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  1. I don't think she makes an appearance on BTW Reimagined, another artist did a country version of the song. It would have been great, it would not do anything on the charts but it would give her tons of free POSITIVE publicity... but we know it won't happen. It's probably remixes of God Control and a "surprise" show that only 20 people will be able to see, all this unnecessary hype ended up raising my expectations even when I did not want to do it and now I feel a little disappointed. I hope I'm wrong and we have something else.
  2. They are different cases, MJ has a very large fan base and, most importantly, much of them are young. I think the problem is the lack of interest of the new generations and we cannot say that she has not tried to get closer to them, she collaborated with trending artists on singles, albums, performances, tours, etc that should have done something if new generations were interested in her. I remember that when Maluma album where Madonna collaborated was released, I followed their streams to see how positioned with respect to the other songs on the album, I never expected it to be the most streamed song but I remember that it was sad when I saw that it was one of the songs that less streams had received, I mean if I was fan of an artist and he collaborated with Madonna, it would catch my attention and I would want to know how it sounds at least. I don't know if something different happened with her collaboration with Quavo and Cardi B.
  3. To be fair, that list only includes numbers from the United States which are greatly influenced by the christmas season, this explains that Frank Sinatra beats Michael Jackson, Mariah has triple the stream of Madonna, etc. Mariah probably ended up beating Madonna globally, but she doesn't triple M's numbers, not when Madonna generated more streams on spotify and youtube throughout the year (except for the holiday season, of course).
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