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  1. GleNergie

    My tickets arrived this week (collectors). And also if you didn't order collector's tickets, then they are immediately available as PDF.
  2. GleNergie

    Here is the large seating plan, the colors indicate the categories below. The colors in the golden area are VIP places and such, not for sale.
  3. GleNergie

    I think it's an ok song, experimental, but just not really that magnificent as we all imagined it would be after all the teasing I guess.... I like the second part the best (Eurovision part) but I wish it was a bit longer. It feels cut in the beginning and in the end. I would expect this more to be a 7 minute song, but now it feels too much 2 parts: MET + Eurovision. I do like that there is a video for it, I hope we will have more non-single videos.
  4. GleNergie

    Hi, there is already a topic about selling tickets, but maybe it's a bit more clear to do it in seperate topics per city. First of all what are the experiences with reselling tickets on I see that normally you should see a "resell" button on your ticket page to initiate the resell of your tickets. However, at this moment I don't see this button yet. Is this because the ticket barcodes are not yet released, or is this because I live overseas (not a UK customer). Second, I have 2 spare tickets (price range of 69£ upper circle row L) for sunday FEB 09 in London Palladium. Contact me for info.
  5. GleNergie

    How do you know this? Did they tell you that or is it somewhere in the conditions? I too have 2 tickets for sunday 9th of february (lowest price range, row L). If anyone is interested, contact me!
  6. GleNergie

    If someone is looking for tickets to Paris on Saturday, contact me with PM. I have 2 of the cheapest and 2 of category 1 in the mezzanine. I had bought multiple dates but decided to only go for one Paris show.
  7. If you can I'll really appreciate to receive your code. Thanks a lot :)

  8. Hi GleNergie, have you got tickets for Paris? I saw that if you get them you have two for London available and I might be interested, please contact me, didn't got the code for Paris and living at 2 hours and half driving from Paris :sad:

  9. GleNergie

    did she come live for a Q&A? I couldn't see it, anyone recorded this?
  10. GleNergie

    I won't use my Icon Legacy code for the Lisbon shows. So if anyone wants my code, please contact me with PM. thanks.
  11. GleNergie

    apparently the yellow seats are also golden seats.... We will have to see and wait until tomorrow I think because this map can not be the one...
  12. GleNergie

    The map is available, very weird stuff here! there are red seats in between the Carre Or... Maybe it's a way that first buyers can get better seats? That way Legacy members might be able to get better seats for a lower price maybe? I even see green seats in between the golden circle too....
  13. GleNergie

    I got my confirmation email about Legacy presale for Paris (around 19:00 CET).
  14. GleNergie

    I would be careful with passing the codes because I heard stories about tickets being cancelled because of reselling them on other sites. So you never know where your code could end up being used and then your own tickets might get cancelled... I have bought 2 tickets for London that I might not use because I hope to go to Paris. I'll list them here if there's an option to resell. Ticketmaster is also not really making it easy because the tickets have no barcode yet and from what I understand, they'll only upload the barcode short before the event. That means reselling is more risky because you can't transfer the ticket physically, also on resell sites such as Viagogo they can not be uploaded...
  15. GleNergie

    I was wondering if anyone knows for sure that if you have bought tickets for London shows, that you still get a chance to buy 4 tickets again for Paris or Lisbon? I guess since it's seperate sales it is but if I would share my code for london with anyone looking for tickets, I want to be sure of this ...