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  1. Hello! Some members moved to Drowned Madonna Forum! You may come there!

  2. Yup, bought it. But my time to scan the pages is so short...
  3. Thank you for posting this topic! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have known that a portuguese magazine interviewed Madonna lol
  4. Maybe hahaha. I can post the full interview too, if you guys want that.
  5. Probably I'll buy this magazine tomorrow! She looks great!
  6. MadgeSlave

    So true lmao They're never satisfied. At least Madame X has a great music quality.
  7. MadgeSlave

    Such a lovely cover.
  8. MadgeSlave

    Oh my gosh. Lol
  9. MadgeSlave

    Ah, do you guys really know Mirwaïs? Or remember Music and American Life? I actually love her vocals in the new songs, I see an improvement from Rebel Heart.
  10. I'm totally in love with the Crave video. Kinda resembles the beginning of her career in NY, and she even included her iconic mole.


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Winn


      Yeah I like it too. It would be nice to, you know, see it again. Maybe someday.

    3. Guest


      Has it been released yet???

    4. MadgeSlave


      @SonnyNo. But it has leaked.

  11. Carly released today her new album, Dedicated! Have you guys heard it yet?

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    2. rescueme


      I love that she's still got that 1980's pop element

    3. RUADJAI


      Gonna listen now!

    4. dav_fer


      Already heard it twice! It's a great album she sounds so sincere :heart:

  12. MadgeSlave

    Sounds great. People need to start appreciating the new sounds she's been giving. She's always craved to deliver something fresh, you guys really need to let Confessions in the past.
  13. MadgeSlave

    All the songs so far have been great and sound so futuristic. They are fresh and nothing like the ones previously released. MDNA looks like trash comparing to Madame X's promo singles.