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  1. MadgeSlave

    Ah, do you guys really know Mirwaïs? Or remember Music and American Life? I actually love her vocals in the new songs, I see an improvement from Rebel Heart.
  2. I'm totally in love with the Crave video. Kinda resembles the beginning of her career in NY, and she even included her iconic mole.


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    2. Winn


      Yeah I like it too. It would be nice to, you know, see it again. Maybe someday.

    3. Sonny


      Has it been released yet???

    4. MadgeSlave


      @SonnyNo. But it has leaked.

  3. Carly released today her new album, Dedicated! Have you guys heard it yet?

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    2. rescueme


      I love that she's still got that 1980's pop element

    3. RUADJAI


      Gonna listen now!

    4. dav_fer


      Already heard it twice! It's a great album she sounds so sincere :heart:

  4. MadgeSlave

    Sounds great. People need to start appreciating the new sounds she's been giving. She's always craved to deliver something fresh, you guys really need to let Confessions in the past.
  5. All the songs so far have been great and sound so futuristic. They are fresh and nothing like the ones previously released. MDNA looks like trash comparing to Madame X's promo singles.
  6. MadgeSlave

    Miles Away, without thinking twice. Ring My Bell is probably my least favorite.
  7. Merry Xmas to you all! Love you guys so much

  8. MadgeSlave

    Can't wait! Found out they're selling them here in Portugal too, so excited!
  9. MadgeSlave

    Happy Birthday @thelioncourtheart_I hope everything's fine with you, keep on smiling! Wishing you a great day, and a lot of happiness, you deserve all the best.
  10. MadgeSlave

    He looks hot, but I don't find these muscular guys that attractive Gay guys usually like this type, she really is one of them lmao
  11. Best performance in YEARS. And her face is getting back to normal. Thank God


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    2. aleex123


      Omg I thought you meant Madonna...

    3. James19709
    4. Fontainebleau


      Who? Cheryl Cole!! She was part of Girls Aloud, the greatest girl band ever!

  12. This gif, I'm laughing so hard


    1. poserdemadonna


      Oh dear Lord, what is Gretchen doing here?

  13. Imogen Heap has REALLY amazing songs