no other and one that you can't appreciate just from the music alone. The sets may look simple but the typed words across the walls and ceiling of the theatre, the closeness of it all and intimacy hit me so much. Even spoken worded "Rescue Me" left you gasping yourself for air in the dark. It does concern me how she'll be able to get all that across on screen. An intelligen
  9. All these years looking for Betty Sue. Where's John Draper ?
  10. I only remember that one song but somehow i know all the words to the rap
  11. Yeah i think she was from Shepherd's Bush
  12. Betty Boo was a British singer "Doin the Do" hahaa. Betty Boop was the cartoon
  13. I did wonder where this was going with that title haha
  14. That deep down in your lowest depths is the realisation that if Blond Ambition dvd was released there would be no more to hope for
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