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  1. It's a simple as: if she appears as a main artist with the other artists, Warner and her have given permission and it's an official release. If they're taking advantage of this and it's not official, it will be removed soon after the release or won't even make the platforms. That's why my guess is that it's real They wouldn't be that foolish to try to use her name without permission. These kind of releases happen all the time lately, with mash ups and remixes. Last year there was a popular "Toxic" mash up and in the end if was made official with Britney and Genuine co-credited as artists with the remixer, ALTÉGO: It's not unusual now in the TikTok era.
  2. Judging for the presave she's officially credited so... looks like it's official. But we'll see when it's released and we can check the credits, copyright info, etc.
  3. It's coming anyway as soon as she starts the tour
  4. "Back That Up To The Beat" Demo up to #4 on her latest Top 10 update:
  5. - New and recents big peaks: "Into The Groove": 92M "Ray Of Light" ("Celebration"/"GHV2" Radio Edit): 15M "Vogue" ("I'm Breathless" Album Edit): 21M "Back That Up To The Beat" (Demo Version): 6M
  6. It's a combination of performance and relevance in the last 28 days. @Bjonkersexplained it perfectly. :-)
  7. "Back That Up To The Beat" Demo Version enters her current Spotify Top 10 and kicks out "Like A Prayer":
  8. The audience reaction after a 4 or 5 hours (!!!!) delay won't help to have a show to be remembered forever. At least not in a good way. That's part of the issue, too. She can be late, but a show is also a constant exchange of energy between the artist and the audience. If the audience is left waiting for hours, they won't be as fresh and receiving, the artist will feel that and everything is a mess in the end. The artist feeds from the audience. If the audience is tired of waiting, pissed off, etc., it's not the best situation for anyone, including the artist. So being extremely late benefits literally no one. PS: I've seen many of other pop shows as intricate as hers with the artist starting on time. Tech issues can happen yes, but I'd like to think her health was the reason for this problem in the last decade and it shouldn't be happening now with the new tour...
  9. Bitch is getting close to 23M! - New big peaks today: "Vogue" ("Celebration"/"Immaculate" Version): 178M "Frozen" Sickick Remix: 115M "Like A Virgin" (Album Version): 209M "Die Another Day": 35M
  10. "Finally Enough Love" was basically a compilation, so it's tricky. But a reissue/expanded/fixed version of "Celebration" would be nice. A new cover with the tour artwork, fixed mistakes and expanded tracklist. Even if was only digital, it could be good.
  11. There isn't a version without him, at least not released officially.
  12. Kimi Djabaté is now credited on "Ciao Bella" on digital platforms:
  13. Plus lots of new big peaks: - "Material Girl" ("Celebration" Version): 312M - "Hung Up": 296M - "La Isla Bonita": 256M - "Like A Prayer" ("Celebration" Version): 254M - "Crazy For You": 96M - "Cherish" ("Like A Prayer" Album Version): 11M
  14. I saw the Whitney movie a couple of weeks ago (not bad, not great) and I kept thinking all the time how impossible would be to do justice to Madonna on the biopic, in 2 hours. Impossible task. So maybe it's for the best. And we're getting a tour instead, so... She already has the script, so it can be done in the future maybe, or tuned into a TV series or a book...
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