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  1. No, the HD version of "Music" was the short version, uploaded apart from the start: The original 4:44 version was kept and wasn't deleted or replaced with the HD shorter version: Hope the thumbnail changes mean those videos are coming in HD too... "Die Another Day" especially. Such a BAD upload (video and audio) for one of her greatest videos is a CRIME.
  2. Violent M never looked so good! One of the best things from the Ritchie years! What's the opinion from the experts about the video source? Looks pretty good, right? LOVE the digital EP + HD video combo. It's always a mini event.
  3. The remix sent by Warner/Rhino for Spotify Release Radar playlist is the "Above & Beyond 12'' Club". Let's see how it performs, a 7:25 remix is risky for pushing on streaming. Maybe the 3:44 "Above & Beyond Club Radio Edit" would have been a better option. Glad they're doing their work, though! "HQ" cover, from TIDAL:
  4. There was going to be an official Thunderpuss remix for the song, but someone leaked a fanmade remix with their name on it early (not them), Warner thought it was them to get attention and it was left out the official remixes package. All info here: http://www.madonnatribe.com/idol/barry.htm MT: Let's talk about the "What It Feels Like For A Girl" incident. Thunderpuss were commissioned an official remix by Warners. We've heard it apparently was originally rejected because of a bootleg unofficial mix of the song being passed as your mix on sharing programs. As a remixer myself,
  5. It was such a BOLD move from Madonna's part to have a remix violent video and yeah, quite weird that Warner allowed that to happen. Maybe she was riding so high from the success of "Music" and "Don't Tell Me" (and the album) that they couldn't say no to it. While I love the video and the remix and I respect her artistic guts, it was probably not the best decision commercially: a #23 peak on the Billboard Hot 100 after a #4 and #1 single was not enough. I also remember "What It Feels" was originally going to be the 2nd single from the album, right? Do we know why that changed?
  6. Fucking yes!! https://music.apple.com/nz/album/what-it-feels-like-for-a-girl/1562338698 The video mix on streaming FINALLY. And "Lo Que Siente La Mujer". Hopefully we'll have the remastered HD video tomorrow as well! What a nice surprise.
  7. It's just the PAL vs NTSC speed difference, it happened with all movies. In fact, it still funny to me to watch the Blu-Ray "normal" footage of the songs cause they seem, well, slow! Especially "Express Yourself". That version on the movie we had in Europe was sooo sped up. I think it was already faster on the movie, so we got it even faster.
  8. OMG that X, it's true. Hahahaha Could it be a song about their love and how nice "Space X" is? Isn't that lovely? OK, I'll stop now.
  9. Well, the music preview on his stories today sounds good, I quite like it. Visuals are good too: https://www.instagram.com/stories/ahla_malik/2548320260181176321/ I think it will be an EP. I wish there's some Madonna in there, I'm just so thirsty for new M!
  10. "Justify My Love" was recorded on her birthday 1990, right? That was 10 days after the tour was finished. Surely "The Beast Within" and "Rescue Me" were recorded around that time, too. Maybe in "Justify My Love" she was just replicating Ingrid's style from the demo and was able to bring that "lush" voice out.
  11. 100% unofficial. Usually those bootlegs are taken down from Spotify and Apple Music within days (or they don't make it at all and get caught in the process), but somehow this one is still on Spotify since its release. I guess it will be taken down eventually.
  12. I'm sorry but the way some grown-up men talk about women's bodies in those terms is disgusting and gross. She's not anybody's bitch. Maybe she's doing it for herself and not you, but of course that's a hard pill to swallow, right? Leave the woman alone. When she was doing all kind of stuff in 2005 and 2006 and it fitted their idea of "beauty", "perfect", whatever, some fans didn't have any problem with it. She can't win, really.
  13. I'm not completely sure but I think Mariah's team played that game with those MC30 releases to get maximum exposure, right? They sent them as 2020/2021 "new" releases but later they sent an update just for the release date to change it to the original year (but not the copryright). That happened with the "Like A Prayer" digital maxi, too: originally its release date and copyright was 2021, but then the release date was updated to 1989.
  14. They could but then they could only send a previously unreleased track for Release Radar. If the Album Version is the same as the "I'm Breathless" album, Spotify counts it as "already released" and don't allow to consider it for Release Radar. And I don't think Spotify algorithm likes instrumentals that much, really
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