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  1. No, so they used the European date for that one obviously. But for the ones released in the US they're usually following the original US release dates.
  2. I've always thought this will be the case with "Love Profusion". They're following the original US dates for most of them after all.
  3. That Warner or whoever has pitched the song only did it for the first pre Christmas weeks to get a little traction. If it was a paid playlist I guess the next three weeks would be the more expensive ones. All this is pure especulation by the way. We have no idea!
  4. It got 346.525 streams, almost the same as yesterday. The song is already at 13M, with all these weeks ahead it should easily pass 20-25M... if it stays on the big Xmas playlist, of course.
  5. Gives us hope for all the nights she didn't seem to say anything for a goodbye... maybe she did but her mic was already off?
  6. To be fair, the intubated thing was never confirmed and was tabloid info. But of course it must have been pretty serious when all her children were called into hospital to be with her. She confirmed on one of her tour speeches that the doctors thought and said that was it. I don't know, people who like to hate on her won't ever give her anything. I always thought that maybe if some day she's gone they would, but now I don't think they will even after that. Still to this day and five months after nearly dying, they can't even acknowledge the strength and will of this woman. Almost every other person would have cancelled the tour and go and live their own lives after such an experience. She's here, she's giving the fans a dream tour and that's all that matters.
  7. While I'm obviously happy for her about it, there's something I don't get about all the new recent "Santa Baby" success wave. It's been included on the biggest Spotify Christmas playlist. That's not a coincidence or just casual, something has happened behind the scenes for that to happen. Someone/some part has asked (even payed) Spotify for it. Did Warner make the move? It's not even their song and it would only help her profile (maybe that's why they've done it?). But for some reason I can't see Warner pitching a song it's not even theirs? Did Universal (the owner of that compilation) make the move? That would make more sense but only IF the royalties are not going to that cause now... but to them. Why would they push a song that is not even making money for them? I just don't know! There is so much confusion... But great that it's happening of course. Wonder what she'll think about it (probably not much since she's basically ignored half of her biggest Spotify hits within the new tour xd).
  8. Some people love to give her s**t, no matter what. She can't and will never win with those ones. Lucky for us she doesn't do it for them.
  9. But every comment and fan review I read about Cologne said the audience were terrible... so... And she was so pissed she even posted the fart speech the next day on her Instagram stories. She wasn't pleased at all with Cologne. Cold goodbye in Amsterdam? She was all smiles and jokes during "Bitch" and "Celebration" and even blew them a kiss! That's a first in this tour, as far as I remember. PD: Her mic seems off but she was saying goodbye... or something xd
  10. Maybe they're not selling as well as they expected? Hence the lower prices now.
  11. There are not so many, it's only that it's her first arena tour in the "new world" of everyone having good quality smartphones so everything is registered. There are endless videos for each show now, when in the previous arena tour, the "Rebel Heart Tour", 2015-2016 good smartphone cameras and big storages capacities were not that extended for everyone. But I agree that not having a band was maybe and adjustment for everyone there? Including herself. I prefer it, though? She seems way more relaxed.
  12. They would anyway, right? She always has a hard time with them (and German media, but she managed to win them in Berlin, let's hope for the best tonight as well).
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