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  1. Also any tea on Rescue Me? Was the rehearsal footage with the batukaderas featured at all? Was the interlude included?
  2. Oct 8th can’t come quick enough. This has been the most drawn out motherfucking project ever. It’s like a time vortex. Hope the concert is good, does well snd we can all move on to from this era. No shade it’s just very tired at this point.
  3. I kind of like that it lives left behind in the time it was released. It’s a bit of a picture postcard if that time for me. It’s an incredibly nostalgic song lyrically anyway but even the sound of the song it very melancholy and it’s one of Madonna’s songs that takes me back to a very specific time in my life when I hear it. Summer 92 and it was the summer I was leaving school so its released was very aptly timed for me. Knowing I’d never see my longstanding school crush again. He tragically died a few years later so the songs always brings back a very specific set of feelings. So for me personally I kind of like that I have to hunt it out when I want to hear it rather than hearing it around all the time.
  4. Yeah there’s quite a few really good ones too. Some edits and such. Though I’m not sure we need every 3/5/7 minute remix of all the Give It 2 Me mixes. But yeah there’s some stuff I would really like on there. Especially the Radio Edit and the Justin Cognito radio edit of Girl Gone Wild. They’re probably my two big wants.
  5. Fair point. Especially with Madame X. Not many “versions” to speak of.
  6. This was voted for by artist and industry people. They generally recognise songs that have impact but also some musical and euphoric quality. Something that moves you. I think they chose the three correct songs from M’s career. All three have a "more than the sum of its parts" quality and sort of take you somewhere when you play them. They elevate a part of your spirit. They embody Madonna. Express Yourself and Frozen are amazing in different ways but they don’t have the ingredient that evokes the same kind of energy as the three chosen. I think they got it really right.
  7. Pretty sure it’s all on hold to give MXT a clear run and keep its streaming numbers up. Will probably resume in 2022 until Sept when the first deluxe will be announced in time for Xmas
  8. But that’s kind of the point in part. The photos aren’t real. They’re hyper edited on top of the already huge amount of cosmetic work and the best stylist hair make up and wardrobe that money can buy. When is it enough? Who is the deceitful, disingenuous party? What message does that send to young girls, her daughters, anyone? We were fine to question Michael Jackson’s surgery and self body image… but not Madonna’s… because she is a woman… of a certain age? Double standards. I’m not stating what’s right or wrong? I’m pointing out that the messaging is worth debating.
  9. I’m glad they didn’t give it to something like Like A Virgin. Into The Groove really is an incredible song and very influential. I think the three the musicians chose are brilliant choices actually.
  10. Not saying she isn’t happy. Not saying she’s got health issues. Not saying she needs the concern of strangers on the internet. Not saying I know her. I’m a fan. It’s perfectly legitimate for me to hypothesise about her motives and mental state of mind. In a world where we are now encouraged to talk about and look out for mental health issues I think it’s fair to question why someone wants to change and curate their appearance to such an elaborate degree, whilst also noticing their waning confidence levels in public appearances and interviews. Its just an observation that’s perfectly acceptable to discuss. I find the attempted shut downs a bit weird to be honest. 2021 I guess.
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