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  1. Weird that they wouldn’t put the HD version in her music videos discography playlist
  2. If you look at the release schedule on page two, June July August and even September are a bit thin on the ground in terms of Big Remix Ep’s. Ray Of Light in May Nothing in June then there’s only really Hollywood in July Drowned World in August The Power Of Goodbye in Sept Possibly Express Yourself but we already have the two main mixes already. Rain maybe to mop up some Erotica Era mixes. They’ll probably drop Fever, Nothing Really Matters & American Life in there to fill the gaps and tie them in with tour anniversaries or somet,
  3. I just posted this in another thread but the Music HD video is gone and the old standard version is back? Also the thumbnails for Burning Up The Look Of Love Die Another Day Hollywood and Love Profusion have all changed on her official channel. Weird.
  4. That’s interesting. Now I look at you tube it seems that Burning Up Hollywood Love Profusion and maybe Die Another Days thumbnails aren’t the ones they used to be. Can anyone see any others that they remember. The Look Of Love actually looks different too but I can’t imagine that’s on the list for a remaster or digital EP. Has the live Causing A Commotion video never been on her official You Tube either? also is it me or has the HD music video disappeared and were back to the old standard one?
  5. Emily the intern is well rested, rehydrated, her chakras are aligned and she is back back back from her easter break at her moms in Ohio. When she woke from her bed today she said to herself “imma press UPLOAD CONTENT BISH” ... and gay rights were upheld on this day. Secretly You’d love to know what it feels like wouldn’t you? What it feels like for an intern.
  6. The video looks so good on my big smart tv. Die Another Day autoplayed after it and looks like Mashed Potato
  7. Sashas Twilo Mix is one of the closest things to god I've ever heard. It's so incredibly produced. Him & BT really were the absolute gods of epic house.
  8. I think it's safe to say Ray Of Light will be next. I can't see that anniversary being ignored TBH. Now those remixes slapeth. I think maybe the timing wasn't right for American Life what with all the discussion of withdrawing US troops from the middle east.
  9. I love What It Feels Like For A Girl. The soft delicate album version and the hard and fast remix just cleverly representing two sides of femininity. Madonna knew people were expecting the soft Groove Armada-esque Balearic version and she hits them with a power move slapping remix as the video single. Classic Madonna. It always feels like she pays this song dust and honestly its a classic. Like....I'm genuinely ready to rest some of her 80's stuff live for a decade and pay some respect to anything post 1990 to be honest.
  10. But radio WAS playing the single version album edit though? Only the video stations were playing the video version hens.
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