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  1. Hello! Some members moved to Drowned Madonna Forum! You may come there!

  2. sidney78a

    I wont forget, my dear
  3. sidney78a

    Im actually wondering if we'll get Crave remixes (official) and most of all God Control remixes (official as well)
  4. hey there - be welcome =D

  5. sidney78a

    you go man/gurl
  6. sidney78a

    I swear a saw one part she was driving the car - which kinda reminds me the deeper & deeper video? Am I wrong? (which didnt make the final cut obv)
  7. sidney78a

    simone de beauvoir is on your left
  8. yeah wake up wake up wake up
  9. sidney78a

    wow wow this is effing awesome
  10. Ok I dont remix, my friend. I wish Ok Im quite good we'll get Crave remixes.
  11. will we get crave official remixes after the apple event? (including those remixed there?)
  12. sidney78a

    its confessions on a dancefloor and you'd better not kill the groove (seriously) its a hit written all over
  13. sidney78a

    nevah letcha fo'get: the video can also be an animation. so it wont imply in being together - it would be, it would be so nice if they did