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  1. Artwork will probably be just the album cover, since the goal is to promote the series... https://www.instagram.com/p/Cs6XFK2LxGY/
  2. These kind of big releases are usually out worldwide at the same time, so maybe we'll have to wait a little more.
  3. I don't believe there's not a sung chorus and/or sung parts. They're not stupid and she's the biggest popstar ever. Pop. Melodies, big chorus, etc.
  4. Let's be honest, Ace Of Base or Dannii Minogue (I love her, but let's be real here) NEED everything they can and more to sell their box sets. Plus, if we're really comparing her to every other box set released is a dead end street in my opinion. We know she's going to be VERY involved in this. Actually I was thinking today how inconvenient for us but brilliant for the reissues would be if they're waiting for her to smash and come back into the mainstream charts to release the first one, to maximize impact and sales. The Weeknd, Sam Smith, Max Martin... plus the tour, most likely it's only a matter of time until she gets a hit again? Releasing the first reissue in her current situation vs if she's back as a main artist again would be very different, even if the reissues are aimed to the hardcore fans. But they need general public sales too.
  5. Are they releasing snippets of what will end up being a 2:40 maximum song each day until June 9? Sorry I can't with this strategy - it's working though, I want it and I want it NOW.
  6. Wow. The Weekend this week and Sam Smith next week. Just wow. Mom said "I'm gonna have a hit". And she's gonna have a hit. WHATEVER THE COST. While I loved the 10s eras, I really missed this full force Madonna a little bit, to be honest. Exciting times!
  7. I mean placements on the big Spotify and Apple Music playlists! Surely a performance is a no, considering she's also rehearsing for her own tour.
  8. This long rollout in 2023... well. Hope they have a good music video and good promo placements set for this one.
  9. Divorce and release your "Like A Prayer" album (or your "MDNA").
  10. The way this is going to be an absolute smash or an epic flop. Nothing in between. Already living for it all. Tiving for love!
  11. VOLGAH! Please Gods of Pop bring the big label money for this one too and the shameless playola and let us have a hit. Just this time. VOLGAH!
  12. I love that album and it was actually the reason why I became a fan, but I have to agree that "Ray Of Light" is not THAT personal but a total masterclass in narrative control and music curation on her part. Some songs like "Swim" or "Candy Perfume Girl" are totally un-Madonna, but they worked in the context of the album. People loved the whole new, mom, mature, spiritual, changed woman image and she played it perfectly. I always like to watch the interviews from that album and the evolution from early days (Fall 1997 and the first album interviews in January 1998) "I don't really know what to talk about, it's electronic hehe" to full spiritual new woman mode is... quite something: She was smart enough to realize everyone was interested in "yoga", "spirituality", "mom" and went fully for it later: Everyone loved that album cause it's the least Madonna album ever, so people actually gave it a chance and enjoyed it. One of the few moments (or the only moment?) in her career when it was universally cool to like her. There I said it.
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