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  1. If you can I'll really appreciate to receive your code. Thanks a lot :) weslleyjmo@gmail.com

  2. Hi GleNergie, have you got tickets for Paris? I saw that if you get them you have two for London available and I might be interested, please contact me, didn't got the code for Paris and living at 2 hours and half driving from Paris :sad:

  3. Hmm strange, ordered there a lot and never saw a real quality difference with other editions. Have you checked this out with another one? I have the deluxe edition too and I don't see any difference.
  4. Also if you want it cheap and free international shipping: www.wowhd.co.uk or www.wowhd.nl 2CD: 16,92 EUR http://www.wowhd.nl/rebel-heart-tour/5034504167124 DVD+cd: 18,28 EUR http://www.wowhd.nl/rebel-heart-tour/5051300208622 Bluray+Cd: 18,36 EUR http://www.wowhd.nl/rebel-heart-tour/5051300533175
  5. you can also order on www.wowhd.co.uk all editions under 20 EUR there with free worldwide shipping (the double cd for about 16 EUR)! They might get the Japan version too, previous Japan releases were available there...
  6. Any place you have shared these pictures? They're very nice!
  7. Just watched it. Thanks for the links. I like it very much! Her good videos are back at last!
  8. If any european fans want to order it online, you can on www.magazinecafestore.com
  9. thanks for all, but weird that this shoot has so few high quality pictures released to promote the album...
  10. You can also order the Japan version here, shipping is free worldwide if you buy more than 39$... http://www.yesasia.com/global/rebel-heart-japan-version/1037964451-0-0-0-en/info.html
  11. me too, always sing it only to realise that I'll be the only one singing it from now on...
  12. The last there is available is "his upcoming album “Stories†will be released in 2015, but the exact date hasn’t been revealed." A lot of collaborators have already been confirmed, such as Robbie Williams, Bon Jovi, Wyclef Jean. So Madonna shouldn't be absent in my opinion. Maybe they can finish one of the song demo's and put it on the album!
  13. I like the tracklist, but I get that people are complaining about SEX and Holy Water. They're not the best of the lot. Really happy Best Night is there, and hopefully with the Justify My Love lyrics included! I can already hear a mash-up on tour! I liked Never Let You Go, Borrowed Time and Addicted. But if these don't make it on the Deluxe, maybe we still have hopes that some of the unreleased Avicci tracks will make it onto HIS next album? He always has collaborations on his album so it would be logic that one of Madonna's songs will be on it and maybe make an extra single?
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