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  1. sidney78a

    I understand - dont forget to show us your upcoming projects
  2. sidney78a

    so is there a price?
  3. sidney78a

    maybe and only maybe - because music turned to be free of charge.
  4. sidney78a

    imagine the remixes that would come out of this! so TUTBMP is my choice as well
  5. back that up to the beat la isla bonita diplo/major laser version never let you go just kidding
  6. and perhaps then she’ll remember Stuart Price for the next album THE BEST shade in years.
  7. sidney78a

    2030 too soon - they wont get that time - somewhere beetween 2043-48
  8. This Used To Be My Playground and I'll Remember were huge I mean really smashing gargatuan hits back in the day (here in Brazil) that was a nice moment to live - they were number one for weeks in row - so maybe yes, underrated
  9. sidney78a

    frozen, hung up, revolver?
  10. sidney78a

  11. sidney78a

    YAZ byotche =D
  12. sidney78a

    1.) Medley Diamonds are girls best friend/Heat Wave/A fine Romance 2.) Send in the clowns 3.) Please dont stop the music (incidental Music and Impressive Instant) 4.) Dont wanna short dick man (funny but yet serious with some politicians smiling in the led background) 5.) Billie Jean (Like a Virgin incidental) 6.) Mississipi Goddam 7.) I kissed a Girl vs Cook & Fuck (erotica incidental) 8.) Interlude - medley Dancing on my own/ Cant get you out of my head/ Piece of me 9.) Lady Madonna ft her kids 10.) Whole Lotta Love (incidental Alarm Call - Love is a Losing Game - Love dont live here anymore) 11.) Chic Chic a Boom (Im going Bananas incidental) 12.) Toxic (Tainted Love incidental) 13.) Falling in love again (Love is a losing Game incidental *again) 14.) Hallelluja 15.) I cant help Falling in Love (live to telll incidental) * you guys can notice I imagined the studio album and somewhat the tour lol) a boy can dream - only dreaming absolutely 16.) Japan bonus track: Rebel Rebel (Rebel Heart incidental) 17.) Australia bonus track: Daughter of a Preacher Man (Papa dont preach strings incidentally)
  13. sidney78a

    sorry Arckangel I'm not of your opinion I wish I was tho the only movie I see Madonna act is Dangerous Games/Snake Eyes you get some good moments throughout music in both Dick Tracy and Evita - and she sparkles a joy here or there, but acting itself is not what I see - the movie is celebrated for having her in it not exactly because she is acting. Now as a director she is waaaaaaaaaaayy more talented as an actress. But lets we all celebrate 30 years !!!! of Dick Tracy
  14. this is the proof we've had better moments (to those compared do madame x)