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  1. Can´t wait for "extreme occident"
  2. Could we expect a VMA trailer premiere? or a presence? Or a "music from the upcoming show"?
  3. "sonhar é um direito que a gente tem" - Hebe Carmargo https://www.instagram.com/p/CS-iNgCrRpK/
  4. Video-trailer that I made for us! (anxious fans) - Ricardo Gomes reposted it!
  5. I didn’t know Madonna had such haters fans. So sad, guys… Enviado do meu iPhone usando Tapatalk
  6. Did you see this post, from yesterday? The photographer Ricardo Gomes shared the Madonna´s post in his stories with "Y´all not ready". What do you think? #GoAlice
  7. Lady Gaga did videomapping at the 58th Grammy Awards. It´s someting like that:
  8. I think we can´t compare 2016 (Rebel Heart tour) and 2021 (Madame X tour). We´re now living in a streaming world. I think the "movie" will come sooner than we think.
  9. One of my favorite singles! I love the Groove Armada Remix
  10. I really do think that the dvd/file is already edited. That teaser, from 5 months ago, looks like the entire show is done. Maybe there's just paper with the return to Warner? The image rights? we don't know. And she knows that we love xmas presentes. I did whatch live and can't wait to see the final edit - she is a great audiovisual artist, the "bad edition" from mdna tour is "the way to edit shows" nowadays (Taylor, Beyonce, Katy Kerry are doing it...). MADAME X TEASER (march 14 2020)
  11. Hope you enjoy it! I made this for us fans! My Youtube channel: https://youtube.com/c/cafecomrafa1
  12. May I ask for a link to your YouTube channel?

  13. Thanks! i did this this mourning to celebrate Dua's new single.
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