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  1. Semtex1

    Yes I let it wash all over me
  2. Semtex1

    Oh I really loved Rescue Me and the dancers were amazing and effective. I don't know what it all meant but I think it was deep. Hearing the intense gasping in the dark actually made me breathless.....saying that, it could have been because I was seated up so high
  3. Semtex1

    Ok confession time for me. I was drinking and really needed the loo, so made the strategic decision to go during this. To the beautiful tune I ran up the steps to the top, down the steps, through the bar, took a sharp right, along the corridor and another right into the toilet. I could hear the drum beats as I took the longest pee of my life ...hurrying, stressing and rushing back to the beat of the drums. I appreciated the music though.
  4. Semtex1

    This is so difficult as all of the above...but 'Come Alive' gave me that "wow - heart in the throat" moment where at the end chorus I realised that our row had all linked hands in the air with each other. .with people we didn't even know !! The power of the song did that and I didn't want that moment to end
  5. Semtex1

    I haven't just put an order in have I ? Haha. If I was wealthy I,d definitely buy some off you
  6. Semtex1

    Yes, probably my all time favourite
  7. Semtex1

    I have no idea how long these would take and the effort that goes into them, but I would love to see you do the one where she is laying on the bed naked with big pouty blown up lips
  8. Semtex1

    Valiant ( dictionary meaning - boldly, courageous, brave, heroic )
  9. Semtex1 in fucks given
  10. Semtex1

    X-ray from horse fall
  11. The only time I heard her mention his name was during the "what do you call a man with a small penis" joke and that was repeating someone in audience shouting it out. I can't bare the guy and he clearly has it in for her since she said no to appearing on his show. Arrogant narcissist who talks over everyone
  12. Semtex1

    No honestly...I was actually being serious haha. I was always too embarrassed to ask anyone about stems.
  13. Semtex1

    What an excellent explanation of something which I know nothing about. Thanks