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  1. True. What's with Warner and these glitches/cuts at the beginning of tracks? "True Blue 35th" also had a couple of them until they fixed them. Also, some tracks on the "Madame X" live album should be marked as explicit, "American Life" for sure.
  2. Weird cause I had “I Don’t Search I Find” on my Release Radar playlist!
  3. The fixing has made it to be gone from Release Radar on Spotify though? The wrong version was the one submitted to that playlist but then removed, at least on mine. This means the album is not gonna have the push on streaming from that essential playlist On the other hand, the album is #2 on iTunes Spain
  4. The LAP one is the official one, the others were just social media promo.
  5. Apple Music NZ: https://music.apple.com/nz/album/madame-x-music-from-the-theater-xperience-live/1588771550
  6. Copyright is "Boy Toy Inc. under exclusive license to Warner Records LLC". So this is not directly with Warner, just them distributing. Just like the Interscope years. Interesting. Maybe it's just for this release only and the reissues and all will be the regular Warner deal?
  7. Weird, cause it doesn't appear on Qobuz NZ and usually it should be there by this time. I think this release has been a last minute decision thing maybe? We'll see tomorrow if there's any track submitted to Release Radar on Spotify. It should be on Apple Music NZ in less than two hours
  8. OK but what I meant is they didn't really come back until the mid 00s. I can't think of any big pop blockbuster live album from the 80s or 90s, right?
  9. Live albums weren't really a thing until 2003-2004-2005, right? Up until that point you got maybe an "MTV Unplugged" release here and there but that was it.
  10. I do remember the CBS and the no commercials story from back in 2004, maybe it was only fan rumourology but it was on every forum back then. Of course that doesn't mean anything, but... I think simply by the time it was OK to release it didn't make sense anymore. The live album and documentary commercial release was Summer 2006, during "The Confessions Tour", which was confusing enough to even release later the full concert when "The Confessions Tour" was going to be shown worldwide during Christmas that year and out in stores in January 2007. Poor "RIT" but it's understandable, it simply missed its chance.
  11. I think the instrumental was definitely slowed and pitched down and Madonna didn't re-record her vocals for it cause she sounds lower than usual even in her lower register (Orbit used this same trick again in "Falling Free" for the ending of the song, but the result was much worse). But maybe some of the "Corazón (Be Careful)" demos on YouTube are fake anyway?
  12. It was and still is a great song but I always thought it didn't get released as a single cause Madonna had still that policy of "no singles and videos with other artists". I know, "I Want You" with Massive Attack, but she didn't share the spotlight there and it was cancelled anyway, so... "Me Against The Music" changed it all... I remember it was VERY surprising at the time, for this reason.
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