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  1. she seems so lost.... I feel like she's doing everything she can to destroy her legacy. It's painful to watch!
  2. proud of her for getting out there, marching along (crutches and all). poor taste to skip the mask tho!
  3. LOVE the skincare products, the line is doing very well in case you're wondering!
  4. truerebel

    Unedited FULL performances of LAV and DYU at Keith Haring's birthday party, "Party of Life" May 16, 1984 Paradise Garage NYC
  5. truerebel

    I wish she would just disappear from Social media for a while.....a long while!
  6. truerebel

    That bath post makes me feel so, so sad. That Madonna "Magic" is gone, instead we are left with a shallow self who has completely lost touch with reality.
  7. truerebel

    She's not in NY, she's in London!
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    I NEED a copy, pleaseeeeee
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    after 3 emails, they finally replied with the same generic "refund will be issued within 2-3 weeks". It was received 2 days ago (I requested it on 2/12!!! Oh, and I REFUSED to send my physical tickets back; they did not question it.
  12. truerebel

    Laperouse Paris
  13. truerebel

    This complete and utter MESS of a tour should have ended MONTHS ago. It was clear she was not in the right physical shape to continue on and no matter how she tried to spin it; the damage was done between her and her core fan base. Stop throwing the "I hate to disappoint" BS in our faces, you're not doing us any favor by deciding last minute whether or not your majesty would perform. Regardless of who you are, the level of RESPECT is lost, the only concern she has is herself; which is fine and she should have taken proper steps to mend the injuries early on by adjusting the tour dates/cancelling in advance. Many of us worked hard to save money just to see a show, and your casual "CANCELLATION" (many times, last minute) is a slap in our face. Those will continues to justify this that and the other, WAKE The F**K UP. She does not care about you! She has become more and more self centered and it's sad and pathetic watching it play out over the last 10 years. Enough, are NOT above anyone else.
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    where was this???
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    not from today.