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  1. As HOT as Charlie Hunnam is, he was SO stiff and seemed nervous/out of place on stage. Rather disappointing tbh
  2. So far we have - Lola (London 10/14) FKA twigs (London 10/15) Diplo (London 10/17) Julia Fox (London 10/18) Damien Jalet (Antwerp 10/21) Stuart Price (Antwerp 10/22) Allaune Blegbo (Copehhagen 10/25) Aquaria (Cophenhagen 10/26) Rocco (Stockholm 10/28) Arca (Barcelona 11/1) Úrsula Corberó (Barcelona 11/2) Jon Kortajarena (Lisbon 11/6) Jean Paul Gaultier (Lisbon 11/7) Matière Fécale (Paris 11/12) JR (Paris 11/13) I reckon the celebrity list will only get more major when she does the states. so, Who is YOUR dream ballroom bitch? I'll start - Sean Penn NOTE I am trying to update this original post with the list of the bitches. Enrico
  3. I did, no question asked (they know they f*cked up)
  4. Oh no, same here! I am contacting them too....false, misleading advertisement
  5. So is this the version they're selling or just the regular US edition?
  6. transferred via app, in my case it was AXS app
  7. Pity I didn't grab more of these at the Pop-up...they're going for insane amount now on Ebay!
  8. I was asking if someone can confirm, as I read some posts about it being the bomber. That's all!
  9. right, but they were ushered into the Pit after that "backstage tour", I haven't seen any pics of the group on stage as advertised!
  10. Not sure if this has been shared, I can't be bothered going back 90 pages but here's the complete set list, including details on snippets/added elements. Act I It's a Celebration skit by Bob the Drag Queen; contains elements of "Lucky Star", "Celebration" and "Material Girl" 1. Nothing Really Matters 2. Everybody contains elements of "Where's the Party" 3. Into the Groove contains elements of "Into the Hollywood Groove" 4. Burning Up Demo 5. Open Your Heart contains elements of “Live to Tell” 6. Holiday contains elements of "I Want Your Love" by Chic Act II The Storm - interlude; contains elements of “In This Life” 7. Live to Tell The Ritual - Dancers interlude; contains elements of "Girl Gone Wild" 8. Like a Prayer contains elements of “Girl Gone Wild”, "Act of Contrition", and “Unholy” by Sam Smith and Kim Petras Act III Act of Living for Love Interlude; contains elements of “Living For Love”, "Erotica", “Justify My Love” and ''Fever" 9. Erotica contains elements of "Erotica (Final Demo 2)" aka "You Thrill Me" and "Papa Don't Preach" 10. Justify My Love Snippet - contains elements of "Gangsta" by Kehlani 11. Fever Eddie Cooley cover Snippet 12. Hung Up contains elements of "Hung Up on Tokischa", "Gangsta" by Kehlani and “Fever” 13. Bad Girl with Chifundo Mercy James Act IV Ballroom dancers Interlude; contains elements of "Up Down Suite", "Vogue" & "BREAK MY SOUL(THE QUEENS REMIX)" 14. Vogue 15. Human Nature shortened 16. Crazy for You shortened Act V The Beast Within - interlude 17. Die Another Day 18. Don't Tell Me 19. Mother and Father 20. I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor cover acoustic 21. La Isla Bonita shortened 22. Don't Cry for Me Argentina Short snippet Act VI Madonna video interlude; contains elements of "I Don't Search I Find" 23. Bedtime Story contains elements of Junior's Sound Factory Mix 24. Ray of Light Sasha Ultra Violet Mix 25. Rain Act VII Billie Jean/Like A Virgin contains elements of "Express Yourself","Angel" &"Smooth Criminal”,“Dangerous”,"YRMW","TWYMMF" by MJ 26. Bitch I'm Madonna contains elements of "Give Me All Your Luvin" and "Unapologetic Bitch" 27. Celebration Benny Benassi Remix Edit; contains elements of "Music"
  11. Have we received confirmation that the "Immaculate" VIP gift is indeed the BA Bomber? Also, the package clearly stated this - Group photo opportunity on stage from where MADONNA will be performing a few hours later So far, I have not seen ANY of such group pics!
  12. Yes they are. I bought my ticket from them and it was a smooth process all around
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