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  1. sidney78a

    wow wow this is effing awesome
  2. Ok I dont remix, my friend. I wish Ok Im quite good we'll get Crave remixes.
  3. will we get crave official remixes after the apple event? (including those remixed there?)
  4. sidney78a

    its confessions on a dancefloor and you'd better not kill the groove (seriously) its a hit written all over
  5. sidney78a

    nevah letcha fo'get: the video can also be an animation. so it wont imply in being together - it would be, it would be so nice if they did
  6. sidney78a

    guys/dudes/dudettes/girls/gurls this album is an instant classic pop opera only rammstein album makes me shiver like this in half 2019 (btw can you believe its halfway already) we have good music like the rocketman soundtrack we have ionnalee we even get some miley and ariana good vibes but this is the album that defines 2019
  7. sidney78a

    the 1st album which I just dont jump songs - all of them make me wanna "woooh" \
  8. me too, byotches! eu adoro bolos
  9. sidney78a

    hard to tell - I voted for IDSIF but this aint an album its an experience.
  10. sidney78a

    thank you for the support @Fighter keep fighting
  11. sidney78a

    I enjoy all the songs - I just press play and *Im in heaven* - am I the only one?