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  1. she deserves the freedom to eat what she wants its been 40y of hard work
  2. Madonna - Max Martin Like a Virgin - Nile Rodgers True Blue - Shep Pettibone Like a Prayer - Pet Shop Boys Erotica - William Orbit/Marius De Vries/ Sly & Robbie Bedtime Stories - Junior Vasquez Ray of Light - Talvin Singh, Asian Underground, Asia Lounge, William Orbit Music - Kraftwerk or one of its members, more disco cubism, Charlotte Gainsbourg American Life - Fischerspooner, Goldfrapp (I know I know) Confessions on a Dance Floor - Daft Punk Hard Candy - Swizz Beatz MDNA - Sickick Rebel Heart - Sickick Madame X - Sickick
  3. my humble opinion: mirwais should be given serge gainsbourg hits to remix just my wishful thinking dont roast me a guy can dream
  4. Dont roast me guys, but I felt the same.
  5. this is actually so weldone it makes me wonder if they'd make it official till september
  6. Such a pity we wont see her acting again in this lifetime. it was for me the most tasteful of my guilty pleasures. I do like Dick Tracy and Evita a lot. but I do see her directing either the shelved biopic or something else she might be interested.
  7. who remembers the very 1st madonnarama forum which featured an "official bash madonna" thread. they had very infamous members sometimes illustrious and infamous. an alledged nun among them. guys its been 23 years! or more.
  8. we've been in line for decades for this duet
  9. it would beee it would be so nice! everybody spr...
  10. such a sad thing the album is an (X)perience and should be appreciated as the great great masterpiece it is. mostly if you are a lifetime member of the green club. have a nice week yall dont say anything vile about me. or say it - muah
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