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  1. sidney78a

    chanson and house - Im a golden fairy after all
  2. sidney78a

    My dearest sisters, she got tired - shes had enough of it. indeed enough We aint gettin no more big hits. I believe she'll be a granny sooner than we can imagine real life grandmother I mean. Im ok with it - we were doomed with that moment where she would stop. no more big hits. dare I say no more hits? at all no more amazing reinventions - no more terrific personas no more new found voices. no more jaw dropping operatic albuns no more straight to number one ravishing tunes no more laughs - no more gargantuan club hits. no more underground gliteratti no more genius of artistic underground no more witty dance music no more shaking head-turning dance routines no more yoga no more pilates no more any sort of workout she is now a distinct old lady and theres nothing wrong with that. lets face it naturally - shes the last living legend the last member of very respectable team of revolutionaries who can get to direct a movie about your own legendary path? the moment she goes through is moderate more stripped and will be more and more like this. and this is not decline. This is an unavoidable finding of an end point. As she deserves it. Like anyone else. Thanks for reading.
  3. do you've any pictures? Congrats! I saw it twice the same day I was astonished by the visual itself. Cinematography/Production-Costume design left me jaw dropped and of course the music and of course .....her
  4. sidney78a

    it never happened to me to hate a Madonna song - it doesnt mean that I love all of them with a passion, but I never hated a song - honest
  5. I take it just about everything except my own advice
  6. sidney78a

    these are great news - but I'll wait for the official annoucement =)
  7. sidney78a

    No puedo evitarlo, estoy obsesionada
  8. sidney78a

    unbelievable its been 15 years
  9. sidney78a

    and let me holiday celebration come together in every nation my 2000 post
  10. sidney78a

    dude Im up for any good stuff so yes big yes
  11. sidney78a

    lol we wantz secretz in 4k lol
  12. sidney78a

    sorry but I dont see that happening