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  1. this shoot is EVERYTHING! serve us Queen!!!!!!!
  2. Just when I thought I couldn't love him more, and yes he is incredibly sexy!
  3. "you'll wake up one day, and It will be too late..." Oh my dear M, I just wanna know WHY???
  4. I can't help but wonder.....are all her mirrors at home auto-facetuned???
  5. LOVE that she said her alter ego is indeed DITA and not Madame X! Long live Dita Parlo!!!!!! SEX!
  6. Had she done a small promo gig in the UK or anywhere in Europe (she's largely been absent), invite a couple DJ's to spin a few tracks and twerk her way on stage and lip-sync to ANY one of the mixes; she would have gotten her #1 there! The promo in the US really didn't do much, Fallon is nowhere as relevant a late show host as M thinks he is and the only reason she always choose him is largely due to Guy O's personal friendship with him. Disco Oasis was an event thrown together for die-hards/local influencers and never reached a broad audience. Sometimes we (the die-hards) live in a bubble where we think everyone is aware AND excited for this release but the sad reality is that casual fans and general public are just not that interested in Madonna as an artist releasing a bunch of remixes.
  7. Welcome back Pinkdonna and see you NEVER braidonna!
  8. What an AMAZING interview, and you can clearly tell the chemistry between them two...I did get a but teary. LOVE HER!!!!!
  9. Not when Queen B is currently lounging on a yacht in Croatia, she won't!
  10. So Fanc JUST canceled my clear vinyl order?? TODAY??? after I placed the order months ago????? WTF HAPPENED with these sites canceling orders out of nowhere! Clearly, the amount pre-sold had to be allotted before they confirmed payment...I am LIVID! AND who the F**k are Steps????
  11. So I've been doing my part to help her streaming numbers, in addition to every edition purchased in physical form. Get that #1 Mutha!!!!
  12. So I am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to streaming but, I use Apple Music and download songs/albums into my library for my listening pleasure. Does that count as streaming?? I have never used Spotify.......
  13. With Madonna, you FEEL the mood when reading her interviews; and this one was the classic, playful and cheeky M I love! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Hmmmmm...has she been spying on here again????
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