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  1. Can I also say I mostly poking the bear now. I learned from the best. In an earlier post in this thread someone stated that she is still pushing buttons. I joked that “yes the self destruct button” I kinda meant it. If you look at her “50 questions” video one thing she said when asked what her greatest lesson was was “none of this is real” Madonna is a control freak. Like … a Freak freak. You think she’d let the general public direct her decline? She’s a student of Bowie . There’s a case to be made that say that her career is now in self managed decline. That she refuses to be thrown on the scrap heap so she’s building her own self made heap of scrap to throw herself on. There’s art and value in this in many ways. She’ll still have her former achievement and the money but she seems in a place where she’s either losing it or is actively trying to deconstruct her fame and reputation in the same way she built it up. Live by the sword etc. This IS interesting and it’s the kind of art that really would fascinate me because it’s the kind of art you can only really do once you’ve reached the very summit of your career path which she already has. In this case BAD art is a choice that leans into punk principles. The rub comes quick however because this is an Incredibly difficult feat to pull off without some admission along the way that that is your intention otherwise it does just like you’ve lost your mojo and are just a shit old pop star. It’s the kind of move I’d have expected from a Madonna of former years but I’m not sure now whether this is just wishful thinking on my part. It also comes at a very odd time in her career. A time where she’s about to make a biopic about her life and is embarking on a mammoth career retrospective. It seems self sabotaging. I suppose the real question is whether it’s intentional or not?
  2. Also the undermining portion of that argument is that she is not being overtly sexual with anyone of her own age. Thereby only reaffirming the fact that she herself sees age as ugly and something to be run from. If she was tonguing other sixty four year olds and they all had their bits out and we’re doing drugs and showing thier ass in the back of a truck no one would be shouting yass louder than me. Because that would be truly groundbreaking. Sure there would be some people that hate it but those that applaud it and support her would at least feel there was some sustained conviction in her stance. That’s art, that’s change and that’s what I have come to expect from her. She’s rejecting herself in many ways and that seems so un-Madonna. It’s all about optics. Madonna was a master of it. Now she misses the central point and undermines her wider message. It’s inauthentic and THATS what people don’t like. By way of exclusion she’s telling people of her own age and more importantly the people that have supported her career and have grown with her.. actually you’re not valid. Optics matter especially from a person who built a career on them.
  3. I don’t disagree with much of this tbh. I’m all for those questions and observations. But sometimes bad art is just bad art and trying to intellectualise it is actually a disservice to art and genuine artistic intent and the value and importance of that. Especially from a former titan and expert of that particular brand of art as a force for change like Madonna. I do take exception to branding anyone who doesn’t get it or appreciate it or think the same way as conservative. One might brand that as having fascist leanings but I wouldn’t say that because it could be deemed as harsh as the statement I’m pushing against.
  4. She didn’t get the memo babes. I’m not Interested in whether she still feels the need to prove anything or not. That’s her business not mine. Though years of being a fan leads me to think otherwise. While in principal this is absolutely true In reality I think it’s naive to think this is her state of mind. Madonna to the grave and beyond will need to be loved. There’ll never be enough love. Finally or not. She’ll certainly be able to hear your screams of “yasss queen icon bitch creamy pop goddess slay” in empty stadiums. So keep it up hen. Again I joke. I couple of years back I had a similar tone to yours when defending her to a long time hardcore Madonna fan who simply felt that : Not only had he stopped liking her musical and visual content but that her social optics, the current day version of herself and intent with which she projects her self onto the world seems jarring and at odds with all previous incarnations of her. I pointed out she’d always been hypocritical at points throughout her career. His response was something along the lines of “her contradictions seemed intentional and added to her mystery and allure, now they undermine her” I could tell this was someone who wasn’t for bringing back into the fold. After much of me going “but this but that” His closing statement was “at the end of the day I didn’t abandon Madonna she abandoned me” Which whether he was right or wrong really wasn’t the point, it’s how he felt. “She’s a pop star, people switch off but she’s actively helping them reach for the plug” I sipped my g&t and changed the subject to the Brexit crisis. It seems less incendiary.
  5. Ah good point. I’m not sure, I read it on here. Was it editorial or press can you confirm either way Matt?
  6. The press release has alluded to mythical material. Whether that means the withdrawn Erotica picture disc I have no idea.
  7. The music industry is based around youth culture. Any one over 30 is largely irrelevant. Of course Madonna is irrelevant to that market. it's not even particularly ageist as such. It's just that demographic is largely only really interested in what their peers are creating for the most part. Always has been always will. What on earth would a woman in their 60's have to interest them. The other and potent revenue income is nostalgia and classic albums. Just look at the top 100 albums there's more old classic records than ever before. She's at a point now where she is commercially spent in terms of new product really, which is why it's a good job the reissues are coming.
  8. Think it’s probably just years of built up tension watching other fan bases get deluxe anniversary editions while Madonna fans have had fuck all. A lot of the angst will die down (hopefully) when we actually see the extent of what the first deluxe release will look like. I really think a good bunch of the hardcore who have been left luke warm by recent celebratory offerings are waiting on the deluxe propa to actually keep them at the Madonna table. If they ain’t done well it’s entirely possible they’ll just quietly depart the party. I think the Erotica pic disc and WTG EP are cute enough and appreciate the intention of the new remixes but they’re some of the most disposable things she’s ever done and I don’t think there’s actually anything in Madonna’s career that’s been disposable in terms of musical content. Ok maybe Hey You and a few b sides. FEL is a fan dream but they even tinkered with that and the the artwork felt sub par. I’m enjoying the ride for the most part but yeah I defo need to see whether the first deluxe is top class. There’s a lot riding in it for some of us. Years invested patiently waiting you might say. Things always get angtsy when you can smell the food in the kitchen but it’s not on your plate yet.
  9. Yeah I know the article said stuff that is mythical amongst her fan base but rain tapes is just a cheap ref tape quickly knocked up at the end of sessions and likely recorded over multiple times like an old tdk90 cassette she’d pop in the car when driving just to analyse the days work.
  10. These extensive think pieces on a subpar throwaway video. I wish Madonna put as much thought in. A post truth world is wild as hell I tell thee. I’m out. have fun gworrls xx
  11. Wasn’t that supposed to be “snuff” tobacco boo? The “let them eat Ket” of the era as it were
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