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  1. sidney78a

    ARTPOP Movement

    if chromaticah.... romance! tanked its such a pity its got plenty of g'songs and hits there - dahhling
  2. sidney78a

    ARTPOP Movement

    I like artpop ok not the best album in a jazz mans world. but I shook my skeleton to 'guy' nein zedd
  3. aam I the only one who cant remember? I just liked what was available and still do
  4. hahahaahahaahahah Id just put Justin Timberlake as Joe Gillis.
  5. please call joan lader she has a mission to do: 2 movies at the same time Sunset and tthe biopic almost a mash up
  6. if you take 12" remixes fom 89 to 92-3 ish you can mix-remix kinda - that house album you want
  7. shes absolutely stunning here💟
  8. I have always wondered why she didnt approach funko for at least 10 different ones. Just the 80s looks would grant the world with at least 20 ones
  9. its adventurous and well sung such a high level of ellaboration indeed mingled you realize it when you get to compare listening to it stoned and then sober there are more witty percussion layers in frozen than human beings in china sometimes its heartfelt - no doubt a very high creative peak however I miss that funny aura other albuns like erotica or music do offer.
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