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  1. I like all Madame X songs dont murder me because cause my fave is back that up to the beat kinda serious tho
  2. you can dance for inspiration
  3. I thought you guys were getting causing a commotion in that sampler thing
  4. do like ABBA 1.) holographic world tour before you murder me ABBA holographic tour thing features jaw dropping technology and is a success. and attenders tell it is a one of a kind experience you can google it, be amazed by the reviews 2.) shoot that movie, dont wait till the trend is over def not too much to ask for for once this once, dont get carried by your majestic ego. tyvm yes Im high
  5. he is very prolific in producing music not only for his own projects but also for various outstanding recording people out there. give us more mr price
  6. I love all the producers from all over these years. I wouldnt choose one of them. So I choose them all. but... it would be amazing jaw dropping if she I love all the producers she has worked with however I feel this is the time for her to carefully delve into the artistic underworld of dance music and bring us a previously unheard sound just like the way she established herself so many decades ago. so that we can all remember all the risks and bring more adventure to her future sound
  7. Free yourself Keep on moving up that mountain top
  8. she will tour have you ever seen her defeated? she will be with her new body new boobs and ass she will get in shape so she can move easier(ly) you guys are here for a while now you should know nothing stops her. [when the lights go down and theres no one left..... I CAN GO ON]
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