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  1. not him who posted something similar weeks ago. look, he is an attention whore and think too highly of himself, when in reality he is a nobody who happens to be adopted working for an icon. his head has gotten so big, someone give him a clear reality check!
  2. This happens when one or more items in your cart is no longer available. Her shop is a COMPLETE joke but you already know that!
  3. I actually quite like the intro of BS playing instrumentally before she suddenly appears.
  4. except she literally is NOT. B+ at best....and clearly the hint says SUPER A List...moving on! I saw M on Speed the Plow and i was glorious....waiting by the stage doors for her to come out after the shows. Bring it on, I am so here for it!
  5. Were these first made available at the LA shows? I needdddddddd
  6. Not sure what exactly this is.........?!??? https://www.thenewmadonna.com
  7. Yes, I think this was a prototype and they added the see through sizes later. As for the poles, perhaps the original choreo were different and later removed and scaled back.
  8. The original concept of the cube had 3 poles instead of a bar across....thoughts?
  9. I see that this moment meant so much for so many, and I am thrilled. It was cute.... I am also glad this happened so we don't have another 30 pages of meltdown for years to come wishing the two to be together! Now bring on Britney
  10. Yes they sent an email very early on asking for size of jacket, however before we entered the VIP reception, they team will ask for your size and hand you the jacket so no worries there!
  11. You'll receive an email from Live Nation a few days before the show with very detailed instructions on all your questions. I had Immaculate in Boston and showed up at 6:30PM, backstage tour/photo ops started around 7PM before the doors opened at 7:30PM. Anyhow, have the BEST time!!!
  12. in all fairness, the 2008 version of Britney has changed significantly from the current version. She has now become an elusive enigma of sorts....her autobiography sent shock waves across all media and she single handedly got Justin Timberlake canceled (good riddance). If she shows up on stage with M now, it would certainly be headline news all over the world, if anyone could get her up there....it's M Time will tell..............
  13. NOT official, truth is...anyone with access to a decent printer could print these and slap them into a cheap candle.
  14. She didn't fall, the dancer (Daniele Sibilli) slipped and she went down with him....I love how the female dancer (Sierra) gave ger a big hug after to make sure she was okay.
  15. Seeing that the shows in lala land are scheduled to be the same week as the Oscars, we should expect to see a lot of A+ list celebrities in attendance. As much as I have enjoyed seeing local drag queens pulled up as ballroom judges, I would personally LOVE to see Bradley Cooper up there (Is he close with Guy O?) I wonder if her and Guy will be hosting their annual Oscars fete as well? It's gonna be a fun week ahead...
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