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  1. If he has addiction issues first of all I hope he can get help and overcome them eventually, cause he's a really talented artist and has so many positive things to give to the world still but second and most important: it wouldn't serve as an excuse to justify his words over the years, just as an explanation maybe. Just close your socials. It's not the first time at all this happens. What's the point.
  2. In the UK not only it was the 4th single of the album (it was going to have a hard time anyway) but it was released the same week Blur and Oasis were at their peaks, so British media was Oasis vs Blur all that week and the rest of the new releases pretty much ignored. "Human Nature" was lost in the middle of the great Britpop war. Timing is essential sometimes.
  3. Bitch or not, it's extremely unprofessional and he's been doing it since 2012, with "MDNA" still fresh released. I can't think of any other of her long time collaborators to have such a shady attitude towards her, apart from the occasional funny joke. And not only with Madonna, I remember he did "Alien" for Britney Spears on her "Britney Jean" album and trashed the version released and will.i.am for likes and fans attention (the final version has a glitch and he said it wasn't his fault but will.i.am's - but Orbit was the producer?). He's an amazing producer but has a big, big mouth. And it's a shame cause he's such a talent.
  4. I guess so, he's been expressing that opinion non-stop since 2012.
  5. Orbit continues to be her most unprofessional collaborator ever: https://www.instagram.com/p/C6-Kb9Ds7B_/ The constant use of her name for social media attention. The constant shade and dragging here and there. JUST STOP. "Ray Of Light" was 26 years ago. You had your chance with "MDNA" and blew it. Let go.
  6. She's worth 850M according to this: https://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/singers/madonna-net-worth/ And Taylor would be 900M according to the same site. No idea of how reliable it is, though.
  7. Blocked in my country for copyright issues. :-( But thanks a lot. If it's another vocal Reggie Lucas surely licensed to the movie producers with another master, cause the Madonna version would have been way much more expensive (and probably she would have had to approve it by then). It was his song, so... business.
  8. Success in Brazil or not, I'm reading it only made $3 million in the US, which sounds like a flop: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fraternity_Vacation Please rip the part where "PA" sounds, now I'm intrigued to see what Lucas did.
  9. Mmm weird. In any case, we're talking about a small movie that didn't even have an official soundtrack release. Maybe he and Warner licensed a different version of the song or something, impossible to know since it's nowhere on YouTube.
  10. Music business is business. "Ain't No Big Deal" is a full finished and mastered song from her debut and it sounds very similar to the general sound of that album, many older fans already know it and it would be a good choice to attract buyers to a reissue. And again, it has a great history attached to it, since it's actually the song that got her signed and started all. Perfect marketing. It's been 28 years since "Pre-Madonna". As fas as I remember she knew Bray was going to do it. Surely if she could forgive her brother for that book she can forgive Bray for trying to make some buck from some old demos that he even cared to polish, so there was nothing really bad sounding or shaming there. Plus her history is attached to him anyway, he's making good money each year from his hit co-writings with her. When you say "behind her back"... again, business is business. Reggie Lucas gave her her first Top 10 single, "Borderline", and her life changed. He had to see Jellybean getting all the main acclaim for an album he mainly produced. If he wanted to take something back when Madonna exploded big in 1985, he had the right to do it. She also made decisions along the years going with what she thought was best for her, in spite of others. What's with that Fraternity Vacation movie soundtrack? Can't find anything about it or that "PA" version.
  11. Honestly I think she must be up for new music at the moment. She's been living in the past since 2020 and I'm sure she can't wait to move on after the tour. I think that's what we're having next: new music. The reissues can wait.
  12. Yep, anyone could confirm if it was the same we got last week or there were changes? Thank you!
  13. We don't know the reach of the new 2021 agreement though. Could be a deal with a pre-agreement to deliver the reissues every X amount of time (I remember in her old Warner contract she was meant to deliver a studio album every X years) or just a general agreement with later individual contracts for each project. We don't know. She delivered "Finally Enough Love" anyway and that worked quite well for Warner (her longest chart run in the UK in ages) so I'm sure they're happy with it so far. We'll see.
  14. The "Dark Ballet" cryptic post could have been about the "Madame X Tour" film. Rumor back then is she was trying to get it to Netflix, but they demanded more closeups - that's why she shot those later on studio around that time - and then they demanded more changes and she said "f**k off" and ended up getting a deal with MTV/Paramount +.
  15. We're purely speculating honestly. But it wouldn't be that weird, it has a story to it ("the song that was going to be the first single but wasn't in the end"), it's cute and catchy and it's something hardcore fans know and probably want on streaming anyway. And it's actually the song that got her signed, so they could build a little cute marketing for it. Also, it's not like she disliked it back then, her and the label were just not happy with Mark Kamins' production and then by the time Reggie Lucas did it Bray had already sold it to another band. But I don't think she hated it.
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