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  1. Prayer

    No, she owns her masters from "MDNA", they're copyrighted to her company (Boy Toy, Inc) with exclusive license to Live Nation and Interscope Records (for a limited number of years, I guess). All the Warner stuff is owned by Warner but legally the artist can claim ownership of the recording after 35 years since the original release. That means gradually she can get all of her Warner albums if she wants to.
  2. Prayer

    They own it for now but it's a matter of time she claims to own her 80s masters or at least ownership with exclusive distribution deal with Warner or something like that. Legally she could already have "Madonna" and "Like A Virgin" back to her (it's 35 years since the original release) if she wanted to.
  3. This comment on the YouTube official "Burning Up" video is quite telling, I think: People don't understand how revolutionary this was at the time. It seemed like cheap pornography and was released late at night on MTV (her second video but first one on mtv) Female artists do this all the time now. (it's called writhing) but nobody did it back then because it was considered vulgar and too overt. I guess her image and attitude were too much for some people since day 1.
  4. Prayer

    Spotify is also very general public/general music consumer orientated. I know some hyper fans (not only Madonna's) who listen to everything 100% on streaming, but it's not the general rule for older artists. Personally, I like a little bit of everything. I use Spotify but I still buy music on iTunes (and physical when I can) to support the artist and tag it the way I like, etc. etc. I know Madonna doesn't need money but I still feel is the right thing to do. Of course streaming is here to stay and maybe some day we'll just be forced to use it cause it's the only or best option available. The thing is: she needs to connect with the general audiences again. That middle age lady who used to love Madonna's music but doesn't care for her since "Confessions"; the general music fan who respects giants like her; the young music fan discovering old music. She needs to remember people how brilliant her back catalogue is. Remastering her videos and getting classic maxis/EPs available on digital is a step in the right direction. And of course the biopic can do wonders for her. I'm sorry to bring out Kylie again but she went from 1/2 million monthly listeners on Spotify last year to 17 million at the moment (and of course not all those are hardcore Kylie fans). Of course her remix with Dua Lipa has helped and also her Christmas hits, but her team has been great in getting the general public in with the campaign of her last album.
  5. Prayer

    DAD video looks (and was) super expensive. Don't let the crappy official YouTube upload fool you.
  6. Prayer

    Well, Bowie and Prince are dead. Sadly, that always helps. And Prince has had countless legacy releases since he passed away. Madonna's streaming numbers are not excellent but they're not tragic either. It's a combination of her fans being more old school and not consuming her music on streaming, and her legacy not being taken care of until recently. We've talked about it many times but her back catalogue on Spotify and Apple Music is a mess with wrong versions and different volumen betweeen tracks and all kinds of stuff going on. Also, her public image in the last few years it's not at its peak, honestly. I'm sure there's a shift coming with Rhino (Warner) finally uploading her back catalogue and hopefully when the biopic is released. Her legacy hasn't been properly celebrated since the streaming era begun. So let's wait and see.
  7. Mmmn, not exactly. She said she wasn't sure about recording it for the movie soundtrack, but Rupert Everett convinced her to do it. The label executive story is he wanted to put it on the "Music" album (being a huge worldwide hit for her in the first months of 2000) but she felt the album ended with "Gone". So she made an agreement to have the 10-track album for the US and "American Pie" as track number 11 internationally. She later regretted that and it was left out of "GHV2". I think it was about the money too - adding "American Pie" to the "Music" album she had to split royalties from the album for Don McLean too.
  8. Prayer

    She didn't become anything in particular. It seems you just stopped liking her - or liking her as much as you did before. And that's OK, we all change. I agree with you though there was a shift in 2013-2014 when she started looking at her past and referencing herself for the first time. The Super Bowl "happy faces", while she was playing safe, no doubt, have always been there since "Holiday"! Part of her "making people happy" performance face: Super Bowl was a huge celebration so she was playing that game.
  9. It's coming. I just hope it's the uncensored version and not the black bars "Celebration" thing or fans will go:
  10. Prayer

    It was a "WOW" moment (one of many in that show!) seeing it live on the "MDNA Tour" with the giant screens. I remember thinking "God, she looks HOT". And then going into "Vogue": The remix is great too, dark and sexy.
  11. Rhino is Warner. There are not that many remixes from the 80s singles and some of them are already "used" on other editions: - "Madonna" album on digital includes the 12'' mix of "Borderline" as track no. 2 plus the extended mixes of "Burning Up" and "Lucky Star" as bonus tracks (same as the 2001 remastered version). - "Like A Virgin" album on digital includes the extended mixes of "Like A Virgin" and "Material Girl" as bonus tracks (same as the 2001 remastered version). The Spotify version also has the extended mix of "Dress You Up". - "True Blue" album on digital includes the extended mixes of "True Blue" and "La Isla Bonita" as bonus tracks (same as the 2001 remastered version). The Spotify version also has the extended version of "Papa Don't Preach" as track no. 1. - "Like A Prayer (30th Anniversary)" (streaming only) includes remixes/extended versions of "Like A Prayer", "Express Yourself", "Cherish" and "Keep It Together", plus "Supernatural". Maybe they're saving the rest for future Deluxe editions, yeah, but who knows. What's left from the 80s? - Open Your Heart Extended - All the "Like A Prayer" remixes - "Express Yourself" remixes - "Keep It Together" remixes. Anything else?
  12. Shit I'm Madonna! Now I want it to be real... imagine the reactions.
  13. Prayer

    She looks incredible. And that scar... she must have been in total pain and agony in the tour. She's a super woman. Respect.