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  1. I,m torn between them. Secret was a new road she took me down after the Erotca album but Human Nature has to win it for me due to the braveness of her standing up to the press and her critics. The video wins hands down as she showed her great sense of humour whilst taking back control
  2. Semtex1

    Omg you're like the Angela Lansbury of Concerts !
  3. Never warmed to 'Holiday' until Blonde Ambition and then loved all live versions until Rebel Heart Tour which for me sent it back spiralling back down ...which is funny because it's one of the few songs British radio still plays
  4. Semtex1

  5. Semtex1

    Can anyone confirm to me that it's ok that Ticket Master is still saying tickets arn't ready yet?
  6. I thought Skin was amazing as it was dance music that I,d never heard before at that time that works up into this killer frenzy
  7. Yes she definitely thought him as James Dean type character
  8. Semtex1

    Yes quite, well if we followed the laws it's illegal to get drunk in a pub and we ALL adhere to that ....hmmmm
  9. Semtex1

    Yes I can't even be bothered to look. I think she,ll do exactly what she wants and it will finish when she wants it to haha. As long as it's on it will be great
  10. Semtex1

    I,m trying to find this out. There's a 78 page document by Westminster council which points out in theatres that no person shall be standing in the isles or gangways
  11. Semtex1

    I,m in the gods the night before on the Saturday. I think for sound and overall view it will be the best place to be.....if you really wanna look for the positive lol
  12. Semtex1

    I remember going to the Premiere of it in London. I was 17 and the screening was at midnight.... mind was blown.
  13. Semtex1

    But I AM 'concerned'...... All her amazing body of work that we all know about that should be out there for everyone to see, hear and reminded about.... while the likes of Elton John get their knighthoods and honours and biographies. I feel like her legacy has been reduced and dwindled down, partly by the media and some bad choices and decisions I believe....and this cannot be allowed to happen
  14. Semtex1

    Well weirdly I couldn't find any Upper circle tickets for any dates and was wondering if they have moved everyone down and forward....or have the upper tier all sold because they were cheaper. ....I'm not even considering cancellations
  15. Semtex1

    Yes I,d rather give that room to 20 homeless rough sleepers.....see how the hotel management like that one. ( Or just advertise a free party on social media )