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  1. steady75

    She looks really.....excited
  2. An artist is essentially what you feel when you hear their name or think about them. From conversations and general feeling Madonna’s name used to be associated with joy, optimism and ambition. Now it’s associated with desperation, out of touch and a miserable moaner. how did this happen?
  3. If Bob had made those comments about rap music or K-pop I’m sure the reaction would be different. To think that pop music isn’t the main fodder for gays teenage girls and isn’t viewed that way by heterosexual males feels a little naive. Would the new Lady Gaga or Britney record be pumped loud from these blokes cars. No... way too imasculating. Of course pop music reaches a wider field but I personally still think there’s a snobbery and It stems from masculine ideals. Bob will have had this conversation a lot with his contemporaries and critics. He knows what he said. I don’t think you need to get personal to get your point across mate. I always find it a fascinating physiological response when somebody would rather personally attack someone they are speaking to and having interaction with whiles simultaneously calling for “world peace” but that’s just me. Have a good day anyway x
  4. Madonna doesn’t need a man to manage her. Liz Rosenberg on the other hand..I miss her every day. I think the amount of credit Liz gets is understated. She steered Madonnas public relations perfectly for so many years. Things have... taken a turn since she no longer worked for M.
  5. I don’t wield the power of Bob Dylan. Ain’t no one listening to me.
  6. What has black on black crime got to do with this? Most black on black crime ( or even most crime) is down to economics. Poor economics in the communities of people who aren’t given a fair chance. Poor white gangs of London in centuries before acted in similar ways. When you are at the bottom you claw your way through to get out or up in an environment where opportunities are few and your main competitors are your own kind. Economics is the only reason there is a problem with crime in poor communities.
  7. Bob Dylan represents what music snobs call “real music”. These music snobs tend to be straight white males who only really rate guitar based music performed by straight white men. Bob is the embodiment of that wether he likes it or not. The optics of him speaking on the talent of a sexually ambiguous woman who has fought long and hard in an industry stacked against her by people who look like bob is a difficult circle to square. I work in the music industry. It’s a plague. His words were kind but I loathe this demonisation of pop music when the larger narrative around fans of his ilk of music feels judgemental and superior. Which again has its own optics. We know what that leads to ultimately. I’m sure Bobs a nice man but his statement is messy. Like.. we don’t need another hetro white boy pissing on a genre of music that means a lot queer communities. If he can’t see the value in what pop music represents to people even through its artifice then he’s a poor musician. sorry bout it.
  8. I personally don’t need the endorsement of this straight white man who’s always seemed a bit up his arse. im sure it was just an offhand comment to show respect though.
  9. I think Madonna misjudged this even though her intentions were good. I wouldn’t have subjected David to that kind of scrutiny regarding such an inflammatory matter. This backfired
  10. steady75

    Y’all forget that when we bought the Who’s That Girl soundtrack we got hustled with our four damn songs. I originally thought I’m Breathless was gonna be the same so for me the entire project was a massive bonus only 12 months after the Like A Prayer era. People do too much. She fed us very well. It was also another audition piece for Madonna and she’d unlikely have got the role in Evita if she hadn’t showed her range on Breathless. A quietly important album in her ouvre.
  11. If she did this film you wouldn’t have got Ray Of Light so it’s probably best we just sit here and eat our cereal.
  12. steady75

    I mean anything that isn't on an official album or a soundtrack single should be ignored really. As Madonna would probably agree it isn't top tier. WIth that in mind. BDay Song Superstar Candy Perfume Girl Im So Stupid Bitch I'm Loca Dark Ballet Incredible Survival Jimmy Jimmy I Know It Shoo-be-doo Pretender Think Of Me I'd Rather Be Your Lover Candy Shop