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  1. Mike Dean is a collaboration my dear. Or you think his name will be magically put under rugs (swept) a remix is a collaboration.
  2. what is good is timeless - Madonna began 40 years ago. Its been 16y since Stuart Price blablabla - he´s been doing great stuff with his bands and so Marilyn Monroe died in 62 just 36 yo - still one of the greatest comediennes in history Amy Winehouse died aging 27 - she released an album and a half - she changed music history for ever so dont come up with last minute geniuses a remix doesnt mean house or dancefloor necessarily most of all if the song is already a house song.
  3. we have nothing against Honey Dijon, it's ok if she remixes a song or two, but we want a larger number of collabs. the thing is when she wants one person *its just that person, and its over* its been this way since forever. and if you say no you get your head chopped because she beheads "nay-sayers". most of all since madame x era. so its this or go to swell the ranks of another singer. most of all post 2000 ones.
  4. I was hoping Into the Groove to be part of it
  5. its not that I dont like Honey Dijon - Id rather wait for another work out remix for zumba. Or so
  6. Imagine if the next insta post is "a little bit of help from Stu (art) Price!"
  7. Imagine if the next insta post is "a little bit of help from William Orbit!"
  8. if and only if she manages to do with "Ye" what she did with William Orbit - like a whole new pioneer(ing) pathless they developed - then I see Ye as a promising collab - cause one can dream. Maybe he can teach her rap. Ok I know she already did it but lets be reasonable it lacked something. PLease be kind when disagreeing
  9. now I see some kinda believable stuff - it would be like Madonna directing herself. And she likes that kind of control. A lot Smaart move if it happens Lola is beautiful - and she knows her story to some extent - therefore she would be cheaper (in a good way) then Florence Pugh or Julia Garner.
  10. is this her 1st warner release under new contract and so?
  11. there is a saying here in far far away Brazil "when among (the) wolves show your teeth" maybe theres an English version to it.
  12. There is one thing that Erotica achieved that happens once in a very long time - once in lifetime. The ability to make people rethink the weight of judgment - That maybe all these judgments are way too heavy - maybe its time to let them go for both ends - they are way too oppressive. That thing gave Erotica a reason to exist. It was a fair freedom cry. if we get a rear view - maybe its the most colorful tribute paid to movies. The cinephile Madonna met the Bombshell : she was there already showing her expertise. what another golden era!
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