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  1. Hahaha, very: I agree with you, honestly. We all can and should express our opinion. Maybe I've been guilty of replying to people who didn't like the video, I'm sorry if the conversation got too heated some times in the previous pages. It's just the "good art" and "bad art" argument I really have an issue with. To me it's all about personal preference and even timing, we all have moments not liking an album and then coming back years laters and finding it amazing. I'm sure we can find a way of having an adult conversation about her work, cause ultimately, good or bad, that's what art is all about.
  2. Genuine question: Who decides what's "good" and "bad" art? Isn't art one of the most subjective things in life?
  3. They're OK - so far, audio's been out for a week and the video for 5 days. The song is doing 75.000-100.000 streams a day on Spotify now, which is not amazing but quite healthy. But the video is slowing down quite a bit now. So we'll see but it's not looking that promising now. To compare, "Medellín" is the most streamed song of the "Madame X" album, with 65M streams on Spotify since its release, while the video is 55M on YouTube. That's not a giant hit by any means, but it's OK. "Frozen" Sickick worked very great on Spotify, at least the original first remix: it's almost 93M streams now. It had the support of big Spotify playlists like Viral Hits, Big On Internet, etc. etc. (the TikTok effect). The remixes videos did not that great in the long run: the Fireboy DML Remix is at 12M, 070 Shake remix at 2M and "Frozen On Fire" 2,6M. Tokischa, while not a big big artist, is quite known in Latin countries, so that should give the "Hung Up" remix certain longevity. We'll see.
  4. 1.032.545 streams now on Spotify. 1.613.948 views for the video on YouTube.
  5. It's up to her, in the end. I'm sure Warner is up for filling the reissues with as much unreleased material as possible, cause that's the main strong selling point. If she wants to share demos, unreleased songs, etc., she will. Luckily she seems to be more relaxed now about her past. The fact that she was bopping on Instagram to her 1981-1982 demos should be a good sign.
  6. Update: 922.754 streams on Spotify (should pass 1M today). Video: 1.424.046 views Sadly down to #49 already on YouTube trending worldwide.
  7. Certainly we're not talking about big numbers now on iTunes. But even if she sold, let's say, only 1.000 copies of "Finally Enough Love" on iTunes worldwide (pure estimate), that still would be 1.000 albums at 30 dollars each. What I meant is everything counts and everything is important. A #1 on iTunes worldwide, while not as important as in 2013, is still an achievement - smaller than before but still one.
  8. Believe it or not, while it's not the main store anymore, of course it matters and of course there are still people buying digital music, myself for instance. They're album sales after all. An album sale, CD, vinyl or digital (iTunes for instance) always counts more for the charts, you need hundreds of streams to equal an album sale, depending on the charts rules of every country. Besides, a digital album sale always means more money (profit) for the label than streaming. She was #1 on iTunes with a 30$ album. That's definitely good money for Warner and her.
  9. Some people become more conservative as they age, you know. Clearly not Madonna's case.
  10. Some people should consider why they're still so pressed over a pop video THREE DAYS after its release.
  11. Again, I'm talking about her attitude, not her work. And anyway I'm sure some people found the "Erotica" and "Deeper And Deeper" videos utter trash at the time too.
  12. What strikes me the most is the hypocrisy of putting 1992 Madonna on a pedestal while censoring 2022 Madonna. The essence is literally THE SAME. And that's why the comparison is valid, maybe not so much on her work, but definitely in her attitude.
  13. It's not. She was in the Top 500 Most Viewed for just a day. Trending is not the same as hit. Trending is "it has the chance to be a hit if it keeps gaining traction". Which I don't think it will happen, since it's already going down, but let's see. PS: I saw you edited your post from "hit" to "viral". Yes, it's definitely has had viral impact. That's what YouTube Trending measures. It's kinda like the Viral chart on Spotify.
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