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  1. Semtex1

    Yes probably ...or did know and thought screw it...i like it
  2. Semtex1

    This is a really good question. I know its common for artists to have same song titles as others but i dont know of any others with two of their songs with the same title.
  3. i just think its now in the planning stages of these popstars to conquer the LGBTQ market (and why wouldn't it be of course) and its been that way since the boy bands of the 90's. Its not for them to decide if they are a gay icon. Thats why Madonna will always be at the top for me as she never pandered to anyone or sucked up to any group. She was as rude and dismissive to everyone ...interviewer or fan, gay or straight ...and yet did so much for the gay community worldwide and before it was popular to do so. Before it was a marketing or media strategy.
  4. I thought i was going nuts haha
  5. Where exactly on this site is the vote?
  6. Its funny, after BA, i remember being so disappointed on reading the setlist for the up & coming Girlie Show in Smash Hits magazine. No Like a Prayer? No Open Your Heart, Live To Tell or Material Girl. How is that going to work i asked myself ? I was given one GS boot in the knackers and i chose never to question her choices again ... Oh never.
  7. Semtex1

    He has just brought this up in a recent interview to Access
  8. Semtex1

    You know that the wait for this new episode is what everyone has really been rioting about around the globe don't you?
  9. Well as you got there first, can i be your assistant to your assistant role? i would be there filming the filming.... And i would have the camera on john Drapers face when she's demanding his i can distract when you are stealing the masters
  10. I'm all for non violent peaceful protests but i dont wanna hear any moaning from anyone attending about how Covid is affecting Bame communities worse. Freedom of choice may come at a high price
  11. She had a 'blink and you'll miss it' role in Evita.
  12. Semtex1

    Can you imagine how frustrating it must be for her ..or for any celebrity. Even worse when a person you were close to sells you out. i,m looking at you Rodman. I bet Madonna has seen your documentary series with interest...lets hoping
  13. Semtex1

    I'm seriously loving these. The amount of rubbish documentaries i've bought over the years...(pre internet) - you all know the ones, where they skip over facts, era's etc or have pointless interviews with random people. This series is superb and could only really be put together by a fan or by someone who has done their research. Thanks once again for this
  14. Semtex1

    All the above and "sound of silence " would be an absolute winner for me
  15. Semtex1

    I remember this now