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  1. LMAOOO still agree Look to what he did to Sweetener, gosh
  2. Wow, I totally forgot I posted this! Bump! LMAO My vision somewhat changed from what it was 3/4 years ago, Hard Candy is not her best, but it's a great album. Most of the tracks produced by Timbaland aged like milk tho. Across the Sky + some of the other unreleased stuff are top notch.
  3. So apparently Urban Outfitters is releasing a new Britney's vinyl with a brand new song... It's called ''Swimming In The Stars'' :Madonna001:

    1. anton5000


      probably an unreleased song from the Glory era by the looks of it. Can't wait!
      But what I do find extremely annoying is that UrbanOutfitters is now beginning to sell vinyl SINGLES and ripping off fans with their 20$ for crappy quality releases lol

    2. MadgeSlave


      @anton5000exactly! I have two of their vinyl releases (Britney's Oops and Carly's Dedicated) and both sound so compressed (probably the result of trying to fit 15 songs into one vinyl disc)! I'll wait for the digital release, I guess :lol: 

  4. Agreed! Just looked in her online store, no vinyl for sale
  5. Hello people! Wow, it's nice to be back! The website looks beautiful! :hearteyes:

  6. Hello! Some members moved to Drowned Madonna Forum! You may come there!

  7. Yup, bought it. But my time to scan the pages is so short...
  8. Thank you for posting this topic! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have known that a portuguese magazine interviewed Madonna lol
  9. Maybe hahaha. I can post the full interview too, if you guys want that.
  10. Probably I'll buy this magazine tomorrow! She looks great!
  11. So true lmao They're never satisfied. At least Madame X has a great music quality.
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