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  1. Gâteau

    Can't tell actually. Bought tickets twice to see her and she eventually janceled both.
  2. Gâteau

    I want her to play Erotica on the flute
  3. Gâteau

    the comparison lacks in my opinion, cause said artists (especially the latter one) put on the same show under different names over and over again. Same setlist, same choreographies, same backdrops, same outfits - hell, even same wigs for Cher. How so, if phones were officially banned and the only few hidden recordings that surfaced looked like crap?
  4. Hung Up Vogue Like a Prayer ...pop classics that should be performed on every damn tour and that always get the biggest crowd reactions. I remember when all the hardcore fans demanded WTG and how the crowd eventually fell asleep during the RHT performance.
  5. Gâteau

    All three performances were great! My list: 1. MDNA 2. S&S 3. RHT
  6. Gâteau

    1) Maluma is a bigger and more globally appealing force than Annitta, who's local to the Brazilian market only. Unlike the latter one, Maluma has proven to be able to resonate well with Western audiences, too (Chantaje feat. Shakira). 2) Choosing a cover song - which unlike ROL or American Pie wasn't even re-invented - and that also hit #1 just one year before, as the new lead single, would've been strange, given how unique and experimental MX wants to be.
  7. Gâteau

    Taylor released her tour on Netflix merely one month after it concluded - which is the right thing, because she's using the momentum that was still there at this point. MX was filmed six months ago, so there are no excuses.
  8. 1. BAT 2. Girlie Show 3. VMA 4. MDNA ... 5. RIT
  9. This song aged like fine wine - a pop classic masterpiece
  10. Gâteau

    Honestly, it weren't just the horrific vocals. She lacked energy and looked tired/bored instead. Outfit and setlist were also bad. If she had given the MET Gala performance that night, I'm convinced she would've gotten universal acclaim.
  11. Gâteau

    1. Medellín (And no, Faz Gastozo wouldn't have done any better + we got the best video she's recorded that decade) 2. I Don't Search I Find or God Control 3. Extreme Occident Three singles are sufficient, imo, as I'd rather have three proper single releases including live/promo performances and quality music videos.
  12. Gâteau

    Why does it always take that long for her (team) to release shit? Release it while it's still hot, god dammit.
  13. Gâteau

    2019 by far.
  14. Gâteau

    Amazing, thanks for the hard work and sharing!