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  1. sidney78a

    they should order that duet _ to WO? _ just send those acapellas_ we who are fans of both for years - we deserve that during the shutdown
  2. sidney78a

    so keep it up, keep it up, dont be a pri (hey) RIHANNA ft JT ft Bey+Jayz ft Madonna (which song? 'Please dont stop the music' using 'Music' sample or just to mention it would be good vs MJ (sample) ft Lizzo and Cardi B would make some pop majesties think twice
  3. sidney78a

    yeah this thread has given me hope
  4. so I wont be dreaming about GS in 4k?
  5. sidney78a

    this is a really good question. she might do everything or just nothing at all.
  6. I'll second Voguerista! I hope they kinda work together again some day
  7. in the beginning of the 2000 circa 2000/1 Fischerspooner were the most outstanding thang - throwing oddness and glitter all over the place. I was hoping 4 a collab beetween M and them. Time went by, Kylie was the one (love her love her love her) to get a proper remix by Fischerspooner. Gaga inherited the Pop throne, Gaga lost the Pop throne. and I was there waiting... actually I dont feel bad for neither Casey nor M - M as a smart blood sucker she is she just went there and took ownership of what everyone was lacking energy or opportunity so if I were Casey Id be on my knees thanking God - the last pop superpower recorded a song I wrote.
  8. sidney78a

    if this happen, its gotta be salable.
  9. sidney78a

    so happy its here
  10. sidney78a

    guys I thought this forum was down - I even quit browsing it for a month or more
  11. Hello! Some members moved to Drowned Madonna Forum! You may come there!

  12. I wont forget, my dear
  13. Im actually wondering if we'll get Crave remixes (official) and most of all God Control remixes (official as well)