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  1. A "collection" with the same vibe from the last collection? Jesus Christ, Aldo! - paper (old and ripped) - the lyrics impressed - madonna and album name on boxes With plus features: - bad diagramation on the cd, booklet and cover - poor Typographt choices
  2. omg, 50 box?! it is the price of a double vinyl product! This is sooooo disrespectful with the fans.
  3. Omg, another frozen remix?

    I think she's uploading, slowly, the "frozen remix ep", maybe we'll have mores feats. 

    I don't know what to think about it. It's Cleary a way to show new faces, new artists that she like. She always made that kind stuff. But, I know...as a fan, I'd like to have more love and care with the old material. Like the videos remastered, even mounts new "old" videos...you know? special eventos from the past. Would be a nice way to respect us, the old fans. 


    queen of pop wink GIF

    1. slutpride


      Here's the respect you deserve: ..|..

    2. professormouse


      M a y b e she thinks or has been told,
      the 'older' fans will have the mixes on CD/Record,
      and these streaming thingies are for her newer fans ?

  4. "sonhar é um direito que a gente tem" - Hebe Carmargo https://www.instagram.com/p/CS-iNgCrRpK/
  5. I didn’t know Madonna had such haters fans. So sad, guys… Enviado do meu iPhone usando Tapatalk
  6. Did you see this post, from yesterday? The photographer Ricardo Gomes shared the Madonna´s post in his stories with "Y´all not ready". What do you think? #GoAlice
  7. One of my favorite singles! I love the Groove Armada Remix
  8. Hope you enjoy it! I made this for us fans! My Youtube channel: https://youtube.com/c/cafecomrafa1
  9. May I ask for a link to your YouTube channel?

  10. Thanks! i did this this mourning to celebrate Dua's new single.
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