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  1. Ive been so high Ive been so down gonna vote! right now (holiday!)
  2. the word GEY just made my gay a lot brighter, thank you, geys.
  3. I do like some rufus songs mostly when sung in french. but thats all. h he should go to a psychoanalyst/therapy - he projects his own shadow a lot on other people, live and let die, byotche. so how pride going?
  4. IM happy we're about to get a performance. or so. See how easy I am to please?
  5. besides M obviously its gonna be more omnipresent than Gawd (oooooooooh oooh) me thinkes Elvis gonna be the moment shot there is a roumour saying Stuart Price remixed some stuff and its floorfillabangers
  6. Guys she can hire a director and still be producer and executive producer and feature or be featured as screen writer of the biopic David Yates was and still is the JK Rowling stooge and spy in Potter movies and Fantastic Animals She can hire Baz Luhrmann ok that went a bit too far. but she can make both happen if she really wanted to
  7. well my ass still kinda new to this, my dear
  8. 20's 30's hairdos like you´ll have to agree its a gamechanger
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