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  1. Blonde Ambition - London Wembley Girlie Show - London Wembley DWT - London Earls Court DWT - London Earls Court DWT - Paris Bercy RIT - London Wembley Confessions - London S&S - London o2 MDNA - London Hyde Park RH - London o2 MX - London Palladium
  2. "I’ve come to see that whatever she’s being criticized for, that’s what she’s asking us to examine" https://www.theguardian.com/music/commentisfree/2023/jan/29/madonna-celebration-tour-sexism-ageism-female-artists
  3. A kick in the teeth considering she, along with everyone else was in town for the American Music Awards. Got sweet revenge knocking this toot off the top spot tho -
  4. Been watching this for 6 hours...need to get to the bottom
  5. Obviously you're talented and have been busy , but are you continuing the series also? That is brilliant too x
  6. Yes this really is a fantastic piece and everyone should be made to watch it as a reminder of who this bi**h thinks she is and why! Love it !!
  7. Think i'm too late too...but my one is in Holiday during Blond Ambition Tour... Why were you so intent getting 30,000 fans doing the 'bus stop'?
  8. She never gives us what we want....she gives us what we need
  9. I remember that i didn't know what it was immediately. It definitely took me a moment to actually connect that she was singing LAV and the crowd too. It was the first time i had ever heard her change up one of her own songs.
  10. Truth or Dare footage...all of it uncut
  11. I'll be that dinosaur ...It says to me that the Blond Ambition Tour name was as meticulously and cleverly planned out along with the content and design itself. Especially with the masculine and feminine themes such as Express Yourself which were so ahead of its time
  12. I always thought it was incorrect spelling by the Americans like the word 'colour'..........but here's something i never knew... Hair the color of corn silk is “blond,” the masculine form, though if that hair is on a woman, she is “a blonde.” Garner's Modern American Usage says “blond” is preferred in all senses as an adjective in American English; the Oxford English Dictionary says “in Britain the form blonde is now preferred in all senses.”
  13. I agree totally ... She didn't need this. i needed this!!
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