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  1. It’s not really a theme is it tho? Thats like saying Confessions theme was French house or Bedtime Stories rnb or American Life electroclash / folktronica
  2. My only issue with the immaculate collection is actually the two new tracks Justify My Love & Rescue Me. I love both songs so much but they just don’t fit with the party vibe of the rest of the album at all. Most of the tracks for immaculate were picked for thier party playlist nature which is why Dress You Up, True Blue and Causing A Commotion would have been great on there. Unlike GVH2 I’d have been completely happy if the album had finished with Vogue. Justify My Love and Rescue Me are pure. 90’s songs which is probably why she wanted to point towards the future but they really feel like the two older siblings at the kids party. It was everyone’s go to get ready to go out album and Justify just killed the flow. I know Live To Tell was there too but it’s so much more dramatic and sing along. The original Madonna 83-90 Japan albums but with 18 tracks from the era would have been perfect for me really. Holiday Lucky Star Borderline Like A Virgin Material Girl Crazy For You Into The Groove Dress You Up Live To Tell Papa Don’t Preach True Blue Open Your Heart La Isla Bonita Causing A Commotion Like A Prayer Express Yourself Cherish Vogue boppage
  3. The smoke one has gotta be snoop right? Didn’t she do a little something for snoop a while back? Snoop and Madonna would be ace
  4. Madame X wasn’t a very personal album it was an album concerned with world affairs and world influences. Medellin had a couple of self referential points “forgave myself for being me” But it was very much the Anti-American Life redux. American Life was highly personal and inward looking in respect to the world around her. Madame X was outward facing. Social Justice, Gun Crime, Redemption, the afflicted. Madame X as a theme was literally just a metaphor that could maybe aligned with the musical dressing up box of the sounds and languages used. MDNA really should have been more interesting but it was really a call from Madonna to herself to remind her of her old self pre Guy. Forced fun. Like a woman who hasn’t seen friends for years calling up a few of her old girl mates to go out on the town again to recapture the energy she had when she was free and single. Except she sits there in the club, music pounding, and realises she’s moved on from that version of herself and can’t hide the bitterness and sorrow she feels. Thats why there’s no real joy on that album. Apart from maybe six drinks in on I’m A Sinner where she’s drunkenly telling the hot barman what a slag she used to be in her heyday. Rebel / Heart was supposed to be the concept and some brief reference to the apocalypse but neither came through and it ended up being a mixtape. I think the next record could genuinely be more special than ever. Her social media posts have been really rather touching of late and she’s unearthing an eloquence that seems very real. Something I really feel we only saw a glimpse of in the last 15 years. Maybe only in her billboard woman of the year speech. I think looking back and the near death experience will have given her fresh eyes. I also feel like THE RESURRECTION is a great title for something M related considering what’s happened. A new album, A greatest hits, a reimagined reworking of her old stuff would fit beautifully. anyway. Exciting times ahead at last.
  5. The near death experience is really going to give her some great material for the next album. I feel like she’s been lacking a theme since the poorly executed MDNA. I wish she was in love again too. I love in love Madonna. Where’s that good 40-50 something year old hot man she really needs in her life.
  6. Maybe if Guy hadn't taken half. Most of her donations will actually be tax avoidance . Not to diminish her contributions in any way bit that what a lot of rich people do in the name of philanthropy
  7. Ugh why release another Give It 2 Me single without including the single edit
  8. I genuinely think the Live album is gonna do insane numbers comparatively to the last four. It's just such a great listen. It's one I 100% want on vinyl and I actually feel like it's gonna be a go to for me when I want a Madonna hit.
  9. I'll be really interested for the live album. Do we think the Sam Smith / Prince / MJ music will make the cut. Surely the royalties on Billie Jean and Let's Gp Crazy are insane .
  10. I also understand the dirge like Like A Prayer version in terms of the storyline but I pray for the day the album version with rock guitars is done. It's simply the best version there is.
  11. Honestly. We are so lucky to live in her timeline. I feel like it's one of my greatest blessings to have witnessed this from the beginning. This woman is beyond. We are talking about an all time figure here. Not just a pop music icon a mythical powerful influence on the world that will be studied and revered forever, long after we are all gone....and we got to witness is all, live it in REAL TIME. Such a blessing. I know I sound extra as fuck but it really is something completely intangible. The hard core here who have logged in and checked on her every day, the think pieces, the social commentary the iconography. Literally the first disciples. She anointed us in real time you lot. I"M FUCKING GAGGING. Im not worthy. For real.
  12. The live audio is the closest ive heard to one of her 80's and 90's tours ever. I swear to god I think this has turned a corner for her. She will one hundred percent be more inclined to do the hits from now on because the love she has felt on this tour and the reactions of fans truly living for the oldies must have been a shot in the arm for her after us having to suffer Dark Ballet live :/ Side note. I know Nothing Really Matters was the Opening number but for me Everybody should be the opening number forever from now on. The energy oh my god. That song has always been so so so underrated in the Madonna fan base and it's always been top ten for me. I'm gagging listening to this concert back like I haven't been since maybe Girlie Show. Rebel Heart and Confessions were great too but this is sublime.
  13. h she did it she was bloody great. Not one awful moment the haters could grab and make go viral. It was just soo lovely. I really enjoy seeing her have a great time and be a bit free-er and in the moment rather than counting so hard and doing insane choreography. It was the perfect amount of joy. Nice to see an old school version of her concert but also can’t wait for the all singing sparkly shinny Blu Ray that captures all the intricate details. well done mom x
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