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  1. I like her a lot but I think she's a bad choice to play Madonna personally.
  2. I wonder if she will make this very political. Im sure she will. You could almost see it being called Blond Ambition but the story line follows both her and Trump through the late 70's early 80's. Both Blonde, Both ambitious, both came up through a similar time. One a force for good, another a force for dark. Also how machismo and feminism clash in an era where power business woman and capitalism were front and centre. I can imagine this flashing back to present day in some way. If you think Madonna is gonna use this opportunity to play nice I think were probably very wrong.
  3. Honestly My only choice. Great actress too and if she nails the accent and attitude she'd be utterly perfect. She might need to train a bit to get the physicality right but for early Madonna and True Blue onward Madonna she's spot on. If you're going to emulate peak sexy symbol Madonna of the Virgin era she'd need to be padded to look curvier. The actress needs to be smoking hot during this era. The sex symbol part of Madonna is pivitol to her star power. Without it the business and performance element to her 80's incarnation isn't as powerful. Her aggressive sexual agency is part of her power and energy. Also the fact that her biggest role so far is in Stranger Things, the era of Madonnas peak powers and rise to fame feels serendipitous. y.
  4. steady75

    Maybe they’ll announce it or her birthday with news of the Madame X Dvd or evening the Like A Prayer boxset.
  5. steady75

    Record store day is a bit redundant to Prince. The estate are releasing stuff all the time.
  6. steady75

    A gap in the teeth can look a bit gaudy as you get older. It’s cute when you’re young but teeth are often looked at as a sign of ageing so it’s not unreasonable that she wanted to get is fixed as she got older. I have a gap just like she has and I Loved it when I was younger. It bothers me more now I’m older.
  7. steady75

    F**k you all ENSLAVERS!!!
  8. I have no doubt this will be very underwhelming. I can’t see what a re-recorded verse and a socially distanced video shoot will bring to the table. but either way I’m here for it because... it’s Madonna and if teaming up with Dua Lipa is the beginning of her image course correction with the locals then it’s cute. I wouldn’t even rule out another solo single from the left over Madame X sessions to tie in with the DVD/ CD release of the tour. A nice lil bonus track like they did with the I Love New York on the I’m Going To Tell You A Secret tour cd.
  9. Me when they cast..... LOLA as Madonna in the biopic .. when all her acting training comes around to this full circle moment.
  10. steady75

    Well yes we get your point but as of a few days ago we were all still working within the parameters of her stagnant relationship with Warner where they can only release stuff that had already been released hen. We been knew it’s shit offerings do we been trying to make the best of a bad deal. Calm your puss sis. Kisses
  11. Let’s see. You just can’t fit that much in without being rushed. Plus if they use songs throughout her career and not just that period as they did in Rocketman, ( which was brilliant), It won’t just be an 80’s fest.
  12. steady75

    It’s been charting well around the globe. Top ten in downloads etc
  13. The movie will no doubt be her story up to Blond Ambition at Wembley which is one of her most famous shows of all time. How do I know this? She’s talking about the Express Yourself outfit from Blond Ambition and Vogue was added to streaming sites yesterday. We will finally get the Blond Ambition Blu Ray once the movie is released. The promo all links up. Fingers crossed. I also feel like the crux of this movie will be more about her mother than pure ambition and the obvious story. List of songs that may feature in the movie. Promise To Try - Death of Mother Little Star - Her mother’s last words to her daughter What It Feels Like For A Girl - growing up with so many brothers / 60’s sexual revolution Oh Father / Papa Don’t Preach - Rebellious Teenager Keep It Together - Family life / leaving Michigan American Pie - Bus Journey to New York I Love New York - living in NY Hung Up & Deeper & Deeper - New York in the 70’s scene Live To Tell - maybe her sexual assault Burning Up - breakfast club / Emmy Crave - meeting Basquiat / missing home Everybody - Danceteria Scenes (the tape) Beautiful Stranger - meeting Jellybean Holiday - Breakthrough Hit Like A Virgin - MTV Girl Gone Wild - newspaper headlines Don’t Tell Me - addressing the controversy Bitch I’m Madonna - Megastar is born 4 Minutes / Music - Live aid Material Girl - Meeting Sean Crazy For You - Love Scene Hollywood & Into The Groove - DSS Dress You Up - First Tour ( Wanabees) True Blue - The wedding Give It 2 Me - montage success scene True Blue - Who’s That Girl era Causing A Commotion - the press intrusion poison penns The Look Of Love - marriage breakdown Like A Prayer - redemption arc begins Ray Of Light - Finding herself again after marriage Vogue - The Ball Scenes and connecting with her gay fanbase In This Life - the aids crisis / Keith Express Yourself - films last scenes recreating Blond Ambition Tour opening number. Rebel Heart - Closing Credits Just Send me the cheque M. 🤪