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  1. There's a torrent of 8,08 GB (.ts file) I found on Rutracker, not sure if it's dubbed or not... Guess quality will be good and there is no download limit... Here's the torrent-file: Madonna - Celebration Tour - Final Show in Rio [2024, Pop, HDTV, 1080i] [rutracker-6523567].torrent
  2. She also performed Like a Virgin under the umbrella in Brussels. No rain all day and even sun, but during the concert it started pouring rain. Thank god I was under the roof in the golden triangle. But she wasn't
  3. I saw the full rehearsal in Belgium (Brussels) during MDNA Tour. I had won tickets for the golden triangle with the Madonna website contest. It was just crazy, so much space in the triangle and to see her in broad daylight in the sun just having fun. I felt like I had two concerts and it certainly lightened the long hours of waiting. The adrenaline was pumping so hard. Some people didn't get it, they thought she already started haha! She didn't seem to mind that the crowd came in already. It was the second time I saw her doing a long rehearsal, I also saw her during the Sticky & Sweet Tour in Werchter (Belgium). I remember her saying the rap-verse of American Life for the fans because we were all requesting songs and she went with it! She did Celebration a few times because that was a heavy choreography. I had so many pictures and videos, but my hard drive went nuts and lost most of them. Only what was on my facebook and youtube. You can watch it here:
  4. did she ask the people to come closer to the stage like Sunday?
  5. Do you remember exactly when everyone got back to the front after Crazy? I remember going back to my seat during Crazy but I'm not sure when we all got back. It was after M said that she would have a word with security. I'm now doubting myself, was it during Medellin or before It's already a blur, maybe it will come back!
  6. Yes the beer bitch part was a bit of a mess and I think that could have been prevented if M just asked us to go back right before she came down the stairs. I didn't know when the beer bitch moment would take place exactly because it's my only show. I would have been happy to go back to my seat. However I was very happy I could stay, to see her so close again...
  7. Ok and did you have a feeling of drama and pushin in front of the stage? I read a lot of negative comments about people being pushy and rude and losing their front row seats but actually i think it went pretty smooth considering the situation... I have had a lot more pushes and annoying squeezing before with "normal" concerts from Madonna when we are front rows.
  8. Well it will be ok, you will be close anyway but just side view... And who knows; maybe she'll ask to come closer again. Let me know what you thought afterwards. I'm curious about these experiences in front on the sides. I would have felt very bad if I had paid almost 400 EUR for those seats.
  9. Well I don't really know where you are but I have made a screenshot of the stage and marked where I was (red dots) and where I think view will be limited (marked in yellow). This is because the sides of the stage of Grand Rex are fixed. You can see this on this picture, the "scene" is much more narrow so when she is deep in the stage you can't see everything. The rows start with B, I was in row G (6th row) but when the guys in front of me arrived I could see their faces, they were not happy. Certainly row 3 on the side next to the door and wall, they couldn't see the whole scene I'm sure. For the people in the balcony and mezzanine sections, don't worry, you will all see perfectly I think because they are further away.
  10. To me the best and most powerful was "Come Alive" because all of us there up front sang along and waved with our hands together. It just got a very good feeling out of me, the Batukas also were very playful during that part and were so happy. Frozen was very beautiful but I was a bit too close to see the whole with the projection screens in front of her. Also Future I liked very much. And for the dancing: Rescue Me is very powerful. I was right in front of Malik then. It's really energetic and artistic.
  11. I was there on sunday, it was for me an amazing experience because the fans were allowed to come closer to the stage. It was like a very small golden circle. I think there were 3 or 4 rows of people in front of the stage. Also the show glitch was kind of a one of a kind moment and we got the Elvis song for it and almost "La Vie En Rose", but then she said "saved by the bell" because the show could go further (she got this from her earpiece). Even though she came out late (11:05) I was expecting this so I came in at around 20:30 and everything went very smoothly The people of the Grand Rex are also very helpful, we were escorted to our seats individually so that was very good service because some people always end up sitting wrong. I know it's not OK that she's late, but I have waited hours and hours in rain and cold before for big concerts and even not knowing where I might end up so I felt like I had a VIP treatment this time. I was on the Orchestra (floor) 5th row (G44 and G46); this is on the side of the stage all the way next to the wall. It wasn't the best place because the curtains were limiting our view. So when she was in the back of the stage on our side, we couldn't see her. However this didn't happen a lot. The people in front of us (first 4 rows) certainly didn't have a good view and these were Golden Seats. I had the first row with category 1 seats I think. So paying golden seats for that view was not really OK if you ask me. Any of us here were at these places?? There was a girl with the "Dancing Queen" cape outfit from Confessions on that first row of seats. I think she certainly had restricted view. I think this might also be the reason she asked all of us to come closer. I would think that people had complained about the front row side views. It could match with the explanation that the stage was too big for the theatre. If the sides were wider, then the view would have been better. Also in between sections, the curtains didn't always go open completely so that limited the view even further. Sometimes this was solved again during the show. It will remain to be seen if she's going to ask fans to come closer every night. It was amazing for me but I guess there was also some drama because a girl next to me was crying because security handled her rough during the Beer Bitch section. She asked us to sit again but of course not everybody could return to their seats so quickly. So we were held up by security because M had to pass. I couldn't do anything else than sit on my knees together with all the others who were there. After this we all could remain in front of the stage. Even though I dislike the fact we got the short version and she's always late; I ended up having a good feeling after I left the show. One I will always remember...
  12. My tickets arrived this week (collectors). And also if you didn't order collector's tickets, then they are immediately available as PDF.
  13. Here is the large seating plan, the colors indicate the categories below. The colors in the golden area are VIP places and such, not for sale.
  14. Hi, there is already a topic about selling tickets, but maybe it's a bit more clear to do it in seperate topics per city. First of all what are the experiences with reselling tickets on Ticketmaster.co.uk? I see that normally you should see a "resell" button on your ticket page to initiate the resell of your tickets. However, at this moment I don't see this button yet. Is this because the ticket barcodes are not yet released, or is this because I live overseas (not a UK customer). Second, I have 2 spare tickets (price range of 69£ upper circle row L) for sunday FEB 09 in London Palladium. Contact me for info.
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