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  1. Gâteau

    Her hairstyle in '94 looked like a million dollar. Also honorable mention to the '15 Versace hairstyle.
  2. Gâteau

    Best entrance of a live performance EVER!
  3. Favorite: Interview Magazine, 2014 Least Favorite: VOGUE Italy, 2017
  4. Gâteau

    Get over it! The discussion on whether the original demos or eventually released versions are better, are so tiring. Most fans have access to both and therefore a choice to listen to whatever they prefer or even both. As for the idea of having a two-side release: would've been a cute idea that underlined the whole concept of that era many years ago. In the age of streaming, however, I doubt the arrangement of tracks are still relevant.
  5. 1. Drake - 5.9B 2. Juice Wrld - 5.5B 3. YoungBoy Never Broke Again - 4.7B [...] 35. The Beatles - 1.8B (WOW!) 60. Lady Gaga - 1.2B 65. Queen - 1.1B 105. Frank Sinatra - 910.2M 122. Michael Jackson - 837.1M 126. Mariah Carey - 812.4M 141. Elton John - 748.5M 154. The Rolling Stones - 728.5M 178. Elvis Presley - 629.5M 291. Britney Spears - 430.8M 313. Whitney Houston - 407.3M 368. U2 - 348.8M 428. Madonna - 296.1M 440. Simon & Garfunkel - 288.6M 497. Backstreet Boys - 258.4M source: https://www.rollingstone.com/charts/artists/year-end/ __________ So, with many other legacy artists featured prominently on this list, proving they have adapted well to streaming platforms : why the f are her numbers so shockingly low? Her whole catalogue is available on all major streaming platforms (except for some EPs/remixes that, quite frankly, only hardcore fans care about) and she's featured on all relevant curated playlists (80s/90s/00s/Pop/Dance Essential etc.) on top positions. And since many of her peers such as Bowie or Prince do better numbers - some even doubling or tripling her streaming figures - we can't really excuse her numbers by saying her demographic target group hasn't adapted to streaming yet, can we? What happened?
  6. Gâteau

    I won't applaud a mediocre 1080p video in 2020 when Wham!, Alanis Morissette, Whitney and even fucking Bonnie Tyler have managed to upload remastered 4K versions onto their YT channels.
  7. Gâteau

    She used to be the fashion icon in the industry for decades and it pains me to see that she has been dressing up like a homeless clown on crack ever since the Rebel Heart era (imo).
  8. Hung Up Holiday Music Into the Groove Give It 2 Me Vogue Express Yourself Impressive Instant Deeper and Deeper 4 Minutes Did Levitating make my Top 10? Hell no.
  9. Gâteau

    Bitch had her chance back at Sydney's RHT. Bye! _____ Actually would love if they did something like Fever or Body Language.
  10. Gâteau

    god damn, merge those vids already.
  11. Gâteau

    I think it's even worse than this tragedy:
  12. Easily MDNA. While I can see the complaints about both the setlist and the album overall, this tour was lux in every other department: energy, choreo, fashion, visuals, theatrics. RHT could've easily been a Katy or Britney tour, as well: basic and somewhat lackluster. Sure, Holy Water was nice, but other than that there was no real highlight for me. That Holiday performance was also her worst closer imo.
  13. Gâteau

    There's a huge difference between starting your show an hour late and starting way past midnight on a weekday, so that half of the audience has to leave, cause they have to attend work the next day and the other half falling asleep during the Fado section. Not everybody's a hardcore fan and willing to sacrifice that much of their precious time (when they actually spend good money to have a good time and be entertained rather than sit and wait in a small, non-air-conditioned theater). At this point there's no more excuse for her constant late starting times - it's a huge disrespect towards all the thousands of people she forcing to wait for her. And always coming up with that bs "technical difficulties" excuse night after night, tour after tour makes me fuming.