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  1. I don’t need a huge album Project. What I need is some fun. Some off the cuff small EP projects for a year to tide us over. Let her be creative and try some new lanes without committing to an entire album. This is where she should be for a couple of years.
  2. I have to be honest it’s made me tired as hell of Frozen too. Good luck to them but if they ever do this much milking again with one of my absolute fave Madonna songs I’ll have to steer well clear of her socials.
  3. I kind of would actually. She's obviously hugely proud of it. There are lots of unused demos and heaps of remixes that we've seen NONE of reissued (DAD, AL, Hollywood, Love Profusion, Nothing Fails, Nobody Knows Me, Easy Ride.) All remixed by big producers. none of streaming reissues thus far. It's been reappraised as ahead of its time and Genre Defining and the initial controversy around the war has been proved to be in M's favour by most sane people. It is also widely regarded among the fanbase as one of M's most unique, personal and favourite records. Plus THAT video is still not available. It also might be an opportunity for Warner to claw some of the projected revenue back it lost first time round. Could also be bundled with Re-Invention Tour too and maybe even lead with that as it was much more celebrated than the actual album.
  4. It was also briefly sample on Holiday RIT so she must have an affection for it.
  5. I mean I'd agree but she's already doing a 16 track version so I don't think the rules are that hard and fast so we'll see x
  6. Didn't they just frame it like the Record store day release of Who's That Girl / Causing A Commotion was sort of an advance of the FEL project.. not that they didn't want to include it? I can understand how this wouldn't fit on the 3cd version but there is no excuse to not have it on Digital and Streaming services. Do we actually have reliable CD time lengths yet?
  7. It’s the historical live albums I’m absolutely gagging for on streaming. to have her incredible live concerts all beautifully presented in full. A dream.
  8. I’d actually probably buy the remix six 6 vinyl if the artwork made it feel expensive. It feels hella cheap. It’s not exactly a show piece in my eyes but werk I guess.
  9. No I’d like it too but I’m hoping that the Silver Screen edit of Causing A Commotion is part of the Digital edition of Finally Enough Love along with maybe Spotlight, Lucky Star and Angel. I’d wager a new Frozen remix will be part of the digital deluxe too.
  10. What I find a little bit curious is that they think that the general public would be open to a three disc 6 vinyl remix collection ...but wouldn't issue a standard 3 disc greatest hits of the versions the general public would actually know. Like...all those ballads and midtempo's that were just ditched. Like I'm cute for the remix boxset but it's a bit of a weird flex all in all. I imagine this re-release campaign is likely to be all about shoving the "numbers" in the General Publics faces as a reminder of her actual achievements and records. I also don't know why and I'm not moved to purchase a damn thing yet. Flop fan. I think i'll wait and see what else is to come tbh. I have most of these and I'm actually more excited about having them on streaming platforms so it's win win. I'm positive there will be more of the sold out vinyls to come. This is a money making scheme and if it sells out on day one it's really not doing the business it could be.
  11. Love Physical Attraction but the edit fades before the best part. "youre confusing me" etc. Which was just hypnotizing to me as a child.
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