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  1. Live to Tell, Frozen, Drowned World/Substitute for love, I'll remember, TUTBMP, You must love me, The Power of Goodbye, Crazy for you, The look of love, To have not to hold, Nothing fails, X-tastic process, Bad girl, Time stood still......Rain! Just noticed most of these on my list have never been performed on any of her previous tour........Bad Girl MUST make the Celebration Tour set list.....along with LTT!! I demand it
  2. JUST received my copy...I kinda don't want to open it cuz the sticker with the limited edition number is on the plastic wrap!!!
  3. Phewww....just got my copy and they had at least 5 left but pity I could only get one. These RSD releases are so exciting, reminds me of the days when we camp out at record stores for midnight releases.
  4. she needs no inspiration to perform this song....she truly love it!
  5. one of the MOST underrated M song ever.....
  6. This woman...perhaps the most polarizing figure in pop culture for the last 40 years has given us so many looks and like the rest of us, sometimes we get it right and often we miss the mark completely! To me, she look the most amazing nowadays when she is the most stripped down with minimal make up. When she does public appearances, her team goes for more is more is more is more which ages her.....and yes, she should fired her stylist ASAP....oh and send Ricardo Gomes along as a package deal!
  7. Ok but can we also talk about daddy Pedro tho....
  8. this shoot is EVERYTHING! serve us Queen!!!!!!!
  9. Just when I thought I couldn't love him more, and yes he is incredibly sexy!
  10. "you'll wake up one day, and It will be too late..." Oh my dear M, I just wanna know WHY???
  11. I can't help but wonder.....are all her mirrors at home auto-facetuned???
  12. LOVE that she said her alter ego is indeed DITA and not Madame X! Long live Dita Parlo!!!!!! SEX!
  13. Had she done a small promo gig in the UK or anywhere in Europe (she's largely been absent), invite a couple DJ's to spin a few tracks and twerk her way on stage and lip-sync to ANY one of the mixes; she would have gotten her #1 there! The promo in the US really didn't do much, Fallon is nowhere as relevant a late show host as M thinks he is and the only reason she always choose him is largely due to Guy O's personal friendship with him. Disco Oasis was an event thrown together for die-hards/local influencers and never reached a broad audience. Sometimes we (the die-hards) live in a bubble where we think everyone is aware AND excited for this release but the sad reality is that casual fans and general public are just not that interested in Madonna as an artist releasing a bunch of remixes.
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