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  1. Collectors who leak have probably been waiting for a while now out of respect to see what comes from the estate in terms of unreleased stuff. I predict once tracklist are revealed they’ll be a flurry of these tracks leaks early and potentially even stuff that didn’t make the collections. The fan base are ageing. There’s typically a sort of post commercial serenity where collectors realise the fan base is aging and interest will wane in the coming years so the floodgates open for a community to enjoy and share before it slowly dissipates into old age or the collector leaves this mortal plane. A young fan will just never be able to remember the eras first hand and thus the leaked stuff just won’t hit the same. They may love it and appreciate it but it will inevitably mean more to those who lived through it first hand.
  2. It's sorta the pretence that it actually takes five years to put out a record when she's always managed one every two years and essentially the recording process takes two months most. Things can be worked on and sent back and forth by multiple producers. Madonna has enough taste and experience to curate her albums from submitted material and make tweaks like a fashion house. Donatella is not designing those dresses for Versace y'all. Just get on with it mother.
  3. Record Labels are dead. An artist at Madonnas level can hire eternals per campaign to deliver her product and promotion. She is 90% her own promotion too anyway. She is super powerful. She doesn't need those types of deals anymore. Yes the inter scope years were dog shit in promo terms but I'd argue a lot of that was on M. She's past that commercial peak so should relax into her golden years and do projects she loves without the pressure of these huge campaigns. Honestly I'm at the stage where a ten track album every couple of years with one big lead single would be enough. She just needs to keep the work coming and play around with stuff written for her and new producers and writers. I'd love her to take the more relaxed approach she has with some of these one off singles and apply it to an album. I don't need a double album, a huge tour, six videos, a life album routine anymore. I just want new music to keep me going. I'd love a decade of this. Does it feel legacy? Yes to a degree but I'd honestly live for the Kylie model from M. She has another masterpiece in her yet but some less pressured pop records would be a breath of fresh air than these hermetically sealed airless eras she seems to deliver since MDNA. Sprinkle these between the deluxe issues and we've got a good decade of eating as fans. When the digital singles dry up in 12 months time we be like...
  4. a new low tbh. This poor fan base is so starved of new material that we are hotly anticipating a drop fro 20 yrs ago. While the tour is great, amazing, the one off collar drops have been something, (if not hugely underwhelming), I am beyond desperate for a new album. Like....I'm at the point of switching off for a while it beyond. It'll be five years since Madame X in a few months and then I'm positive we'll be into tour leg two, the live album in summer, and then LAV40 in Nov. Like....we've wanted legacy moments for years but we didn't expect is to last five years. I can't actually believe she has only delivered Rebel Heart and Madame X since MDNA wrapped up ten years ago.
  5. So it looks like my prediction in summer was right. This is going to be her most streamed song by xmas.
  6. Im legit more interested in a beautifully curated comprehensive Greatest Hits series with new art work and notes than a coloured vinyl of Like A Virgin. It feels like now is the time. I'd even prefer a Madonna Curated greatest hits. Her favourite songs or versions even if it's probably a commercial miss. I wont buy a single special edition unless it has new content. I think most of us are the same tbh.
  7. Also hilarious to think that we might be on a second leg of Celebration tour when we hit LAV40 and she performs exactly zero songs from the album on said tour. Only Madonna
  8. In Madonna’s eyes the debut was probably cobbled together. Two single deal with Physical Attraction thrown on. Then she got to make the record. Then all the debacle with Steve and Jellybean. The Ain’t No Big Deal mess and the fall out with Reggie. It didn’t move much and hindered the release date for LAV. I bet she sees LAV as her commercial arrival so I’d agree that LAV is a landmark album. The debut became iconic retrospectively in truth.
  9. Reading each other was a sport gay men used to toughen each other up as an aid to face the harsh world outside. It’s not used as much now because a) the world is generally more queer friendly and b) people play nice to each others faces and then go and bitch twice as bad in the comments sections online.
  10. I probably haven't listened to Boy George or Culture club in 20 years but I can still name Karma Chamelean Do You Really Want To Hurt Me Victims Church Of The Poison Mind White Boy The War Song Mistake no 3 Bow Down Mister The Crying Game Time Clock Of The Heart I'll Tumble 4 Ya It's A Miracle Miss Me Blind Move Away Everything I Own I Just Wanna Be Loved Off the top of my head. Far far far from a one hit wonder. They've sold absolutely millions of records.
  11. Boy George is a fucking Icon. An unashamed gay man and all the complexities that comes with from a time when it was difficult to be queer. Both he and Madonna are disciples of Bowie and I think thats's where a lot of the beef comes from. Who did it better, particularly as they are from the same era. Gaga is the same. If you know anything about boy most of his quips are usually followed by a laugh and are just a cackle and a kiki. It's usually said with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Maybe this doesn't come across well if you aren't British but he's a perfect British eccentric whilst being amazingly self aware. He's fascinating and his two autobiogs Take It Like A Man and Straight are two of the best (if not the in the case of TILAM) I have ever read. He's a pioneer and let's be honest....Madonna did come to the UK an adopt some of his style tips. Culture Club as a concept was pretty forward thinking too. I love him for all his flaws and the world of music would be a much duller place without him. It's all in good fun x
  12. Can you actually imagine being at a Madonna show where Mirwais, Orbit, Solvieg were sat while Stuart was DJing. I think I’d combust to see them in one place. Oh my word how utterly incredible. The power this woman has.
  13. I’m sad to say I have completely lost interest in the single reissue campaign now. I just want them all online so it’s done and the completest in me can access everything as and when I want it. It’s been dragged out so long I’m kinda over it tbh.
  14. I’m actually howling that it’s now just over 12 months til she her three interscope records join the rest of her back catalogue with Warner. It seemed so far away at that press release but it’s practically upon us. soooooooooon
  15. Oh yeah most of these will be presets that have been augmented. Just play around with the cut offs and stuff
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