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  1. I never liked any of the Nothing Really Matters Mixes apart from Vikram mix which is Brilliant. They all took the joy out of the song when they needed to be more uplifting or beautiful. Its quite a delicate song and those circuit synths did it no favours. I was hoping for another Sasha & BT mix as I think they'd have done it justice.
  2. Always here for Burning Up but no one is here for CPG on a hits tour. Anyways she’s clearly just practicing guitar since we know those are two songs she can play really easily. CPG is two chords. I would love something softer on guitar like Cherish or Angel tbh.
  3. Music is a three note chorus to be fair the magic is in the production. It’s a great track just not very melodic.
  4. Yes but we need melody and hooks and he's not the go to for that. I'd probably argue we need a different space and flavour for a Celebratory era. I'd be here for his production on some songs that had been written by a better top liner. Pat & Max sound like a dream to me. I just want someone who can bring some edge and warmth production wise like James Ford. A dream.
  5. I think someones comment about the cheaper or mid price EP's are a preferable price point for people. I mean you can buy a current album of iTunes for 7.99 never mind a bunch of dusty old remixes of a cover version from 40 years ago. Only a hardcore will purchase a 16 track EP of LDLHA remixes at around £16...and I would not b one of them.
  6. Nothing Really Matters floppage will never sit right with me. It was my favourite on the album from first listen and remains flawless. It's classic Madonna.
  7. Sounds about right though I'd love the rare radio edit. U.S. CD Maxi "Nothing Really Matters" (album version) – 4:27 "Nothing Really Matters" (Club 69 Vocal Club Mix) – 7:51 "Nothing Really Matters" (Club 69 Future Mix) – 8:19 "Nothing Really Matters" (Club 69 Phunk Mix) – 8:00 "Nothing Really Matters" (Club 69 Speed Mix) – 10:35 "Nothing Really Matters" (Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix) - 11.10 "Nothing Really Matters" (Vikram Remix) - 7:43 "Nothing Really Matters" (Club 69 Future Dub) - 5:48 "Nothing Really Matters" (Club 69 Radio Mix) – 3:45
  8. Ive said it before but I think we'll probably get a two disc affair with the absolute casuals essentials which won't fit on one disc (Celebration one disc was duff) and 8-10 new tracks. That sounds like the kind of greatest hits Madonna would like to do. Mix the old with the new. Maybe blend the new tracks in amongst the trackless or top and tail each disc with two new tracks. So far we've heard she'd worked with Max Martin, Honey Dijon, Sickick, Pat Leonard. Which is kind of a smorgasbord which would work as MVLC Max Martin Track 1 Max Martin Track 2 Holiday Borderline Like A Virgin Material Girl Crazy For You Into The Groove Live To Tell Papa Don't Preach Open Your Heart La Isla Bonita Like A Prayer Express Yourself Vogue Justify My Love Erotica NEW Pat Leonard Track 1 NEW Pat Leonard Track 2 NEW Sickick Track 1 NEW Sickick Track 2 Secret Take A Bow Argentina Frozen Ray Of Light Music Don't Tell Me Die Another Day Hung Up Sorry 4 Minutes GMAYL Girl Gone Wild Bitch Im Madonna Medellin NEW Honey Dijon Track 1 NEWHoney Dijon Track 2 I think I kind of hate it as a concept but I do think we'll see an old and new combined affair tbh whichever format that takes. Julie from accounts found bopping but also down with the kids with the new ting.
  9. Rhino can tell a thousand lies. I’ve learned my lesson well Hope Em lives to sell The CD’s she has burned til then it will stay as MP3’s
  10. Max is melody and hooks. Which is something many artists move away from ad they move into the artistic arc of their career, not entirely obviously but soundscapes, subject matter and vibe become more dominant for most or they just lose the ability to deliver great top lines and hooks. She’s just had a really avante-garde experimental phase. It’s clear this time around she is going for accessible. It’s exactly the right move. accessiblen pop dance album bolster her live legacy with a greatest hits tour (which will be the hits, no one is forcing her to do this) Her back catalogue on streaming, Her videos in HD Her albums reduxed and a biopic that may or may not come, but the groundwork is laid and the script is in her hands. This is it guys this is the final heave ho legacy wise with this much being thrown at it. Let’s just enjoy the ride.
  11. This is unreal. She’s trying to end us. Max has a very prescriptive way of working tho. It’s not a match I would have imagined but I’ve wished for it for the melodies alone. I hope she hands herself over to him somewhat and trusts him.
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