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  1. @StarchildHello there! my browser doesnt show your link - if theres an alternative would you please? send it to us thank you
  2. it doesnt and guess it wont get any better than this!
  3. I know I shouldnt be saying that but drowned (fgs) can keep on drowning
  4. you win - PERFECT trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  5. ryan murphy thats your feud 3rd season a feud of triblical proportions
  6. oh dear - you just didnt say that! what will the world? yes the whole world is here! think about us brazilian ego driven nuts cases - just trying to deliver some undeliverable stuff, they wont make romantic advances, I mean sexual advances - whatever a sra raspa o edí no asfalto - o que os sensatos americanos e os ponderados europeus vão pensar da imagem de um orifício anal sendo lixado contra o pavimento. e não um orifício anal qualquer, mas oriundo do brasil; you ladylike scrap your edí on the asphalt - what will sensible Americans and thoughtful Europeans think of the image of an anal orifice being sanded against the pavement. and not just any anal orifice, but one from Brazil; oh helpme
  7. hello there

    I really do like your beard - in the picture you had before this it was even more enjoyable.


    tenga un buendía


  8. well Id use a fresh t-shirt - Id buy more than one - a t-shirt stamped printed "I'll teach you..." the bodoni typo looks so good [because Im in that] serious. honest it wouldnt work in a place full of children if you are a teacher like me, but
  9. first shes gonna release this tour in any format imaginable. 1st step would the official exhibition in a private channel. dont have to say its gonna take some time. sorry to let you guys know that this time the word soon wont be seen very often. lol then and only then after she release(s) the Celebration tour 10th cassette tape color with a glowing colorful sticker a zoetrope 10 vinyls box the re-release of the celebration 4 vinyl also zoetrope(d) with some even more stickers lets face you guys share a passion for stickers and theres nothing wrong with that! then she might thinkbout being creative enough to bring a new noize to the area. so she is not done with your wallets till 2026. at least. and there wont be nothing new. oh and you guys are gonna love zoetrope vinyls. they put on a show themselves! mark my words.
  10. we kinda knew South America, Asia (it surprises me Japan, China and some random rich place in far east didnt make it) and OZ/Oceania were out of Celebration Tour. they wouldnt be - they were since the beginning and I dont feel sad. lets face the music and dance.
  11. thank you very much for the madonna remixers united project

    hope to see those enjoyable new remixes somewhere in 2024

    happy holidays!


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