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  1. Prayer

    No, she was just tired from two years working non-stop and probably editing her "Truth Or Dare" movie. Also, it was never planned to be a single but radios started playing it so Sire decided to release it as a single.
  2. Prayer

    "Faz Gostoso" was the missing opportunity with this album. In the past? "Nothing Fails", "Impressive Instant"...
  3. Prayer

    Disney+ is not the classic Disney Channel for children and teenages... it's a streaming service aimed to compete with Netflix, HBO, etc. In order to do that they'll try to get exclusive content for every age range. I'm not saying it's gonna happen, but it could happen. It's a whole new world now with all of them (Apple TV too) competing for the video streaming market. They need exclusive content. And they could always edit out the most explicit stuff for the streaming version and save it for the DVD/Blu-Ray release as a bonus or exclusive (that was the case with "The Confessions Tour" and "Live To Tell"). Anyway, if she's really going to sign that whole deal with Disney (like the Live Nation deal) is gonna be a whole rebranding of Madonna, as a legacy act, which wouldn't be a bad idea at the moment, to be honest. It would be great for her to keep creating her stuff but be celebrated for her past at the same time. Let's see what happens!
  4. Prayer

    I don't get why the 3 bonus tracks from the Limited Edition 2CD are not on streaming services... The Super Deluxe bonus tracks from "Rebel Heart" were later released on digital as an EP. I guess it's licensing issues, "Funana" has a James Brown's sample and maybe it was only cleared for physical but not digital release?
  5. Here's what she said while promoting the "American Life" album back in 2003: All of these songs reflect my current state of mind. I feel like I have just woken up out of a dream. They range from dismay and anger to joy and certainty. Hopefully, I have taken the personal and made it universal. About "Hollywood", for Q Magazine: I’ve had 20 years of fame and fortune, and I feel that I have a right to an opinion on what it is and what it isn’t. All everyone is obsessed about at the moment is being a celebrity. I’m saying that’s bullshit and who knows better than me? Before it happens you have all kinds of notions about how wonderful celebrity is and how much joy it’s going to bring you. Then you arrive … Look like this you’re gonna be happy. Drive this car you’re gonna be popular. Wear these clothes and people are gonna wanna fuck you. It’s a very powerful illusion and people are caught up in it, including myself. Or I was.
  6. Thanks for the samples! I'm sorry but sounds super fake to me. Those added effects on top of the album versions... mmhm no. "Hollywood" in particular is 100% fake, I think.
  7. Prayer

    4.300 according to Wikipedia - maybe less considering the stage etc. According to this other site: Its maximum capacity is 2.846 seats and it can accommodate a standing audience of 5.672 people.
  8. The start of the song, before the door slamming, is Prince. In addition, Prince contributed a guitar solo to Like A Prayer which was edited out of the album version. It was long thought that the album version contained no Prince input at all, however in a 2014 interview Patrick Leonard, the songs producer revealed it's actually Prince on guitar at the very beginning of the song before the door slams.). More of his solo is included on a version released on the Like A Prayer maxi-single.
  9. The old concept for "single" (a full release with music video, radio promo, performances, etc. each 3/4 months) is obsolete now. These days different songs are used to promote an album/project/era/artist. When any of them sticks, then the artist has a hit. Sadly not the case with "Madame X" :( You could say "Medellín" and "Crave" were the two songs pushed for radio (without success), but "Madame X" has had all these releases so far: "Medellín", "Crave", "I Rise", "Future", "Dark Ballet", "God Control", "Batuka" and "I Don't Search I Find". All of them have been promo tools for the album/project, and that's what singles were all about in the old days - and I guess they still are nowadays.
  10. Not really, Prince only green lighted in 2015 the Paysley Park remastered 9-track original "Purple Rain" album, not any vault tracks or extra content, that's why Warner delayed the project for months... and then when he died they expanded it with the State and made it what we've got today. The "1999" new box set is amazing!
  11. Prayer

    The original "American Life" video and all that controversy. For the first time, she couldn't control it and it was out of her hands. I love that single and the album but it damaged her career for good. Nothing was the same since that.
  12. It's true but the only two original "Immaculate Collection" versions missing on iTunes and streaming services are "Lucky Star" and "Borderline" - "Lucky Star" is the "U.S. Remix" and "Borderline" the original "Madonna" album version renamed as "Remix". And the "Celebration" versions for those two tracks are very close to "The Immaculate Collection" 1990 remixes. They are considered "alternative Q-Sound versions" almost. The rest of "The Immaculate Collection" on Spotify/Apple Music/etc. are the 1990 correct remixed versions. In my opinion the worst case is the "Madonna" album: edits mixed with 12'' versions, 2001 remastered versions and such. A bit of a mess (but it works somehow, I don't dislike it that much).
  13. Prayer

    I think she could push for the whole (standard) visual album now, maybe? She's got: 01. Medellín 02. Dark Ballet 03. God Control (to be released) 05. Batuka (to be released) 07. Crave 13. I Rise But that's only half the album. She's got tons of unused visuals it seems from the album photoshoot, the "Medellín" shoot and the Apple Music remix lab, etc. Maybe she could use some of them?
  14. Cause now they're part of the album and it's the same audio file for the single and the album version, so there's no need to have both versions there really. It's a way to keep it tidy, other artists do that too. If you had the single saved you'll be able to play it, since it's the same file.
  15. Prayer

    Mariah stans vs. Madonna... in 2019???? Aren’t we all getting a little too old for this? Yes, INDEED. It's not 2005, grow up.