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  1. sidney78a

    and whats the point of a listening party if you cant talk about it
  2. sidney78a

    we all just cant wait for that! she learn her lesson well, this is the greatest hype of 2019
  3. sidney78a

    shes storing the good juice for the release we had good songs, I got a feeling that the bigger hits - the real earworms - are yet to come.
  4. sidney78a

    sorry but I had to laugh a bit about "cum out"
  5. sidney78a

    I do enjoy now & the future BTW I cant wait for dark ballet
  6. a kiss for those who enjoyed and truly enjoyed the performance (and cant wait for dark ballet)
  7. I crave Quavo`s glasses/spectacles
  8. I like the Australian Kate Bush a lot and at 2nd the swiss beautiful boy
  9. I took a sip & had a dream ...& I woke up in Jamaaaaaaaaaaicaah
  10. sidney78a

    shes given up (on) the gays mostly those who hate women. (this is a joke ok?) @groovyguy vem ver?
  11. sidney78a

    I really like Future. theres only one thing that bothers me : its too short.