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  1. The Like a prayer album is like having private conversations with Madonna. A masterpiece...
  2. Copacabana unedited? They edited allready during the broadcast itself. Thats why its not in sync many times and make it seem like shes lipsyncing while in real life ( fan recordings to prove ) she was singing live and sounding decent to even fine... Just compare fan recordings Holliday to the actual Broadcast Holliday and you will see...
  3. It is 🥰... it's awesome that someone from the 80's tops that list again. Even if they include Taylor, shes still top 3...
  4. https://variety.com/2024/music/news/madonna-tops-pollstar-midyear-tour-chart-1236046955/
  5. New Frozen Remix dropped ( leaked) It's so good https://vm.tiktok.com/ZIJnnAoE9/
  6. What a moron ... I really don't get why people like this gets media attention. Madonna was and will always be about pushing boundaries and sex. And do people really can't tell the difference between lipsyncing and singing over a backing track 🙄...
  7. If your interested listen to this 👌 Btw these girls are sisters..
  8. Last weekend ( friday, saturday and sunday) there was a big sing and dance along concert in the Amsterdam Arena called De Toppers in concert. De toppers are 4 dutch male " singers " entertainers who normal wise sing solo and have their own carreer, but once in a while the four of them work together and give a huge 3 days concert with guest performances, all dutch. Singing iconic dutch sing along songs with also other dutch artists, and iconic songs from around the world. This year there was a tropical beach theme. And one of the guest performances was by Og3ne, a 3 girl formation group who did a Madonna medley and abba... They sang Like a Prayer, Hung Up, and maybe another song but i could be wrong. Here is the like a prayer performance. The girls seems fan of Madonna because a few years back one of them was on a dance show here in Holland, where famouse people have to dance like music videos and she did Madonna - Hung up ... I tought it was fun to share 🥰
  9. Thank you... and does that have any connection to the song?.. lol sorry for the questions 🙈
  10. This! And a close 2nd place the Like a prayer era.. Both such iconic eras
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