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  1. 0:37 she falls and later forgets the words to the song
  2. M had a slight fall during "Open Your Heart" last night at the second show in Seattle. She recovered so cutely and laughed it off! She continued the show like nothing happened! A true pro!!
  3. I am sure a tour book is coming, but later down the road
  4. I think it actually added to tonight's experience for me! She was so hype through the whole show, I loved it!
  5. Billie Jean / Like A Virgin Interlude is on!
  6. The screen is coming up helping people get home lol
  7. I looked it up and there's a curfew on weekdays and that is at 11pm and on Sunday it's 10:30pm
  8. atleast she's enjoying the show and brings some energy unlike the 99% of the crowd
  9. Let's hope she actually finishes the show and doesn't cut it after Rain which starts now!
  10. Next stop of The Celebration Tour is in Antwerp at the Sportpaleis for another sold out show! So far every show of the tour has been SOLD OUT! Who's attending? Who's excited?
  11. They're going forward with the show. Interlude playing currently.
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