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  1. Please M look at this setlist: If you do include at least 5 of these songs I can go back to goddamn socials only to praise you every single day of my life!
  2. I know dear but to dream is a free right we still can enjoy as for now. (Hope we do it forever btw)
  3. But Everybody and PA play an essential part in M's kingdom on dancefloor, in a nutshell, they opened the way for the dozens of others to come! It'd be a crime if these weren't part of it anyway.
  4. The EU bootlegs only use this very soundboard audio for BAT, same as Los Angeles for VT ones and Fukuoka for Girlie ones. I still have to find any streaming bootleg which differs from these 3. As M told to LAV's original composer when introduced to him, "well, now you know..."
  5. Brigadinho. Btw, I recommend THIS bootleg for BAT Dallas, among the neverending plenty of them: It has actually M's photo and at BAT plus it has a very good sound quality. I have chosen this one to listen on YouTube Music.
  6. Is Madonna reading what I write here? If so, thanx my fellow Gnostic soul!!! EDIT: As M sings, "I'll be the garden, you'll be the snake, all of my fruit is yours to take..." right @Mden?
  7. What such a coincidence esp because I know already ur taste!!! To answer you, the latter given @Dazedmadonna's delicious GIF. Now, my turn: Faz Gostoso × Killers Who Are Partying? (Kkkkkkkkkkkk)
  8. Voices would love to have a word to say about this. Heartbeat and Ring My Bell too.
  9. Y'all, wanna bet how much with me this is just another live audio bootleg by some flop European company making profit of flop European laws? Haven't heard the video, and as I don't have any interest in me to do it, so can someone tell me if this Holiday is from VT Los Angeles, BAT Dallas, or TGS Fukuoka? EDIT: did the bad job, just by hearing a few seconds I know it's the 2nd option.
  10. Gajo being gajo. EDIT: as M brilliantly said during MXT concert film, "CARAAAAAAALHOOOOO."
  11. Well this footage taping's essential to warrant a good view from M wherever one's located at the arena. When it comes to a proper concert film, to be broadcast on TV/streamings and as of now eventually scoring a physical release, the type of footage taping is other story (not that M doesn't use footage suitable only to venue screens for this latter purpose - what I mean, goal here is another). After all, it's HER way and time to present every concert of hers to be immortalized, so SHE does what she does, and "proudly" does (as stated directly by her - "the fruits of [her] labor.").
  12. She just didn't count her son would never follow her in such decision. #ItsAFamilyAffair
  13. Avihay Epstein (yes I both read Hebrew letters and know you from socials), ultimately it was M's decision, as much as was her decision to sing "I'll be Palestine" at MXT instead of you know what. We know people's decisions are theirs only. Including mine and yours. EDIT: ain't being any hostile or Antisemitic here, just to clarify, I honestly respect both Judaism and Zionism despite of what my heritage says. What I did here is just to state facts, as much as you did as well as everyone else on this thread. If the choice of words sounded somewhat aggressive, I only have to apologize! Shalom aleichem!
  14. I guess she went disappointed by Åkerlund's edition to CT1 concert film. Reason for that is only up to her.
  15. Guess we have similar pov's @Michael_Py btw, would love to know your take on my last paragraph.
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