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  1. CesarBSilva

    Both version are great. I love this one. A different vision of it. The original one is amazing.
  2. Hey, guys. I'm shearchinf for this video in original quality. Anyone of you got it ? Thanks a lot <3
  3. COuld you up this again? The link is off
  4. Oh my god ❤️ I was looking for this! You're amazing ❤️ Thanks!
  5. thanks a lot! Could we have this in DVD format?
  6. CesarBSilva

    We live in Brazil, so it's blocked. I saw them separeted but I want it full.
  7. Hey, guys! I'm looking for this full file of Christina pocket show on Today Shows/Citi Concert Series. Here in my country I can't watch or download. I hope you can help me. I want the full thing (almost 17 minutes). Here's the link that is blocked. Thanks in advance!
  8. CesarBSilva

  9. CesarBSilva

    IT'D BE A DREAM ! Oh My Gosh, I'm crazy about these backdrops right now. Please, if someone have this, share with us!!!
  10. CesarBSilva

  11. CesarBSilva

    http://britney-online.net/media/videos/click.php?id=wgovob http://britney-online.net/media/videos/click.php?id=wgopopvob http://britney-online.net/media/videos/click.php?id=wgomtv
  12. CesarBSilva

    @MadgeSlave How can I watch this 3D show in my PC ? I have the 3D glass but I don't know how put this shows into the right 3D mood!