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  1. It simply can be "just a playlist". In order to make a Spotify playlist, the songs need to be released on the platform, you can't do a playlist with songs that are not there. Some of the remixes heard on her stories in the studio are not on Spotify yet ("Ray Of Light" Sasha, "Nothing Really Matters" Club 69). So it's going to be, at least, a digital album.
  2. I don't see how it's that random: - It's a way of doing a "greatest hits" kind of album in a world where Greatest Hits compilations in the old sense don't really exist anymore (yeah, I know they're still around in some cases but you know what I mean). - It's a way of celebrating and get press talking about an amazing achievement: 50 Dance #1s in the US. Keep building a positive profile before the reissues, the movie, etc. - It's a way for her to keep being creative, selecting the remixes, mixing them together, etc. - It will be the first time some of those remixes are going to be on streaming and digital stores. - Luckily we'll get some surprises (new remixes) and a physical edition. I mean, what's not to like?
  3. Madonna 50: Remix Revolution Sounds good! Let's wait and see, I'd love that they play with the "50" somewhere in the title to link it with the achievement.
  4. Great picture and story! Thanks for sharing! Big question: the "Vogue" remix was new or an old one? If it was new maybe we can expect some old classic remixes mixed with some other new remixes by Honey Dijon maybe... Interesting!
  5. But they can be selecting the parts of the original mixes they like or think will work best together and then the space between the tracks will be deleted later when they start mixing them all together. Part 1 would be selecting the clips they want from the originals and part 2 doing the transitions between them. Let's see!
  6. It's from the original 1998 remixes package, 100% old. It even got an official remix video back in the day:
  7. Guys, you're gonna be MILKED with the reissues and expanded physical editions, with multiple formats for each one. Don't worry about it, it's coming.
  8. Of course he can. It's what I think they're doing, actually!
  9. Nah... they already did that with "Like A Prayer 30th" and "True Blue 35th" without her involvement! I can't see her getting in the studio just to pump up the volume on some old remixes.
  10. If she's in the studio with Mike Dean it's not going to be just the old remixes on digital as they were and that's it. They're working on something. My bet is a DJ mix with the new "Frozen" remix added or some little surprise (like the new Swae Lee collaboration), as I said in previous posts. And if they do a 75-minute project Warner can easily manufacture some CDs and sell them, and even put the vinyls on pre-order and send them when they're ready in the next few months. It's a win-win for everyone: we get something "new", media can celebrate her 50 #1s score and pave the way for the biopic, etc. I think a remixes project is a great idea, especially after the sudden success of the "Frozen" remix. Her current Spotify numbers are bigger than ever thanks to the "Frozen" remix.
  11. I would love this as the cover! The "Celebration" vibes of it gives me chills for the audio part of the project, though
  12. I don't believe it for a second. Typical tabloid story when there's no story: pictured together, she wants him on her new record, bla bla.
  13. "Argentina" was a #1 Dance hit for the Miami remix, obviously, but what I mean is that that #1 Dance is simply credited to "Don't Cry For Me Argentina", Madonna and that's it. If she wants to do like a "50+1" Kylie package - sorry for bringing that out again but it's the only example I can think of - she can choose whatever remix she wants or likes best from each song, and that would cover that #1. For instance, on the stories she uploaded yesterday we could hear the "Club 69 Remix" of "Nothing Really Matters", then than selection would cover the #1 for "Nothing Really Matters" - and same with the rest.
  14. What charts is the song. For instance, a whole package of remixes can be sent to the clubs, but the song is what's gonna end up charting.
  15. So sad. That documentary is fantastic. You can tell everyone involved did it with absolute love and respect. And her work was amazing. An angel, indeed. Rest in peace.
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