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  1. steady75

    Yeah the last decades singles have been a bit of a problem. LoveSpent aside I don’t see an awful lot of Madonna quality singles on MDNA. I love GMAYL but a stand alone super bowl single or a third / fourth single for the campaign would have been fine. The only other way the era would have worked is a video arc between the songs Tarantino style To really firm up the aesthetic and post divorce woman wronged narrative. Lovespent - Gangbang- Girl Gone Wild- I’m A Sinner- Falling Free is a whole arc right there. The problem was she didn’t commit to the era and based an entire album about divorce... with a narrative that could have worked brilliantly, around a super bowl cheerleading theme for that one event specifically. Probably one of the biggest missteps of her career creativity wise. MDNA is poorly produced and delivered but there is a brilliant idea in there somewhere. First divorce led to soul searching and reconnecting with issues from her last great trauma .. her mother’s death and her relationships with men and the institutions brought about by religion (marraiage) .. and the second divorce pure rage, bitterness and blame division rounded off by drowning your sorrows in da club and reminding everyone what a bad bitch you once were. Unfortunately a football match ( a male institution) derailed it. The irony was never lost on me.
  2. steady75

    Because Jagged Little Pill is the best selling album of the 90’s has endless special editions and has made a hell of a lot of money. It’s paid for itself time and time again. Madonna’s albums (immaculate aside) just don’t have the range. Like A Prayer and Ray Of Light are probably the only two that cross the lines into what heterosexual males might buy / be considered “classic”. That tends to be where the money on reeditions tends to be by all accounts.
  3. steady75

    So maybe she is waiting til after the biopic and her stock is high to do re releases under her own terms and ownership to make bank. In 2024 she will own the masters to her entire 80’s catalogue. Possibly 2023 of the masters for Like A Prayer were submitted at the end of 88. Like Michael and Prince we all know her 80’s catalogue is where she makes bank. The royalties from Live albums and releases may also be why she is reluctant to do a greatest hits tour. Warner will make all the money since they own all the hits.
  4. steady75

    I’m not sure actually . Might be worth a try x
  5. steady75

    untucked being a weekly / season scavenger hunt across platforms and shit is not the tea. Just fucking get that shit on Netflix and stop pissing about you money grabbing fracking heaux. If anyone knows a decent place to find it on Smart TV App then hook a bitch up because I'm bout to snap OFFICIALLY!!!
  6. She was villainiesed with death threats to her and her children with American Life right in the centre of their marriage so again we can pick which bits we want to frame to weight our perspective. ..and Music was big because it fuckin slaps. To that end as Confessions only big because of American Life flopping? Again there's no exact methodology here.
  7. Good points and I'm not trying to purposely be obtuse but that's a slightly meta framing all the same. There's duality in everything. Cause and affect. Madonna had been leaning into all thing British by the mid 90's. Nelle Hooper, Massive Attack, Alan Parker, Lloyd Webber. Her relationship with Andy Bird had a profound affect on her. To say that the UK wasn't a draw and a creative an influence is a bit evasive. Austin Powers - Beautiful Stranger about Andy Bird presumably. William Orbit - Ray Of Light James Bond. Music Video - Ali G The English Roses. Mini Coopers Rupert Everett Stuart Price - Confessions / AL and Musical director on tours. Confessions LIVE from London. She even adopted the freakin accent and left her midwest New York hybrid drawl behind. Confessions arguably had Euro disco influences as opposed to American and of course MIrwais is French. The UK was the natural place for her to land after her escape from the US. Impressive Instant and I Deserve It (Guy), were about him weren't they? I think I read that. He directed the WIFAFAG video. American Life the video centres around the US war. The song and the entire record is nothing to do with that at all in any way whatsoever it's a midlife crisis record. The fact that she had moved to the UK during the Bush years may have given her perspective on her former US home and she arguably became more aware of the ills of the American Dream. I clearly remember her saying something like the dumbest person in the UK is more intelligent than the average American. A horrendous statement but she clearly felt some kind of way and was trying to distance herself from all things US and house a more Euro feel. Bye Bye miss American Pie. Her shift back to American music influences as Hard Candy came round and divorce was already on the cards seems very transparent wouldn't you say? One thing is for sure. The artistry was on point during their years together, The references fresh and the eras exciting...and downhill since I'm afraid. ...but there's two sides to every argument. Music was heavily cowboy influenced...but chopped up and dissected. The Cow Girl..again questioning the dominance of the man. I Love New York..etc so no doubt she missed home too. Was / is Guy a dick? Probably absolutely??? ... but in the late 90's early 00's he was the hot shit director, fresh incredibly talented and handsome. The homophobia thing is unacceptable but we only have Christophers word on that don't we and wasn't he was also in the grip of a terrible substance abuse issue? I'm sure we've all been witness to that toxic gay who's erratic behaviour forces you to give them a wide berth. They're often not afraid to pull out the old "homophobia" card. I do find it odd. Guys films are laced with homo erotic activity and tension and I'll always be grateful to him for casting Tom Hardy as Handsome bob in Rock'n'Rolla. Relationships are a compromise and if you think Guy Ritchie was forcing Madonna to dress up in stately Manor clothes and feed chickens then I don't know what to tell you. We know enough about Madonna by now to know she took all these things and make them her own as part of another reinvention. I don't see anyone hounding Denis Rodman and Tupac against the wall for her Hip Hop bad girl make over circa 94. Magpie-ing form her current surroundings is part of her brand....also see Madame X. She addressed the duality of their relationship on MDNA and in reality no one knows except the both of them. The real theme of grief she seemed to have at the end of the marriage was monetary. As fans we often side with our idol and cast aspersions on anyone who falls out of her favour. I think the truth of the matter is Guy probably just fell out of love with Madonna and she found that unbearable and devastating...That's no ones fault. Love is if She's Not Me is a thing then we bout to have another conversation...but who really knows the timeline. "It wasn't always perfect, but it wasn't always bad" " I tried to be a good girl I tried to be your wife" "I feel like I've lost my very best friend" " I fucked up, I made a mistake" Just like the album....Self reflection through fake smiles, heartache, regret, rage and trying on old versions of yourself for re-affirmation. ....or not
  8. steady75

    If the charts change yes but otherwise no never
  10. steady75

    "Maluma" is the sound my puss makes when fully ready.
  11. Lola may not think her life has been privileged. She may love her mom but think her life has been a bloody nightmare at times. Her father on a different continent. Her family and friends uprooted constantly, New siblings, Mother away and working a lot, Never seeing her grandparents, constant press attention and the second she steps out to insta on her own.... "tell your mom to release Madame X dvd" ?!?!?!! like honestly.......Perish!!! Money doesn't equal happiness.
  12. steady75

    A streaming only Greatest Hits but with edits not found on CD would have been a good idea at some point in the last five years. No time constraints and split nicely into decades. Would have pushed people to stream and would still leave the physical special editions to come.
  13. Ok that's a gag cause I thought the 80's stuff would be last on the list. Let's see how this turns out.
  14. I don't think any of us can imagine the pressure of being the most famous woman in the worlds child, (except for maybe me I'm certainly not honest with her all the time), so let's not with the character assassinations. Some of these people are just kids and some are just messing about with zero phucks of our opinions so maybe let's just move on. Madonna is fair game..her kids...nah.
  15. I always felt like Guy was good for Madonna because he bought her down to earth a bit and made her take herself less seriously. I liked her humour when they were together. I'm positive that their relationship attributed in some small way to the reasons why she managed the transition into a 00's darling rather than being left in the 90's. She had a great sense of humour before but the Music project and that Brit sensibility lent itself to some much needed light relief after the heavy Ray Of Light project. Madonna moving to the UK was a time that brought her immense creativity and passion in her music and art. Even Erotica and Bedtime Stories is maybe my favourite period of her career, there is no doubt that the early and mid 90's were a commercial wreck for her in the most part...and then we were in to bland balladry for an eternity with Evita as much of a yawn in many ways. Ray Of Light is always the pivotal moment but to me the Music era was the closest to True Blue in terms of star power and he star shining brightly. Fun polished and optimistic. Ray Of Light paved the way in that sense. Towards the end the result were gash though. Hard Candy is an aural representation of the discourse...and let's not pretend Madonna would have been easy to live with either. It takes two to tango.