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  1. NEVER in my worst nightmare have i ever thought there would be a day when Madonna trends on Twitter for celebrating PRIDE alongside the utterly fucked up news today coming from the US supreme court. This. Fucking. Country.
  2. I also REALLY appreciated the amount of details they put into the venue last night....The Haring wall paper, the TV screens montages, the Menu, the neon signs, the merch stand, the record sleeves wall etc etc....it was M heaven and felt like a concert! You can tell Warners went all out for her (deservingly so). Long live OUR QUEEN!
  3. OMFG. This entire performance is EPIC.......I am shaking!!!!
  4. There's now a contest for tickets to the event tomorrow by WOW, but really to understand the rules (having a POV Avatar) etc etc is beyond complicated and beyond my understanding of how NFT/crypto works....VERY frustrating that she's been advertising this as a "Pride" event, when in reality is just a damn party to celebrate her involvement within this very niche organization. I. give. up.
  5. What it feels like for a girl (Above and beyond) Celebration ( Benny Benassi) I don't search I find (Honey Dijon)
  6. EVERY event where M is present, the focus always falls on her.......the power of our Queen!
  7. Thanks....any site for delivery to the US?
  8. where can I find the clear and red in the US, without going to international sites?
  9. in the past, as recently as MX promo performances; I would cry in excitement the minute M appeared on stage. After this performance, I was such state of shock that I was crying knowing the icon that I have love and stuck by for almost 40 years has lost herself in so many things in which she had said throughout her career that should not matter! She looked like an impersonator, EVERYTHING from the styling, the set list, the choreo was OFF and I have never felt more uncomfortable watching M perform. She was THE most confident stage performer, wtf happened??? How did this all go so wrong??? My heart is broken
  10. I am just glad it's shot by Klein and not Gomez...
  11. Absolutely no issue with the titties all out, but PLEASE stop pushing them UP!!! Happy Pride to all
  12. The whole thing is so random random candid pic for promo? random pricing (just because it's "limited"?) random generic packaging and random release date....her business partners/entire team has to GO!!!
  13. This used to be my playground To have Not to hold Drowned World Live to Tell
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