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  1. sidney78a

    I guess thats on purpose! thats was on purpose
  2. sidney78a

    at this point this should've already happened
  3. sidney78a

    I got a feeling it will go from 82-3 rise to fame till 93-4 with sex book kinda' but yet its just me
  4. hard doesnt mean impossible but its still hard @DitoI like your beard a lot!
  5. sidney78a

    thank you
  6. sidney78a

    yes! the question is does she want to?
  7. sidney78a

    Create a track list of 12-15 songs (Including produces / collaborators ) 1.) Ballade de Melody Nelson ft Swizz Beatz (produced by Mirwais Ahmadzai and Swizz Beatz- strings by Craig Armstrong) +Serge Gainsbourg cover 1st single 2.) Dance Dance Dance! (written and produced by Cedric Gervais & Madonna)** 2nd Single (this would put Madonna back in the business you say no wilderness) *Billboard number 1 3.) Later Today (produced by Credric Gervais) 4.) 89-99-19-29** (song written by Diablo Cody, Jay Z and Dr. Dre produced by Dr. Dre ** 3rd Single) +contains a sample of "You Can't Hide / You Can't Hide From Yourself" by Teddy Pendergrass (this is the song where the character Eurydice is mentioned) this song is a rap - ironically she has attended vocal coachiing classes to fully rap - this is a manifesto song of how a (famous or not so famous) women just cant/arent allowed to age. Despite this being a rap she wont share vocals with one rapper. You'd be surprised this is the only song where she wont have writing credits. The video to this will spark some controversy since it will show naked women some elder some younger - yes naked - walking free in the streets, going to work, to the gym, taking care of their children etc. this song is very catchy - very uplifting - and will show freakdonna at her best - will even remember a bit of the Erotica era. together with number 2 this will play more than any recent hit. 5.) No More Lonely Hearts (music composed by Nervo, Kylie Minogue and Madonna - produced by Nervo and Madonna) a happy song - more like Turn Up The Radio meets 80s disco 6.) The Stripper of no Return (written by Diablo Cody - composed and produced by Stuart Price and Madonna) + contains a sample of the song/movie "River of no Return" - kinda Future Lovers but funnier and less pretentious 7.) Toxic - yes Britney cover - this is the 2nd cover of the album - will be huge as well - and will feature David Banda in background singing (produced by Bloodshy & Avant) 8.) What If? (written by Madonna - produced by Stuart Price) - a song to remember you to be thankful even when things dont go your way 9.) Bad/Bad Samaritan (written and produced by Madonna, Diplo and Richard X) a song about again, be thankful to the obstacles you had - they were there for the right reason) this will have a 2000-2010 carioca funk vibe - and will make you sweat your asses off - very catchy and fun 10.) I was like (written and produced by Madonna) calmer song - chilling ukulele song about family - and friends which maybe family we've chosen (or not) - this is just M and her ukulele/guitar - the first time no one else will touch her song. 11.) Ballade de Melody Nelson (Mirwais Extended version 13:06 minutes) 12.) Dance Dance Dance! (Stuart Price/Thin White Duke Remix) 13.) 89-99-19-29 (Stripped Down Version) 14.) Tous Le Deux++ (a dialogue beetween Mirwais and Dino D'Santiago) which features a sample/spoken word Madonna ++Japan/Australia release Must include a title Title is Euridike What genre it is / general sound of the album Dance - Disco Pop/ Rap - Funk
  8. Im a big fan of price's bands, DJ(ing) and remixes as well. Sometimes I just cant believe its been 20 years or almost - close to two decades we had the 'new electro' which was pure nostalgia - and now Im stuck in again pure nostalgia (of that very time period) I feel happy and also kindasad I have lived the confessions era to its full length cause I got a feeling we wont get a 2nd run ... or will we?
  9. WILLIAM ORBIT and I wish she has worked more w/ Talvin Singh w/ English lyrics no problem! but hey thats just my opinion - all producers were in the top when she decided to pick them up
  10. sidney78a

    I already got 2 bluray versions aaaaaaaand I know somewhere in Germany the 4k is already available!!!!!! I love everything about this movie most of all cinematography and costumes <3
  11. Sorry, but a biopic is not a good idea for me. despite both biographies 1.) bohemian rhapsody 2.) rocketman have won Oscars - they were (very) easily forgotten When I see Angela Bassett and I remember she played Tina Turner in a biopic - I am overwhelmed by an odd feeling. Besides its a bit suspicious when you direct a movie about yourself - it might sound as self-reference delusion. I have a feeling a biopic conveys greater credibility when someone else talks about you. Please, infinity's regulars dont be mad at me. Please.
  12. sidney78a

  13. its beautiful ) kinda remind me of enya storms in africa (sorry)
  14. sidney78a

    Im Sidney also from Brazil/Spotify
  15. sidney78a