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  1. A pixelated image? What is that? The full remix album has been delayed to August 28, by the way. "Levitating" remix still coming this Friday.
  2. Prayer

    The Sun is full of crap most of the time BUT sometimes the music/showbiz editor gets exclusive and real info before everyone else, some music teams use them to advance information. The Spice Girls did it with their last reunion in 2019, Kylie with her new single a month ago, etc. We'll see. A proper announcement on her birthday would be very old school Madonna + Warner vibes.
  3. Prayer

    She doesn't have the rights at the moment. A new contract could include that (ownership for Madonna but exclusive license to Warner). Prince got that when he came back to Warner for a double album release in 2014. And no, Warner can only re-release previously released material the same way it was released. Anything involving something new (Deluxe editions, demos, unreleased stuff), she has to green light it.
  4. It's gonna be great. Dua's team are currently the best artist team in pop music, they don't mess around. They know a Madonna feature is a big thing for Dua and it will be GOOD.
  5. Just a random question in case anyone knows! On the liner notes from the "You Can Dance" album there is a special thank you: Very Special Thanks: Bill Johnston Anyone knows who's this person? Thanks!
  6. I'm sure there will be physical formats for this yeah Some fan asked The Blessed Madonna on Instagram if it would be released on vinyl and she just replied with a "maybe" emoji.
  7. Back to Warner, her back catalogue, her biopic... They're coming for BLOOD this time. Get ready
  8. Official Dua's remix album cover, for those who hated it - and those who loved it Press release commented here:
  9. "Confessions" was a huge GP era. It was cool to love Madonna again.
  10. Prayer

    Without any promo from herself, but not Warner! Back then Warner would still do whatever they could to get her playlisted (on radios) and to make sure the songs were known and promoted. No promo from Madonna is not the same as no promo from the record company. And that's why "Give It 2 Me" was a decent medium hit and even "Celebration" (in Europe). Of course things changed dramatically in the next few years and now Spotify and streaming is the new radio. But Interscope hasn't done shit to promote her, just "Give Me All Your Luvin'" and that's because they had a radio deal for her (not sure if it was the record company or Live Nation). I'm not saying her coming back to Warner is going to be like the old days, the music business is radically different nowadays. But...
  11. Prayer

    Her and everyone else! Music videos in the 00s were generally pretty basic once the music industry collapsed. AND I'm sure she was behind the budget decisions too, cause in the end it was her money after all. Warner just gave her advanced money and she returned with her royalties. Why spend hug amounts of money in a music video if record sales were going to be lower anyway?
  12. "4 Minutes" was a monster hit in 2008 and one of the pop songs of that year, it was everywhere. A proper international hit and her last one so far. The "Sticky & Sweet Tour" was a huge success too. And then the Super Bowl in 2012. I know some fans don't like the "Hard Candy" era that much and have "Confessions" as her last peak, but let's not rewrite history...
  13. Prayer

    Finally! (Enough love) I wouldn't mind a new upload every week/two weeks It's also a way to rediscover them!
  14. Prayer

    Same releases, same masters, same everything except for the new Warner logo. Legally they had to update every release, physical and digital, to the new copyright label.