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  1. truerebel

    This is one of the reasons why she (smartly) ban all phones, I really wish people would respect her wishes and not sneak in to film something of this quality, and have it shared with those who have not seen it live. This capture completely ruins the entire theatre experience, it's really sad to know some will watch this and judge it to be dull and boring; which is the opposite LIVE. Those of you who will be attending a show, DO NOT watch it and just go and EXPERIENCE the show as it was intended to be seen - LIVE IN PERSON!
  2. truerebel

    Her time is no more and no less valuable than everyone else. For her to take the stage whenever she feels "ready" is of utmost disrespect to all parties involved. She's causing much anxiety by having paid audiences plan and adjust THEIR lives around HER, and to add insult to injury; has the audacity to bitch at those who decide to leave early??? Her behavior of late is simply puzzling and there is zero justification!
  3. truerebel

  4. truerebel

    Trust me, I check regularly and have NEVER seen any front row seats available at face value. So, check facts before you take something off facebook and spread rumors.
  5. truerebel

    Please screencap where you see front row seats being sold at face value? I would like to grab some. I mean, seriously!!!
  6. truerebel

    I was able to touch her each of the 5 shows attended, once during Medellin and the rest when she walked out during I Rise....magical
  7. truerebel

    With the exception of the Tour book (well designed) and the Saint MX T-shirt. The merchandise screams LAZY and cheap for this tour, sooooo many opportunities to raise the bar here which is such a shame. AND don't get me started on the VIP gifts, so embarrassing!
  8. truerebel

    she actually goes up the aisle on the right side from the stage and not left. If this is the map for REX, she will walk up the middle aisle during I rise so the seat you're selling is hardly where she will be passing by.
  9. truerebel

    left aisle
  10. truerebel

    If the show does go on as scheduled tonight, Live Nation needs to make a decision on Monday's show as many ticket holders are waiting in limbo, not knowing when it may be re-scheduled. If Monday's show is indeed canceled, we can choose to buy tickets to attend tonight or Sat's show.
  11. truerebel

    I was at the show last night, she was moving with so much grace, strength and precision that if she was in pain; one could NEVER tell. That's our girl, our QUEEN. I also agree with those who said the show may seem less strenuous but in reality; there are a LOT of marks to hit and she moves around the entire stage more so than RHT. I pray she get well soon so we could bid her a proper goodbye from NYC this weekend.
  12. truerebel

    when your original advertised start time is 8:30PM, the public chose to attend base on such; people have families, plans and obligations. When the was a reason to be tardy (injured dancer) during a show, it was understood and very few complained. When you blatantly disregard those who've made arrangements to come to your show and planned around a certain start tine EVERY single night; it is you to blame. Her problem is that she can't sleep until 4AM and can't function until after 10PM, so everyone else suffers. There is zero considerations to her fans.
  13. truerebel

    In light of all the meltdowns (justifiable, I must add) from her late start every night so far; would you rather have your ticket refunded at this point? I for one would absolutely take my money back, rather than sitting in a theatre having to wait over 2.5 hours for her to "decide" when she's ready to take the stage. I am done with her disrespect and unprofessionalism towards her fans!!!
  14. truerebel

    So, the polaroid is identical to the one Rosie got on night 1??? Meaning it wasn't actually taken during the show! That's sooooo lame!