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  1. in my very humble opinion *this should have been shot by David LaChapelle* lo siento ik ben droevig
  2. I confess I got carried away about the biopic so I'll be around for another century maybe
  3. few musicians and I mean it deserve the word genius as WO deserves what an amazing moment was ray of light in 1997/8 are we doomed to be nostalgic? please God dont let that happen.
  4. Id buy if we got some unreleased songs as well things we havent heard yet
  5. guys she started looking for a trainerr [and a butler and a bodyg...] she is getting ready for the stage. the movie was shelved probably the re invention we were waiting is coming hashtag very soon now how soon is that
  6. I like all Madame X songs dont murder me because cause my fave is back that up to the beat kinda serious tho
  7. I thought you guys were getting causing a commotion in that sampler thing
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